Friday, July 29, 2011


ABOVE: Amanda brought Steve home last night, and of course Emily came too!  Amanda and Em stayed the night.

ABOVE: we have conditioned the dogs for years to accept people pulling their ears.. which is just as well as that's exactly what Emily did!

ABOVE: Emily is such a smiley baby...

ABOVE:  I gave her a Shrewsberry biscuit, which she just LOVED!  Try taking it off her... she screamed holy blue murder!

ABOVE:  slobber... slobber... nom nom nom...

ABOVE:   'Fat Belly Jones'... would ya look at that tummy!  AND.. I felt a puppy move yesterday too!  It was so cool.

Today:  I can relax now that Steve is home to help watch Coco.
I think Anne from Palmerston North is flying in and having a 3 hour lay over here till she catches her shuttle to Whitianga, so hopefully I will be picking her up and bringing her back here for a visit.  Edit:  her flight got cancelled, so she's catching a later plane... so I'll just be going out to the airport for a quick catch up, better than nothing eh?

And after that I am going over to Swanson to pick up the headboard, then swinging by the Dr's to pick up a prescription for pills to halt the hot flushes again.  Can't wait for that!


BLONDIE:  ahhh... NO, I have no intention of showing 'gory' photos of Coco's delivery.  Ewwwww.

Clearly ... I have not been home much today!
I met up with Anne from Palmy and we had a lovely catch up before she caught the shuttle bus to Whitianga... then I went home, picked up some rope and headed over to Swanson to pick up the headboard. 
The bloke there tied it on the roof rack for me which was so nice of him... then I braved the heavy traffic all the way home hoping like hell it stayed on the roof!
It did.

Then Steve took it off for me and I headed out again to pick up me pills from the Dr... fingers crossed they kick in real fast as I am feeling like a limp dishcloth right now!  SO TIRED.... exhausted in fact.  Lack of any decent sleep for weeks does that I suppose.

NOW... time to cook dinner.. and YES, I am cooking even though it's a Friday night and I don't 'normally' cook on a friday night!  Wonders will never cease...

ANONYMOUS:  come on ya prick, give me your real name so I can tell you what I think of you.  I have raised 8 kids and none of them have suffered by having a friggin biscuit... arsehole.
Get a life ...

End of Day:  I've  had a really long, luxurious spa and feel wonderful.  About to take me hot flush pills... oh how I want them to work fast!
nite nite


  1. OHhh, look at her tummy!! That is so exciting. I CAN'T wait to see pictures. :D

  2. Just on my way to the airport:-)

  3. Coco looks cute all tummy how exciting can't wait for all the pics you wont show any gory ones will you?

  4. That's what my tummy looks like!

    What a sweetie pie! Both Emily and Coco! I'll bet you are really excited about the big day!

    It's nice to have you say that you are relaxing and that you are getting a break from a hectic schedule!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. hope u had a nice catch up with Anne xxx

  6. Oh my goodness, Chris, little Emily is growing so fast. She is absolutely the cutest little thing. Well...Coco is pretty cute, too, and I can't wait to see the pics of her puppies once she's delivered them (not during, though!) Oh, and tell Teddy that I think he's cute, too, and really a good boy for letting Emily pull on his ears! :o)



  7. Oh, how exciting! You show any pics you like, I'm sure they will all be wonderful. Poor Coco must be getting uncomfy.

  8. too cute!!!! awwwwwwwww

  9. O MY Goodness - I can't believe how that Emily is growing! Are you guys sneaking that baby Grow Fast Pill? LOL

    Coco is so precious and looks so beautiful in her new do.That was so nice of you to think to get her clipped before she has the babies . That will make it easier on both of you. : )

  10. How did Coco get the name of Jones? Have you named her after ME your fat belly friend??? haha Coco's weightloss will be much quicker than mine that's for sure.

  11. Anonymous8:25 PM

    So Emily is under 1 and you are giving her a high fat, high sugar biscuit to eat? Babies DO NOT need that kind of food and it is detrimental to them. Even if it is only one biscuit - it stills matter.

  12. To anonymous
    You sound angry about something what is not you business. Babies are also humans, not laboratory rats who need only sterile environment and food. They also need to blend into real life and a little biscuit doesn't hurt them. Emily is in an age when it's normal to start to introduce her real tastes.

  13. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Dear Anonymous , i work in early childhood and you would be surprised what under 1 year olds can eat.. get a life as obviously you dont have one!!!!!

  14. Why is it that the nasty comments always come from people that 'hide' behind anonymity ?

  15. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Everyone is allowed an apinion and anon was not being nasty mearly giving their opinion. Without sounding like I have sides, I do not! But Chris you immediately attack anon, they weren't being nasty to you and calling you names....that is my opinion and I too am not being nasty!!

  16. Now I know where the phrase "Like taking a Shrewsberry Biscuit from a baby" came from!
    Can't wait to see the puppy pics!

  17. Seriously I can't believe some twat would lecture you about giving the kid a biscuit. It's a TREAT not her meal. Beside which it is none of their business. They can go munch on a carrot stick and let yhe rest of us enjoy life.

  18. My kids were eating all sorts of stuff by the time they were a year old.

    They are all healthy, happy young adults now...I'm just sayin...

  19. What a cute baby!

  20. wew LOL great and very very great


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