Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I promised you some photos of the animals at my niece's home eh?   Well... here they are:

ABOVE:  weird ducks...  = lots of duck poo.  Wonder is they would taste nice?

ABOVE: one of the chickens decided to visit inside...

ABOVE: one chicken getting short shift from my nephew Alan...

ABOVE x's 3:  Nibbles the goat wandered in too... 

ABOVE:  my nephew having to get the wildlife out again...  Nibbles was not gunna leave until someone chased him out.

ABOVE: Brandy feeding a small steer...

ABOVE: a cute rabbit...

ABOVE: the girls practising being herd's woman...

ABOVE: A very pretty rooster.. that does not crow.

ABOVE: heard of 'pigs in mud'?  Well.. now you can see it.  Be thankful you can't SMELL it!  That was knee deep liquid mud. IKKKKKKkkkkk.

ABOVE: kids in the pen with rabbits.  Shame they couldn't stay there a bit longer.

ABOVE: the view from the lounge... just gorgeous. The ranges, NOT Steve!!!

ABOVE: finally, a funny one of me and Maxine. 

Today?  Very little if I can help it!  At some point I will pop out and post a parcel over to Russell and Tess for baby Sienna as I can't see me getting over there until we have had the puppies and sold them now. 
Should have gone earlier I think... hindsight... *sigh*


Parcel is on it's way.... hope it arrives in one piece.
Took me 35 minutes in a queue to get it done...
Gorgeous day out there... should have the washing out.. but I don't.  derrr.

SOMEONE stopped 'Following' Me!  I feel gutted... !  I know I've been a crap blogger friend lately... not reading or commenting on many blogs... but life's just got in the way!  My bad.  Kinda feel like if I can't find the time to visit YOUR blogs why should you visit mine, and like... should I just stop blogging?  It takes a lot of time and commitment to continue...  this feeling is happening more and more often lately... cos I feel guilty.
AND this was supposed to be a weight loss blog originally!  I FAILED on that score too.

No, I don't blog to garner 'followers'... but when I see someone has deleted my blog I feel... my stomach drop?  Weird I know.  I'm just feeling a bit low at the moment... weepy and tired.  Too overweight again and really feeling it.  Really hate myself ... again.

End of Day: it would appear it doesn't take much to set me off down the wrong frame of mind lately.  Going off the Anitdepressants probably didn't help. ... but there is no way I'm going on them again!  I put on over 10 kilos in 6 months while on them! 
Shitty things.
nite nite.


  1. All those animals and fresh air lovely I miss my friends farm and collecting eggs and herding cows and goats !!

  2. Blogging is supposed to be fun. Don't beat yourself up. Your blog would be totaly crap if all you did all day was read other peoples blogs. Who has time to read 230 blogs. YOU HAVE A LIFE thank goodness. Enjoy it

  3. I've lived in a village when I was a kid and the smell of pigs and ducks and chickens and the poo is just horrid. I don't know why in movies and books it's all like so wonderful? Once someone asked me if I want to go on a farm-stay in Australia which you have to pay tons of money for and I say: you kidding? I've lived in a city for far too long!

  4. Don't you dare stop blogging!!!! You're a part of my day that I really look forward to. I don't have a blog so there is not guilt that you're not reading me! You don't know why that person stopped and the reason probably has noting to do with you at all.

  5. wowsers that's some serious animals!

    i dont know about you, i don't necessarily blog for the comments although they are lovely to get, esp the ones of support but it's more about me just getting some stuff out of my head, just like i used to keep a diary... clearly i wouldn't share that sort of info on my blog!! ;-)))


  6. Don't get all upset because someone has stopped "following you", there may be many reasons behind their decision. You should blog for you, no one else, it is a record of the ups & downs going on in your life, if people don't want to read so be it.

    You are busy - anyone who reads your blog can see that so it makes sense that you are not going to be able to read & comment on everyone elses blogs.

    Enjoy the rest of the day, make the most of the sunshine while we have it :-)

  7. OMG....you have not failed.
    So what if you haven't commented on others blogs for a while. Things happens and time is tight.
    Please stop feeling guilty because you have nothing to feel guilty about...shit happens :O)

    Don't you dare give it away because we all need you as much as you need us.

    You are a fantastic, caring person don't ever change.

    Michelle x

  8. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Dont you dare stop blogging!! You dont have to reply to everyone there are too many. I look forward to reading your news everyday even though I dont blog anymore. I think it is good for you to be able to communicate. Just do what you feel you want and have time for. from Michelle C

  9. Anonymous2:50 PM

    How silly just keep on blogging regardless Nobody has the time to read hundreds of blogs Surely you don't blog just to get followers? I just read & comment on my favorites and TG it is not a weigh loss blog which gets very boring after a bit If it makes you feel happy then I will follow again

  10. My goodness, stop worrying! I read about 5 blogs!! I don't even care if no one reads mine (well I don't really blog anymore anyway).

