Thursday, July 07, 2011


ABOVE:  I can't remember the name of this block, I saw it on another girl's blog yesterday and I want to try it myself... only I'm going to CHEAT and do it my way...which will be more of an applique style... Edit... it's from Jean's blog!  And it's called 'Circle of Geese'... sorry for pinching your photo Jean!

But I can't even start it until I've taken Griffin to his Speld lesson and come home again.  That means not till this afternoon.
Hopefully by then it will not be quite to arctic in the garage! 
Brrrrr.  But... I am determined to get some sewing done.. I miss it.  And I miss being creative.... mucking around in my 'space'... it's so relaxing.

I'll come back later on today and let ya know how I go at it....

Apparently there was a powerful earthquake in the Kermadec islands off New Zealand and we are expecting a tsunami here soon.  We will see... every time we have been given a tsunami warning nothing happens.


Yikes!  Looks like I forget me blog all day!  Well... I was busy!
There was NO tsunami.  That was good.
I did a wee grocery shop in Pukekohe, got the makings for more sushi .. we are having it for dinner.

I came home and have been sewing ever since.
I don't recommend doing that block by applique:

ABOVE:  It worked, but was a right shit to do!  I am now wondering how to do it the 'right' way... paper piecing.. a technique I have no idea how to do. 
The block I made is going to be the centre piece of a small quilt I think. I can't exactly waste it after it took me hours to make eh?

I am hanging out for my spa tonight, I'm chilled to the bone after spending the afternoon in the garage.  NOT WARM I tell ya.  *sniff*

End of Day:  our sushi was lovely... Teryiaki chicken and Salmon... kids and Steve are in the spa right now... Stew and I will have our's later.. once B & G are in bed.  nite nite.


  1. It was on my blog, uh that is actually my block. It is called Circle of Geese.

  2. Yes very arctic here too today for the last 2 weeks I have had layers on like A SINGLET!!!!!! unheard of for me I must say.

  3. Yip and again nothing is happening, which is a good thing I suppose lol. How did Steve get on with the 2nd job interview the other week??.

  4. hope they are wrongAGAIN~

  5. They are not expecting anything major at all from the tsunami, its more just to warn people there may be a heavier swells, they are still telling the public to keep away and no sightseeing, but sure like that will happen.

  6. Hope all is ok!! Jean's block is lovely! :)

  7. am loving that block - it's really good! will make an awesome quilt!

    oooh hope you enjoyed your spa, lucky thing!!!

  8. I would do that block flip and sew
    Happy for you missing the Tsunami

  9. That is very very cool. I like the design and shapes of the white pieces on the edges.
    It would make a cool flag for a country!

  10. Anonymous12:25 AM

    Jean's "Circle of Geese" was absolutely beautiful!! Loved the colors!! AND yours was pretty too!!
    Can't believe you can just go in your sewing room and just sew one up!! You are amazing!! ...debbie

  11. Glad there was no tsunami! The block is very pretty but looks complicated to do the "right" way.

    Your sushi sounds so yummy!

  12. Nice quilt block! Glad you aren't washed away!!


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