Monday, July 18, 2011


I spent hours in the garage last night tinkering around with all that's down there... moved masses of stuff around... will no doubt pay for it today with aches and pains.
But I didn't want to ask the guys to help as it took me ages to decide,  (then change my mind);  where I wanted everything!

Here's some photos from yesterday:

ABOVE AND BELOW:  my 9 week old Great Niece Skye... isn't she so beautiful...

ABOVE:  Steve got to feed her... right in his element he is!  lol

ABOVE: my nephew Alan and his partner Tina, they are the proud parents of Skye and her 3 yr old brother Chayse...

ABOVE: this is Gypsy, he's my nephew-in-law, married to my niece Maxine....

ABOVE: our Brylee (10) and her 2nd cousin Brandy (9), she's Maxine and Gypsy's daughter...

ABOVE: this little imp is Chayse... and he's a right little mischief... and very cute.  He's my Great Nephew.

 ABOVE:  can you imagine living here with these views?  Gorgeous!

ABOVE: this little man is Maxine and Gypsy's son Nikale, he's 7 I think!  Mabye 6.  Needs a haircut!....

ABOVE: and here is Joshua, our Grandson who is 10... AND he also needs a haircut!...

ABOVE: across the road from their home is a waterhole... great for summertime!...

 ABOVE:  I couldn't resist this photo!  Chayse is so darn cute!  A real Kiwi boy...

ABOVE: The boys spent a little time inside, but not much!  There was plenty of mud and animals to play with outside! 

ABOVE: Joshua doing a pose!  

ABOVE: gorgeous scenery eh?

ABOVE: Ha!  Brandy and Brylee trying to catch a cow!

 ABOVE:  kids having fun down by the pig pen.. which stank to high heaven!

ABOVE: Stew tickling Chayse... he is very ticklish!

ABOVE:  me and Maxine (she also goes by the name Sabrina, though I have only ever called her Maxine), she's a good kid.

Now believe it or not I took 794 photos yesterday!  I have only put A FEW on today.  I am saving some of the 'animal' ones for tomorrow!

Today I am working at the Hospice Shop in the afternoon.   I have changed my shift to Monday and Wednesday afternoons from now on.  I AM OVER THAT FARTING WOMAN .. not only does she fart and stink out the shop, it's offensive!  And she is a tactless, opinionated old bat and I have had enough of her!  It was change shifts or smack her one!  I chose the nicer option.


We all slept in until after 9 this morning!  I got up earlier to feed the dogs etc then went back to bed!
Love it.

Furniture:  YES there was a bit more, but it was in bad condition with borer so we just left it there!  lol.
It was the big desk that I had wanted back so much... so I'm thrilled to finally have it.  We also got a big box of kitchen ware... must go through that today....

Back from work... it was freezing too!  I bought a few treasures, but can't show you as I am putting them aside of Christmas. 
Totally on the ball today... got a lovely beef stew in the crock pot, all the housework is done and I can relax for a while.

End of Day:  I completely lost the plot tonight... kept dropping things in the kitchen while dishing up dinner... got all hot and bothered and just lost it.  I am overtired.  I ache.  Not a good end to the day.
nite nite.


  1. Cute kids and beautiful scenery. I'm glad the trip was a good one.
    I hope you haven't bungled your shoulder.

  2. Wow I'm 7 posts behind, how did that happen?

    Lovely family and it looks gorgeous there!

  3. Great photos - looking forward tothe others you'll be showing. You certainly can see that the kids are related! Your family has some really good looking members!!!

  4. Penny, NZ11:10 AM

    Looks like it was a wonderful day Chris, you are lucky like me to have a large extended family, although I think yours is bigger than mine! It also says something pretty nice about you that a lot of your photos have people and particularly children in them - to me it says you love them a lot and that they are important to you. As well as that awesome scenery!

    Hope you enjoy your desk!

  5. Ugh, they steal your furniture and don't even use it, but let it get rotten in storage. PFf. At least you got to see some family and have a good time and the desk is safe! :)

  6. That scenery IS awesome! Gee i miss NZ hillside. Haven't seen anything like it over here. See many wetas? I imagine that pituresque place is riddled with them [shiver]
    The kids are all real cuties.
    I'm glad you got the bit of furniture you really wanted. Leave the bora infested stuff to eat thier stuff lol

  7. Steve will make someone a lovely wife one day won't he? Very good pick up! haha!

  8. 794 photos in one day???!! Lol - and my husband thought I was bad!

  9. Make sure you have a quiet day tomorrow, I suspect ypu have overdone it a bit, not just the physical luggung of furniture but just the drama & emotional stress of getting your furniture back.

  10. Hugs Chris :)

    You put a lot of pressure on yourself hon.. relax :) enjoy your spa, take some time out for you.. try not to do too much at one time eg: moving furniture etc :)

    One thing I've learnt from all my bedrest / illness is to not take it all for granted.. and I'm learning (or trying to that is) patience and moderation..

    Those photos Chris were beautiful, from the heart :) and for someone like me stuck in bed all the time, was like being there with you, so thank you :)


  11. It sure looks nice and warm even though it's winter there!
    Great pics!

  12. Your pics make me so want to visit New Zealand it looks so beautiful and I love your beach shots. You are so lucky to live there. England is beautiful too and some of our beaches are gorgeous. In the south where I live, although there are jobs it is very crowded and built up. We mostly have to take a car trip to find natural beauty which we do most weeks now we are retired.Maybe when we win the lottery we will take a world cruise down your way!!!!
    Why is it when you ache and your back hurts that you seem to drop things all the time??????

  13. I have to say your family produce stunning babies the scenery photos were stunning especially since we are shrouded in fog!!!

  14. Cute baby! I still call my toddler a baby even though he's two.


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