Saturday, July 30, 2011


Yesterday after much thought I decided to quit my job at the Hospice Shop. 

Three main reasons:

1.  I am no longer enjoying being there.
2.  Coco and her pups need me to be here for them for at least the next three months.
3.  I felt like there was getting less and less 'me' time.

To be honest I felt a huge weight lift off me when I resigned... like I could relax again.  I know I didn't spend a huge deal of time there... but it was just getting too much for right now.

So... I have stayed on the 'roll',  but will be taking an indefinite time off.

It gives me time to consider what I really want to do, Hospice or maybe Volunteer at the Hospital ER Department? 

Today:  Picking up the puppy heat pad from some bloke over in Avondale.
After that?  Not a lot!  Relax.  Chill out.  Put the feet up. Have a spa?



Bark Collar:  works fine, Teddy does not bark now when he has it on!
Lounge Suite: no news there.
JO: Emily has started having a wee bit of puree'd fruit and baby rice... she's 5 months old and seems to like it. 

THE  BISCUIT:  Emily did not EAT it... just slobbered on it. 

2nd Anon from yesterday:  fair enough, I just got rather cross that someone was being so judgemental and not signing their name.... oh and what was YOUR name?
If someone is prepared to give me their opinion they should not hide behind ANON comments.

I'm sitting here wondering... if Stew knows HE'S 'cooking' dinner tonight?   *snigger*

End of Day:  well Stew did cook dinner... then we had a nice quiet evening with HIM watching rugby and me watching videos of whelping... it isn't long now!
nite nite.


  1. Good for you for quitting Chris... I'm trying to find that elusive "me" time too!! Pity I can't quit my job! hehehehe....
    Seeing Emily with the biscuit yesterday has made me put baby rusks on my shopping list! Jaynie is SOOOOO ready to be chomping on something! How old is she? Is she on solids yet? Jaynie wont take anything off a spoon yet, just wondering when Amanda started Emily? If ya dont mind sharing that is :)

  2. And best of all, you no longer have to put up with the noxious fumes from the farting lady!

  3. Good for you sometimes we have to take steps back to move forward, and the next 12 weeks wil go fast those puppies will keep you on your toes. How is the bark collar going? Heard any more about the lounge suite? Hope you have lots of newspaper for the puppy accidents........

  4. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Oh Good Lord!!! The belly on Coco is hysterical!!!! I'd be tempted to rub it constantly. LOL!

    Emily looks like a sweetie!

    I didn't even know you were working at the Hospice Shop! Terrible blogger I have been! LOL!

    Big Hugs to you my cyber friend!!! I hope you have a super fabulous weekend!

  5. Just for the record - I am not "Anon". As you know I always put my name to posts that are likely cause trouble :)

    I think a buscuit being sucked on is great - as long as it is just one and not something a mother shoves in her babies gob all the time. I believe that babies need to experience new tastes and textures. I would have a problem if we saw that Emily was being fed a diet of sugar drinks etc.

    Good decision with the hospice.

    I'm glad the barking collar is working. I do believe that long term it would be great to get him trained properly and think the collar should be a short term fix. Nothing worse than an out of control barking dog!!

    Well I'm of to sunny Fiji - catch you in a week. I do hope I don't miss the puppies being born.

  6. Good for you, Chris. Sometimes you just have to chuck it all and think about yourself for a change. Enjoy your "me" time! :o)



  7. Anonymous12:00 PM

    You know I only go anon when I'm too lazy to log in! :D And I always sign off... I did have to laugh at the biscuit pic, I knew you would get some comments! Lol!

    Cranky x

  8. Good for you Chris! I've been thinking about taking some time off from some of the many volunteer things I do too. Sometimes it just gets to be too much.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. HA HA HA HAAA... only YOU could stir up "controversy" about feeding a kid a stupid cookie. Good grief, but you have some interesting commenters. Well, GOD BLESS YOU and I just have to laugh. Maybe because it is not my blog... you sure told 'em off, you did. Hugs to you and your family.

  10. I agree , good for you for making that decision . You cannot share good stuff with your family If you are too tired to nurture it inside of you.

    Or, like that old saying , "If Mama ain't happy - nobody is happy"! LOL

  11. I think I'd feel pretty relieved to quit my job. I don't have the guts to though! I need to get more bills paid off first.

  12. Wow, just read the comments from yesterday. For the first anonymous commenter, being the eldest of six, and being that Emily is my third child, we have all turned out very good, nothing derived from the food we have been given... it may cause your jaw to drop but she also LOVES chocolate, and fejoa juice. She no longer suffers wind and has a very healthy appetite, the plunket lady is extremely happy with Emilys progress and the food I/family give her... thank you for your such expressed concerns, but grandma and mum know how to raise our kids, and after such a comment, I too would tell you to pull your head in, good on you grandma for sticking up for family xx

  13. I had to laugh when I saw the picture at the top of your post. Har! That will be me this summer, in my jeans and my bikini top!!!

  14. since you are having problems with anon comment why don't you change your settings so they can't? People can get a ID easy if they haven't got one and want to continue commenting.

  15. Anonymous8:13 PM

    oh I thnk you mean me for the 2nd anon comment. My name is Susan

  16. Good for you. Time is too short to waste time on things you don't want to do.


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