Tuesday, July 26, 2011


After much hard work on my part... I made an area of the garage into a nice 5th 'Bedroom' ...

ABOVE:  Everything in position, and looking snug after adding a bit of stuff like the throw, mirror and pictures.  If Steve ends up down here cos Mike EVENTUALLY comes up to live we will probably get a screen to give him some privacy.

TODAY:  I want to do bugger all to be truthful.  I'm knackered after my efforts yesterday...  and I have two more books waiting for me to read...

Q.  How long till the pups arrive? 
A. A normal dog's pregnancy last 61- 63 days, Coco is now at day 52, so we should have puppies in 9 - 11 days time!

Nervous... but have done masses of reading on Whelping, and spoken to the Vet a couple of times too... so we are almost as prepared as we can be as 'first timers'.

Correct guess's on 6 Puppies:
Cottonreel:  4 Boys, 2 Girls
Tess:  4 Boys, 2 Girls
Steve: 3 Boys, 3 Girls
Sandra C:  4 Girls, 2 Boys

Clearly we will not know who wins outright until after the birth. 


I just went up into the loft space above the garage (gawd I hate that ladder!) and retrieved the cream wool rug to put by the bed down in the garage.  It should do nicely there.

Got a few odd jobs to do around the house, but basically I'm going to blob out today! 

ABOVE: I'm really chuffed how I could turn a corner of the garage into such a nice area.  This house is too damn small... our garage is now three things:  Sewing room, bedroom and gym.  I miss my big Palmerston North house!  *sniff*

SERIOUSLY... who have time to do nothing?   I went and did the grocery shopping.. have to put it all away now.  Joy.
Also found a shop in Sylvia Park that has an AMAZING selection of boxes... wish I'd seen it before!  Never mind, I've decided you can never have too  many pretty boxes and bought some more!

I'm incorrigible I know.

Today was the last day I am going out and leaving Coco alone... although she is not due for a while yet I just won't feel comfortable or safe leaving her.

Hee hee... I had a Nana Nap!  Felt darn good too.. only now I have to think of dinner... not a problem!  I just did the shopping so there's plenty of food in the house.

LYNDA:  The valance stays, it hides everything I've shoved under the bed!  As for the screen... off ya go... you design one for me!

WOMBAT: my poor car is outside in the rain.

END OF DAY:  a nice day all up... I quite enjoyed my lazy afternoon.  Stew got dinner as I got stuck on the phone with me Mum right on dinner time. 
nite nite


  1. Wow, my garage looks NOTHING like yours. People would be afraid to sleep in mine. haha.

    I can't wait to see pictures of the pups!!!

  2. Now that's what I'm talkin about!!

  3. Looks great! You might need to take a nap after a lot of sewing too! Congrats on the pups. CAn't wait to see them.

  4. Leigh9:33 AM

    Gee that seems such a short time to make those babies! I would have thought it would take longer than that, was thinking 3 mths! Looking forward to all the pictures of puppies soon. The garage looks really good too, well done now rest today please!

  5. Garage looks great now.... and wow 6 puppies you will be busy :-)

  6. The garage space looks great!
    Wow, those puppies are coming soon. I can't wait to see pictures of them.

  7. Hey that looks great. Lovely place to stay and how long will you need 5 bedrooms anyway. ONE day your boys will move away again. Hope Coco has an easy time. How exciting.

  8. The new "bedroom" looks good. I wish my garage was half as clean and tidy as yours!! A screen would just finish off the area nicely :)

  9. Penny, NZ12:52 PM

    That is fast re the puppies, I had no idea it was so quick! My sisters would be jealous (one just had her second and was hanging out at the end and another is pregnant with her first, due at Christmas and very excited).

    Your garage bedroom looks fantastic! If I was staying with you I would consider myself very well accommodated. You deserve a well earned rest day or three! Mmm, Stew, takeaways?

  10. love the new space! looks great!

  11. very exciting news about the puppies!!! Cant wait to "see" them :0)

  12. The new "room" looks great but one other comment - take that valance off that bed!! those beds are meant to be open at the bottom. Just my opinion :)

  13. Awesome job on the garage room!! Lovely!!

  14. I feel like I'm "watching" a NZ version of Home Makeover. You're good.

  15. It is hard to believe that time has flown by so quickly! I hope all goes well .

    Love the new space and that rug is such a nice touch for cold feet.
    You really are "the bomb"! (that's a good thing! ) LOL

  16. You did a great job of turning that corner of the garage into a bedroom area.

  17. Oh that space in the garage looks lovely and inviting well done BUT do ease up on the bursitis eh no more shifting!!!!!

  18. Now... how to make a screen? Any thoughts on that one? So, so much better than the bed out in the middle :)

  19. Anonymous9:19 PM

    The "fifth bedroom" looks great! Hard to believe its the corner of the garage! Valances are good for hiding more boxes of stuff! So where do you put your car? WOMBAT

  20. I HATE seeing the underneath of any bed, even if there is nothing under it so I would definately keep the valance regardless of whats under there. personally I think they pull the whole look' together and make the bedroom look complete. Love them, all the beds in my house have them and look naked when I take them off to wash. (which isn't often).

  21. Ok, so I'm out-voted on the valance :) I understand about the "hiding what's below" though. Me design a screen? You are the creative one!! How about a hospital bed setup with a curtain that goes around? God knows how you do that though. Maybe this could be Steve's next project.

  22. that bedroom's looking great! :)


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