Friday, July 22, 2011


Yeah... NOT really!

But .... according to Morgan Furniture maybe that's what I have to do???

Cos... apparently colour transfer from our clothes onto the new leather lounge suite is NOT COVERED by their warranty!   (not that I can find that gem of information in the small print)

Ummm.... so it would appear we are supposed to sit on it NAKED then?

NOT IMPRESSED.   And I told them so in no uncertain terms.
Now... they are sending out a 'leather specialist' to have a look at it today.  ARIGHTLY THEN.

I can see big problems ahead of us.  WHY ME???

I don't think it's fair that we always seem to have these sort of problems!  WHO can remember all the trouble I had with my brand new sewing machine?  The brand new garage door?  The brand new TV?   The Spa?   *SNIFF*

CROSS.... cross... cross....


Last weekend we travelled over to Whitianga, crossing over the old Kopu Bridge which is being replaced soon by a new one.  The old Bridge was supposed to be replaced years ago.. hell I remember as a kid being told it was about to be replaced... that was at least 40 years ago!
Well yesterday that old bridge tried to die on it's own!

ABOVE: a section of the old Kopu Bridge has dropped!  All traffic had to be diverted... and we were on that very bridge just 5 days ago and I remember thinking as we drove over that it couldn't last much longer!  Gives me chills.  This bridge is quite long as it spans the Firth of Thames (big river mouth)... and is a one way bridge... I hope it last just a bit longer as the new bridge is not due to open until June next year! 
On the left of the old bridge is the new one that is being constructed... you can see it in that photo above.

ABOVE:  the old bridge spanning the Firth of Thames. 

Right, off now to do stuff...

I have to go out this morning and spend hundreds of dollars.  NOT what I thought I'd be doing... but needs must.
Griffin dropped his PSP and it broke forever... and he hasn't stopped sobbing yet.... he lives for his PSP.  It's his 'thing'... like a child with Aspergers.. he can't live without his PSP.. it's all he talks about, lives for.... bla  bla  bla. 
So if we are to live happily ever after... I must go buy another one.

MIKE: you are too late with that advice.  PSP was bought 90 minutes ago.

Been checking my warranty on the lounge suite... seems 'dye transfer' is NOT covered by the warranty.  F.U.C.K. didn't see that in the small print.  Still don't think it's on... how are you supposed to know what clothes will transfer dye or not???  And after only 9 months with a price tag of over $7,000???

I am so tired of all these annoying problems.. makes me want to curl up in bed and f**ken stay there...

End of Day:  felt quite crabby this afternoon... but have come right now.  I've even been reading a book!  'The Choice' by Susan Lewis... enjoying it... but havn't got to the guts of it yet.
Stew is in his element, watching the All Blacks on TV.. my man loves his rugby!  AND he is watching it on the big screen TV with NO black band down the middle.  Gotta love that.
nite nite.


  1. LOL forgot about the sewing machine, hey the positive things always work out well in the end.... even if you do have to fight.... :-).

    And puppies - 2 males, 1 female :-)

  2. What a nuisance about the lounge suite. I remember when I bought my brown leather suite, the people in the shop game me a 'leather care' kit and the information in that said to be careful as some fabrics can transfer dye etc, but thankfully its never been an issue as my suite is brown so I havn't seen any sign of colour transfer.

  3. lol What a load of hoo haw and they expect you to believe it.

    Does colour from your clothes transfer to anything else?

    You all must have really pale clothes if the colour is leaving your clothes to take up residence on the leather on your lounge ;p

  4. sharinganharvey11:30 AM

    please take my advice this time!! get a custom firmware psp off of trademe! they are usually 200-300 (similar or slightly cheaper than store bought psp's) and you will never need to buy another game for griffin again! Griffin will thank you. Or you can hold out for the release of the new psp (pspvita), though Griffins patience would not hold out that long i presume.

  5. Furniture for nudists....sounds like they need to re-think that one.

  6. We seem to share you bad luck. Almost everything we buy ends up being a dud. But, these are just life's little challenges. Chin up and keep fighting.

  7. Anonymous12:05 PM

    chin up missy, it'll all work out!!! xxx


  8. Boy, Do I AGREE with you Chris. We have the very same problem. Makes you wonder what ever happened to the time when people were proud of their work? Or maybe it is how the companies push their workers to just finish-at all costs?