  11. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Listen to Tracy, she hit the nail on the head!! Besides, you can't stop because I love your blog and you amaze me with all your creativity and beautiful bright colors, and you just being you!! You are a real character and I love the way you just let it all hang out!! I enjoyed the farm animals...pigs do look rather stinky and the crowless rooster is beautiful!!...Stay put! ...debbie

  12. O , I agree Chris,
    Visiting with you is like having the sister I always wanted and I love having the time to just "Blog-Chat" with you each day.

    It is always so neat to have that opportunity to see what you are up to in "your corner of the world"!

    O, Loved the animals. Always have - always will! : )

  13. Penny, NZ4:03 PM

    I'm with Elaine and Bella Chris, it is probably nothing to do with you. I do understand what you mean though in terms of how it makes you feel. Also, don't beat yourself up re the weight loss, it won't help. You can't change what has happened, only what is going to happen next, which you are in at least some control of (she says, needing to take her own advice!). Things happen, to you and to others. I love your blog and check it a few times a day - maybe that reader found s/he was procrastinating and deleted all forms of distraction, like, um, a very interesting and reliable blogger? Like a certain woman we all know and love?

  14. Maybe just a break from blogging? No need to put (added) pressure on yourself. A little holiday from it might do the world of good... I can imagine how time-consuming it must be to update so regularly and post so many pictures!!! But, personally, I would miss your blog. xxx

  15. It was probably Micki who has closed her blog so don't worry we are all still here.

  16. I feel aweful when some stops following my blog too. But that person might have deleted thier account or anything. I get more gutted if people don't comment, whitch is a lot lol
    The chook and goat going inside is funny lol

  17. I stop linking to people if they haven't blogged for months though

  18. I know how you feel! I've practically fallen off the face of the planet as far as comments go....You are one of the very few that ever bothers to comment on my blog anymore, and I've been seriously considering just forgetting the whole thing...but I still do enjoy it, so in the long run, I suppose it doesn't matter if anyone reads or comments or not.

  19. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Don't stop blogging! I read your blog everyday even though I might not comment all the time. I love reading about what goes on in your part of the world! WOMBAT

  20. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Don't stop blogging!! I look forward to reading your blog each day, you are a wonderful Mum and I aspire to be a great Mum like you! Your life is really interesting and I love hearing/reading about it. Don't feel down you have someone (me) all the way in the Blue Mountains in Australia that thinks you and your family are wonderful, cheer up you will feel better in the morning. Bec

  21. I don't know how you ever find time to write your blog everyday and include all your great pics. Will really miss you if you give up your blog - you are my favourite!! Will understand if you do tho! Hugs x

  22. i dont have a blog myself but follow yours its the only one i read everyday and i look forward to hearing how things are going for you. Please dont stop blogging i love all that it brings..photos, cards, sewing, sometimes weightloss and everything else. love the lot :)

  23. Penny, NZ10:46 PM

    Chris, re the antidepressants, did you go off them slowly or just quit them? I am about to wean myself off them (agree, they can bugger off and let me feel things properly again). Just wondering, it might have mucked with your brain chemistry if it was sudden. Not that you aren't allowed to have emotions! It's just not that much fun, I have what my partner calls profound reactions to some things. Anyway, just a thought. Doesn't mean you have to go back on them, sounds like you are better off without them!

  24. SHIT, don't quit blogging...!!!!

  25. wow, i want to have cool farm animals running into my house to play, too!

    the most i can swing around here is my son's gerbils...

  26. Hey Chris! I'm still here....even though it may seem like I'm not. I haven't been blogging much lately, or reading and posting on others' blogs either. Been on vacation and then got sick, so I've just been sleeping a lot. And don't worry...sometimes people only "follow" because they sign up when you have a give away and then they never come back...unless you have another give away. Believe me, I know! LOL! I love your blog and your sense of humor and personality, and will always read you, no matter how frequently or infrequently you post.

    Great photos of all the farm life....and it looks like the kids really enjoyed it!



  27. Ditto to all above.
    Blogger has been having heaps of problem with commenting and that is very frustrating, so I may not always leave comments but I do read the posts.

    This blogging thing is like having a whole lot of sisters I never had, and I love it.

  28. I always wonder why people stop following me too. I don't have very many so it's really obvious when it happens!

  29. Wow, that's a lot of animals! BTW, it hurts my feelings too when people stop following my blog.


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