Sunday, July 10, 2011


LATER!  My camera battery died and I have to wait for it to charge before I can take a photo!

Until then: 

ABOVE: here's a few gorgeous photos of Emily I took last night before she got all upset.  She's trying to grab her feet now! 

Today:  no firm plans... just going with the flow...

ABOVE:  just pinched this picture of Sienna off Facebook... isn't she just gorgeous?  How lucky can we be, two of the most beautiful babies ever!

RIGHT, here are the tiles:

ABOVE:  the nautical ones will be at the top and bottom of the wall...  the large 'marble' looking one everywhere else.  You had to know if I could give the wall a 'nautical' feel I would eh?  lol
I wanted the splashback to echo the big shell picture on the opposite wall... works for me.

ABOVE:  'the' picture, in case YOU FORGOT.  ha ha ha.

Tis a mixed bag of a day out there... sunshine, clouds, wind and rain.  Not nice. 
Amanada and Andrew are leaving after lunch, so we get a bit of time yet to cluck over miss Emily.

2PM... not much clucking done... spent about 2 hours making a paper pattern of the wall to be tiled...
LYNDA:  yes we do intend to stay here a good long while now... and yes, I have considered resale and don't think a very few fish/shell tiles on the splashback will put anyone off too much.  And if it does, well they are not the right people for my house!  (if/when we ever sell)  Edit:  I didn't take it the wrong way Lynda... I'm not THAT touchy! 

I made a heap of teriyaki chicken sushi for lunch which went down very well, thank you very much. 

Stew is out buying stones for the front garden, they keep getting washed out onto the road when it rains.  He's even made a wooded edge where our garden edges the neighbour's driveway, which is where all the darn water comes from when it pisses down.  So, all sorts of stuff going on around here.

Just spent the remainder of the afternoon having some lovely visitors keep us company.  Now have to consider dinner... think it will be something quick and easy, toasted sandwiches most likely.

End of Day:  another nice weekend done and dusted.
nite nite


  1. Haha Emily the calm before the storm classic!!! Sienna has a gorgeous gorgeous smile botht he girls do how cool cousins around the same age can you skype Sienna? so she can hear your voice?

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha clicked over to see the tiles. You got me. The baby pics are so sweet I can't say I'm too disappointed...

  3. It's like super cute baby extravaganza at your house!

  4. Those are really pretty tiles!! And they go with the wall now. :)

  5. awwwwww both your baby grandaughters are the cutest ♥

  6. I know you love those tiles and if you intend to stay in the house for ages then do it!! BUT, do consider resale value if not. Put your shells and nautical theme into things that are not part of the house. Just trying to help because if you leave that house the picture will go to and something as simple as tiles can put off a prospective buyer.

  7. You are very lucky to have such beautiful babies to hug and love!

  8. I didn't mean that in a bad way Chris!! It is just that you had talked often about moving that's all. For you and what you love they are perfect :)

  9. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Those tiles are perfect for your kitchen! The blue spacer one will match the cupboards. I love fishy and pebbly tiles! Are you going to keep one of Coco's babies or sell them all? WOMBAT

  10. OOOO The tiles are perfect! Love, love , love them!

    O - you have two Perfect grand babies!I got to see mine this afternoon too! How can they be so cute - and SO much hard work.

  11. There's the cute baby! She looks so happy.

  12. Adorable grand baby! The tiles you picked out are lovely too! A nice soft bit of color that will work well with your cabinets. Can't wait to see it completed.


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