Friday, July 08, 2011


For tiles.

I would like to put tiles behind the stove .... as right now there is nothing there but blank painted wall and it's hard to keep clean. 

So I'm going to look at tiles today.

Some ideas:

ABOVE: might go nice with our blue cabinets?

 ABOVE:  freakin' nice, wonder how easy it would be to keep clean?

ABOVE:  gorgeous, but with my blue cabinets?  Maybe not.

ABOVE: something like this... a splash of colours is tickling me fancy.

I'll go look!

Later on I might just work on that block from yesterday, build it up to a small kid's quilt size?


I decided to let the dogs sleep on our bed last night... Teddy stayed with Steve, so we ended up with Coco... NEVER AGAIN!  She is a pain in the butt!  I am sure I only got a few hours sleep in between her wriggling around!  *sigh*

AND while she was on our bed I realised she has  masses of knots again... no doubt caused by the wet weather ... so I shall be spending a couple of hours this morning grooming her.  Oh joy.  If she wasn't pregnant I would take her to a professional groomer for sure!
Teddy's coat is different from hers... so isn't all knotty today.  Yaaaa.  That's a blessing.

Well after doing a half arsed job of Coco I went down to Manukau to the tile shop.  But.. it's not there any more.  Bugger!  So I went into the mall and had a good 6 inches cut off me hair... paid some bills and came home.  Boring.

I am so glad it's friday (it is eh?).... I am looking forward to a drink IN THE SPA tonight!  lol

Oh yeah, I'm off to the Doctor this afternoon too.  My right arm is literally killing me.  I have no idea why... but I think I have a varicous vein in my upper arm....which might be to blame for the pain?  We will see...

- It ain't a varicous vein, it's a harmless lumpy mass which is pushing a vein up ... so that's good.
- I am having an x-ray and ultra sound on my shoulder/arm next monday as the Doc thinks I damaged it when I hurt my back moving furniture a while ago... MUST. STOP. MOVING. FURNITURE. 
- In fact he's quite bambozzled by my arm... he can think of no reason why it goes stone cold for no reason! 

I can have a warm left arm and a freezing right arm!  Weird.  I'm just... weird.

He also noticed that I still had not done my last blood test, which was requested... oh... about 18 months ago... he gave me a stern talking to... so just to please him I went and had the bloody thing!  I mean, he's NICE afterall.
AND it didn't even hurt much...she used a teeny, tiny needle... such a nice girl!   lol

Home now, got chicken drumsticks in the oven... having them over a warm pasta.  Yum. 

End of Day: dinner was super was sitting in the lounge with a blankie on, fire going.. blissful evening listening to the wild weather outside.
Stew and the kids are in the spa with wind and torrential rain swirling all around them.... IDIOTS.  Not me.  Snug as a bug in a rug.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous6:44 AM

    That's something that I have been thinking about too. I have wallpaper, but I'm getting tired of it...I love the glass tiles and also the ceramic....debbie

  2. I LOVE the green!!!!!!

  3. Don't put tiles behind your cook top - the grout (stuff that goes between the tiles) absorbs fat, changes colour with cooking residue and difficult to clean. Instead use glass. You can buy the glass from a glazier for a fraction of the price but get the low iron (does not have green colour tinge in the glass) you then paint it with your choice of colour paint from Resene - just roll it on and then glazier will provide you with glue appropriate to stick to the wall. You can pay people to do it all for your with the painting etc. but seriously it is easy, it looks good and surprisingly easy to clean. We did our kitchen and used black for the paint and it looks really good. Food for thought anyway. I think all up it cost under $400 but we covered a large area.

  4. Chris , I know Anything you pick will be Perfect. One thing I thought might catch your fancy to help you decided is check out this link:

    It tells you all about how colors affect us-and some are thought to affect our appetites so what you go with might either help or hinder our goals.
    Either way it is a fun read and you can find more places when you google color effects????

  5. My kitchen has large smooth tiles on the wall. In fact the entire kitchen is tiled up. It came furnished when I bought the flat. Let me just say this. It's the grout that's hard to clean. Not the tiles. The thinner the grout, the easier to maintain.

  6. love the last one with the colours!

    we did ours recently and got a white tile with a wavy look about it and as a feature put a small tiny tile in a sandstone type look, i'll grab a pic and show you but it looks great. the white is clean and crisp but not boring with the feature tiles...

  7. People I know had glass BETTY BOOP tiles in her kitchen IT WAS COOL for the splash back.

  8. Do they have any places where you can paint your own pottery? Maybe you could paint your own tiles exactly as you wish. It may take some measuring to figure out how many you need.

  9. What type of material is the striped border type tile?

  10. You know, Dobby often complains of that. She says one of her arms will be hot and the other cold for no reason so don't feel too bad. Hope the pain goes away soon. I am a fatty again, and sleep on my sides. I always wake up with a dead arm. Takes ages for my fingers to wake up and the swelling in them to go down, and the pain in the shoulder to go away. Sucks this getting shit, doesn't it! Hugs for your little sore arm dearest! xxxx

  11. also having chcik drumsticks here with morroncan tomatoes

  12. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Heard about a bloke on tv one night. One of his legs was cold. They found out there was a blockage in a vein and that stopped the blood getting through so it was sort of like bad circulation. Yes a glass splashback would be a hell of a lot easier to clean than tiles! WOMBAT

  13. Good luck in finding tiles you like. For me, it'd be easy, I already have a stack of leftover tiles that I'd use!

  14. Well that arm doesn't sound like it's doing too well! Hopefully there is nothing too wrong with it.


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