Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I could almost laugh out loud.
One of the 'treatments' for bursitis is COLD THEREAPY. 
What have I been doing?

Putting HEAT pads on my shoulder!
Derrrr big time.

Though... I can't imagine putting ice packs on my shoulder!  I hate cold.  I am a wimp.  There better be another way to relieve the pain....cos I can assure you, no FRIGGIN ICE PACK is coming near me.

ABOVE:  picture of problem area, inflammation of the Bursa, caused by injury/repetition of movement or whatever!  If not treated can cause long term lasting pain and loss of movement of shoulder and arm.  LOVELY.

Oh, one thing I do love!  Hanging the washing up on the line is a no-no!  Yeah baby.  LOL.  Sadly, so is moving furniture.  Stew is gunna love that one. 

Stew is such a love!  He thinks it's really sad I can't hang out the washing, so he's going to help me.... by buying me a ladder.  WHAT. A. SHIT.  lol

TODAY:  hmmmm... house work?  There is plenty of that to keep me busy sadly.  Now that we are in the spa most days there is that much more washing ... but it's worth it!


At some point today I am going to have a go at grooming Coco some more, not looking forward to that! I'm scared stiff she will get all stressed out and miscarry... or that I will chop off one of her nipples!  lol

Right now... I'm going down to the garage to tidy it up a bit... my craft area is a freakin' mess... and there is washing all over the place... *sigh*... AND it's bloody freezing down there.

Well I have sorted out Coco... she is going to a new groomer (in Pukekohe) next wednesday for an 'express groom'... so she doesn't get too stressed.  I want her done properly before the pups arrive and I'm too nervous to do her right now.

My garage is all tidy again!  Thrilled to  bits... see, it doesn't take much to keep me happy.

Lunchtime... off to find food....

The kids had a half day today due to Parent/Teacher interviews.  Lucky we didn't go out cos.. I forgot.  lol

GIVE. ME. STRENGTH... to not go smash someone in the face!  No .. not anyone in my family!  But my god I'm mad as hell. 

End of Day: it could have been a better day.  I now have a stress headache.  And still got an overwhelming desire to smash 'someone' in the face still.  Grrrrrrrrr.
nite nite


  1. You scared me ! I have a painful arm from cutting a lot of fabric . I knew it was hurting but I carried on , so a gammy ankle,( I fell down a step in the garden)now a dodgy arm

    Stick the washing in the spa and everyone peg there own when they get out

  2. I have bursitus on both of my outer thighs. When they flare up it's almost impossible to sleep. If I lay on one side...in about 20 minutes it starts to hurt...turn to other side and, well in 20 minutes...

    After about 2 years of this, I've come to a conclusion - for me, at least. If I eat lots of the anti-oxident fruits and vegetables...drink LOTS of water, watch my caffiene intake and eat low sodium...the pain almost goes away.


  3. Gosh that looks and sounds painful too, have you thought about microfibre towels for the spa pool lighter more absorbent and less drying time.

  4. No injections, no cold pack...ahh, come on CHris! Put on your big girl pants and deal with it! Otherwise you will be in pain forever! :D


  5. O, I agree with you - bigtime pain!

    I bet Cocoa will be so pretty after her new "DO"!

    Nice to hear you are still enjoying the spa. My other doctor was the one that diagnosed my bursitis and she said IF we had a spa that would help???

  6. so she is def preggas?? how exciting!

    feel your pain, when i tore my hamstring i didn't give it enough time to heal and stopped physio too soon so i developed tendonitis - i have a lump of scar tissue that makes a popping sound as it drags over the bone when i stretch my hammy too much!!! the pain was excruciating. i had some physio, needles and massage more recently and it's been so much better.

  7. Penny, NZ9:52 PM

    Sorry about your pain Chris, and sorry someone is making you so mad. I hope things get better. Thinking of you, Penny

  8. Sorry to hear about the additional stress Chris - I hope that tomorrow goes someway towards resolving the issue.

  9. So... You can't hang laundry because of your shoulder? Nice of Stew to buy you a ladder. Maybe he should hang he laundry instead?

  10. Hope you are feeling better soon. Too bad about the laundry.

  11. Bursitis can be horrible! Hubby has it in his hip and it flares up from time to time if he isn't careful.

    Maybe you need a punching bag with a face on it so that when you get that urge to smash someone's face - you can!

  12. Sorry to hear you had a rotten day!


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