    That is very interesting about the bridge. We have one over here that has been down for several years now and just this month they blasted it ,but they had built a new one beside it. I hated to see it go. I always thought it would be fun to walk across it. Of course ours is NOWHERE as big as yours!

    Good luck with the furniture folks! Hope you get Griffin fixed up!

  9. fang it all...

    i ment to tellyou the three babies who cam to swim are debbie b's grand children... you read her blog too... LOL

  10. I can imagine how you must be feeling like you have had more then your share of duds as i sure would be starting to be dubious of everyone and everything with the amount of issues you have had with things in the past year or two, but when I thought about it I guess its not as uncommon as you would hope as everyone member of my family seems to have had a couple of majors in recent times too.

    My poor sister (and her partner) just bought a house but when they went for the final inspection (day before setttlement) 4 of the BIG issues that were suppose to have been fixed had not been. One was some major gutter repairs, getting the remote gates fixed, obtaining a permit for an unpermitted fireplace and some issue with some piles at the rare of the house (to name 4 of the bigger problems). Their lawyer ended up holding back $5000 from the settlement but after 5mths it appears that the old owners are happy to lose $5000 as the repairs are going to cost around $30,000 including a few smaller issues. they have virtually spent up to their budget so trying to find another $30,000 in the budget to fix these things was not on the agenda.

    I've had a much smaller problem trying to get a refund from the local swimming pool. I bought a 10 card conession which should have cost $36 but the staff member accidently punched in $360 into the eftpos and neither of us noticed until a month later when I got my bank statement. Well trying to get that refund back has almost been more hassle then its work, but after 11 mths of constant phone calls, broken promises, change of management at the pool and all kinds of other excuses and delays, I FINALLY got my refund along with another 10 card concession as an apology. Well the other day I went to use that new concession card to take E and my friends two children to the pools only to find that its no longer valid as their has been a change of owner and the new owner is not honouring the past owners concession cards. Grrrrrrrrr

    Anyway, thats one of my frustrations of recent times, but there has been a few others. (I won't tell you about the issue with the spa people as it would probably worry you and they assured me they use different hosing now so you shouldn't have all your hosing perish as I did with mine).

    Gee what an essay, thats what happens when I'm at home on the couch enjoying school holidays.

  11. Naked on the couch - now there's a picture I need to get out of my head lol.

    Regardless of what the small print says, surely a couch is made for sitting on (an generally this is done fully clothed), therefore it seems to me that the couch is not fit for the purpose it was bought under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

    Just out of curiosity - does the small print say whether it means dye transfer from clothes to couch or from couch to clothes?

  12. Not covered after $7,000??? You should wear some funky tie-dyes to their showroom every week and "test" the furniture for that one.

  13. At the risk of making you angrier, the last few times I have bought blue jeans there was a warning tag saying something like "dark dye may transfer to lighter colours" blah blah blah. I still bought them...

  14. 2 Words FAIR GO!!! and quick before iot turns into 12 months and then the warranty runs out etc.

  15. Well perhaps you should try the comsumer guarantees act goods are supposed to be made for the purpose intended (or something like that the man knows it better than me) so my thinking is a couch is for sitting on and thats what you were doing maybe they need to look at a way that stops the dye transfer............this from one who hates dealing with s##t lol

  16. My new couch has issues too. I should have called them but I'm sure the warranty is up now.

    Trevor loves his DSi. One of the buttons doesn't work right and it's not even a year old.

  17. Hi Chris - the bridge didn't drop down, just that metal thingy you see in the photo popped up. A truck caught it and lifted it and cars could not pass over it.. and we were about ten back in the queue waiting to go over when it happened!! We had to divert and man that was a pain. Can't wait for that new bridge.

    That business about your lounge suite is such a warning to others to not buy a light suite! We only have a cheap suite ($1400 from Farmers) and it is now about 7 years old and still looks like new. Considering I look after kids all day long, it has lasted well. You must be gutted as I would be.

  18. Poor Griffin! You're such a good mom to go out and get him another!

    I'm sorry I'm so bad about commenting ...I do read you daily and cannot wait for news on Coco!

  19. Anonymous9:05 PM

    You would think for a $7000 leather lounge suite that it would be treated with something to repel fabric dye. Even if you sat on it naked, you'd still leave some sort of a stain, he he he WOMBAT

  20. Sorry to hear it is not covered by warranty. Hope they do offer you some kind of solution. Good luck. Hope you have a good weekend.

  21. For what it's worth - every time I see a diet coke - I think of you! They rock - AND YOU DO TOO!


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