Monday, July 11, 2011


I'm sure there's been a few requests to see me in the spa... so I am obliging:

ABOVE:  there ya go... it was raining so I was keeping the rain off me head.  We are all loving our spa.

Today:  first thing this morning, got an appointment at the school... last meeting with Special Ed Re: Brylee and behaviour issues.

Then later on after lunch I have an appointment at Radiology for an x-ray and ultra sound on me meddlesome arm.

So a fairly busy day...


Questions about Coco:
- we will not be 100% sure she is pregnant until she has her x-ray in the last week of this month.
- We cannot keep any pups as in Auckland you are only allowed to have two dogs per property.
- I do not know yet if this will be her only pregnancy or not ... it will depend on how this one goes.

- Meeting.  Went well, even though I didn't think it would.  'They' all seem to think Brylee has major self esteem issues arising from being 'NOT WANTED' by Lacy, and having feelings of abandonment... which they think could stuff her up big time as she gets older. 

So, I have agreed on a referral to Whirinaki (Mental Health) for her AND Griffin to make sure that if they have issues around their 'birth mother' not wanting them we can help them now,  before it becomes a bigger issue later.

They also said the way Lacy breezes in and out of their lives is not good, especially as she heaps attention on Brylee when she's here ... but not Griffin... and then buggers off again.... often not to be seen or heard from again for months.  NOT good for the kids.

- Ordered me tiles for the kitchen spashback.  Excited about that.

- Made an appointment for Coco's x-ray, 25th July at 2pm.  SUPER excited about that!  *smiles*, it's almost as exciting as a human baby scan!!!

- Had my x-ray... results sent to Dr.  Also had ultra sound of shoulder .. the radiologist said he could see significant BURSITIS of me shoulder.  Said cortisone injections could help.  Like hell!!!  Friggin injections???  I. DON'T. THINK. SO.
But... I will wait to see what my Doctor has to say and go from there.

Finally home and can relax.  Well... for about 7 minutes, then the kids will be home.  Shit, where has the day gone?

End of Day: thunder and lightening storms here tonight.... hope we get some of it out here.  Planning on still having a spa tonight... but maybe I won't use the umbrella... don't want to push my luck with the lightening!  Just my luck I'd get zapped.
nite nite


  1. love the brolly cute

  2. Good luck with the x-ray - hopefully they will solve the problem with your arm :)

  3. Ooh, the spa looks great. I'm glad you are all enjoying it as much as you thought you would.
    I hope the meeting about Brylee goes well and that you come away feeling like it was worthwhile.

  4. You absolutely made my day ! God I think your great. Fingers crossed re Coco. Great photo !

    Martine x

  5. oh wow on the dog rules... hope she has babies and love the umbrella in the spa LOL

  6. GL at school/ hope they are helpful!!

  7. That umbrella is sooooooo cool hell that is just what I need for RUGBY!!!!

  8. love the pic of you in the spa.!

    hope the baby girl is pg - puppies, even temporarily would be lovely!!!

    enjoy your week gorgeous!

  9. gosh my heart goes to to Brylee if she is feeling abandoned or unwanted. As you know my birth mother was as useless as tits on a bull so i was bought up by people who were not my biological parents.

    I think the biggest feeling I can remember having hanging over me when I was growing up was that I wasn't good enough, which is a HUGE thing for a child to feel and carry around with them as it sure does effect their self esteem.

    I thought that there must have been something about me that made her not want me with her. thankfully she didn't cruise in and out of my life as I think that feeling would have increased everytime she disappeared again, but in my case she continues to chose to not have a relationship and sometimes I just wish I could shake her and say "I'm an ok person you stupid women, just be normal and get to know me". As an adult I am better able to understand that her decision to not be a part of my life (well maybe a phone call every 3 - 4 years when she is drunk and needing a supportive listening ear) is her problem but for a child, trying to comprehend these feelings is tough. HUGE HUGS to Brylee. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    (and Griffin too)

  10. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Cute photo of you in the spa. I certainly hope it was not thundering and lightning'd be fried!! Good you are getting help for Brylee and Griffin. ...debbie

  11. What a lovely picture of you and the spa!

    Sad about the kids feelings. One of my grandkids had that issue because his biological father wanted NOTHING to do with him - when he was little and then all the way through school.

    It seems the kids always have to pay the price for adult mistakes.

    Bursitis - O that is the Pits! Been there - done that - don't want to again! That is certainly an Evil Shadow !

  12. WOW, what a huge load of BS, Im sorry to say, it sounds like one big excuse because their Circle of friends programme is not working, the two tarts that she "had" to try and be friends with treated her like utter crap, and the teachers still forced her to attempt to be friends with them, what a god damn stupid programme!! What normal person in their right mind would force a child to be friends with people who bully her and treat her like shit! If its correct to only be friends with people her own age, well then the programmes at school are not healthy! My kids have friends of all ages at school, and they are happy. Its got nothing to do with Lacy, B's home environment is absolutly fine, she is loved and well cared for. She is very well adjusted and gets protected from crap when there is a visit. that issue I feel will only raise more crap, and like you need that LaaLaa.

  13. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Show the spa company that photo, they might want you as a poster girl for their spas! Forgot about that 2 dog rule. Our council has it too. WOMBAT

  14. I am soooo jealous of your spa...what a gorgeous photo of you and the brolly! Good for you :)

  15. Oh I wish I could be in a spa right now.

    The thing with Brylee & Griffin & Lacey is very complicated. I must admit, without knowing ALL the facts, Amandas comment (who does know all the facts) makes sense. Sometimes I think they jump on some aspect of the childs past & use that as an excuse to explain away different behaviours etc.

    Brylee & Griffin could not be more wanted & loved at home and it seems to me to suggest her problems are due to Lacey seem an easy way out and an excuse for the special ed people - lets stick her in a box of "abandoned kids". Easy problem solved, explains everything & lets move onto someone else now.

    Those kids are lucky they have you & Stu who love them and want them - that is what should be reinforced, the positive stuff not the negative.

  16. Anonymous11:32 PM

    I feel for Brylee and Griffin. Attachement/bonding/behavioural difficulties of children who have been removed from their birth parents care is well documented/ These challenges can still be seen in children who are lucky enough to live in loving stable homes (kinship or not). The trauma that can result from a break with a significant attachment figure (even from a very young age - infants) can have a long lasting and profound effect on an individual and often will only be truly seen when in an educational setting.
    While the way the school may have dealt with issues so far is not appropriate for Brylee - they have a very good point about the effect that Lacey coming in and out will have on her and Griffin.

  17. Not too bad as days go

  18. Great photo!
    Surely there must be an exception to the two dog law for when a mother is weaning pups...

  19. That spa looks like the perfect place to relax at the end of the day!

    Hoep things work out with your kiddos - they certainly don't have the best of relationships with their mom, do they. At least they know that you and Stew love them!

  20. I wish there was an easy "fix" for Brylee and Griffin but I take my hat off to you for [pressing on and getting them help.

    Burstitis is no picnic :-( and I hate to say it-- but cortisone, although it sucks getting, is a big reliever of pain. I get the shots for my arthritis but the doc numbs everything so there is only a little pinching of the needle then a little soreness for a day or tow-- but then-- Ahhhhh, it's so much better for months at a time.

    As for your hot tub and umbrella-- You look fantastic and i'm officially jealous!

    Take care, xo jj


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