Sunday, July 17, 2011


We are getting up bright and early today... picking up a hire trailer and heading over the hills to Whitianga .... and fingers crossed our furniture is where it's supposed to be... AND it's still in one piece!

Haven't seen this furniture in over 4 years!  And apparently there's a few boxes of 'household stuff' too... my mind boggles at what could be in the boxes?  Mum packed up two houses at one time... so there could be ANYTHING in those boxes.

The nice thing about the trip will be seeing my niece Maxine and her family who live in Whitianga, AND her brother (my nephew) and his family who are visiting from Feilding.  Alan and his partner have a brand new baby girl (Skye) and a three year old boy (Chayse) so it will be lovely to see them all.

We are all meeting up at Maxine's for a family lunch which I am really looking forward to.

so.... until we get back with some photos ... catch ya later!


End of a long but lovely day!  We travelled in thick fog for over half our trip up to Whitianga this morning, by the time we got to Tairua it was glorious:

 ABOVE: then we found the storage unit, and the desk... in one piece!   So the guys and I loaded it onto the weighs a tonne!!!  We left the other stuff there as it was riddled with borer!

Then we went on to visit my family... which was really lovely, they live out in the country with some gorgeous scenery all around them... which I will show you tomorrow. 

ABOVE: at the wharf in Whitianga... one of my Dad's earlier boats, Vitamin C IV... It felt weird seeing it there!  The owners were in stocking up with groceries as they live on Great Barrier Island, and were only in for the day.  How eerie that we were there to see the boat today?

ABOVE: unloading that desk....

ABOVE: now I just have to tinker around with the arrangement of stuff in the garage!

End of Day:  we are all tired, should be an early night.
nite nite.


  1. hope all goes as planned and you have an awesome visit!

  2. Good luck for today hope you get the furniture back :-)

  3. Yes, keeping my fingers crossed for all good!

  4. Take care of your arm... hope they took good care of YOUR stuff. :)

  5. For these people sake I do hope the gear is there I will listen to the police scanner just in case!!!!!!! Another boomer whiteout frost!! worse than yesterday.

  6. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan.

  7. Hpe all goes to plan...good luck and enjoy your visit with your neice & family.

  8. well..........fingers crossed hey?

  9. Penny, NZ8:33 PM

    I'g glad your got the desk back Chris, was everything else there too? Also, I am with Happy Elf Mom: if you are going to tinker around (which of course you will) look after your shoulder!

    Sleep well tonight, love the scenery!


  10. Glad you got your desk back :)

  11. Sounds like it was a very good trip. Got the desk and saw the boat!

  12. Sounds like quite an adventure. Love the photos of your drive through the mountains and the beautiful desk.

  13. I'm so glad to hear you finally got your desk back!

  14. I had an impresssion that there is more furniture, not just 1 desk... Glad you got it back.

  15. I'm glad you got your furniture finally!

    And seeing your dad's boat was nice too I'm sure.


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