Thursday, July 14, 2011


ABOVE:  I finally have THE KEY!!!  Now we can go to Whitianga and pick up everything that belongs to us that was 'accidentally' taken over 4 years ago!
AND OMG... those idiots gave me all these keys?  Were they mad?
Like... what's the chances of me getting their keys back to them FAST?  Like... really???

I am sure it might take me a while to 'remember' to take them back.  Shame on me.

(history of 'the key':  family 'friends' took furniture that did not belong to them over 4 years ago "by accident' ... we have been requesting return of our property for all of those 4+ years.  They kept saying they did not have it, then said a few months ago that they DID have it and would return it, but have not. So I offered to go and get it myself.  They said OK.  But kept putting off giving us the key to their storage unit, until last night)

They assure me that the storage facility does not require a swipe key to get in.  God help them if we hire a trailer, drive over 2 and a half hours to get there and find we can't get in!  I will do them some damage if that happens.

Today:  Griffin is supposed to be going to his Speld lesson today, but he wants to do his school's Cross Country Run instead!   Griffin.. wanting to run?  I am  I will let him run... it's a good choice for him to make.


Went out and about with Steve, picked up some chain that I need ...then we came home and Steve started doing the sanding of the kitchen wall...

ABOVE: it is making a huge mess... ikkkk.

ABOVE:  as for that chain... all I can say is don't buy it from David's Emporium cos it breaks!  Steve has gone out AGAIN to buy some decent stuff now...

CHRISTY: yeah, I'm not that petty really!  And I agree, two wrongs don't make a right...

I'm freezing today!  It's pissing down with rain, a totally miserable day!  I wonder if the Cross Country run happened?

End of Day: Cross Country did not happen as it was too wet and wild out there.  I cooked butter chicken for dinner but it was too hot and spicey for me... drat!  The rice came out fantastic though.  lol
nite nite


  1. I don't know the history of the keys

  2. I hope one of them is the right key? Hope you get your furniture back soon. Have a great day

  3. Although you have the key? my lockup storage requires a card to swipe to get in? Do u have the card? i dare say a trip to Whitianga is on the cards.

  4. It might pay to ring the storage company just in case and find out about the swipe card..... and good on Griffin wanting to do cross country :-)

  5. It may pay to phone the storage place & double check that you will be able to get your stuff without swipe cards or alarm codes etc.

    Yay got Griffin wanting to do Cross Country - although he may change his mind in this weather.

  6. I'd ring the storage company and check it all out before driving down. You don't want to get there and not be able to get in.

  7. You certainly have some Wish friends!Calling the company ahead of time might help prevent a riot! LOL

    Yea for Griffin!Exercise - isn't that what modern day kids "run away from"??????? :')

  8. I agree it would be so tempting to withhold their stupid keys for 4 years, but as my old mum used to say: "two wrongs don't make a right"... xxx

  9. Haaaa... maybe not four years like Christy said, but I wouldn't bust my butt to get 'em back fast, either...

  10. I am gonna make a naughty comment and say one of those photos looks like it has chains atttached to a bedhead and I am thinking *oooh kinky* *sly wink* :)

  11. I guess there's always a possibility that your furniture is not all there or it's damaged somehow.

  12. I'm with Butterfly Kissez and the nod nod, wink wink thing!
    I hope the furniture is all healthy

  13. Good luck with your 'lost' furniture. and finding decent chain.
    AND getting that mess cleaned up.

  14. Hope you have no further problems recuperating your belongings. Good luck. Fingers crossed.


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