Saturday, July 02, 2011


I kinda forgot to mention.... I flew to Palmerton North Yesterday! 
I lied all day about where I was yesterday!
hee hee hee
I wanted to surprise our son Mike and my girlfriends ....

ABOVE: Mt Ruapehu... stunning... not a lot of snow but still stunning.  I liked being able to see the plane's engine.... I hate flying so being able to keep and eye on the engines was kinda... comforting.
All planes in New Zealand are flying at 18,000 feet right now to keep under the ash cloud from the erupting volcano in Chile.  I was nervous about flying .... but it sure beat driving for 7 hours one way!

ABOVE:  how typical... fog over the Waikato!  Sooo glad I don't live there in winter.

ABOVE:  Mt Ngarahoe and Mt Tongariro... another stunning photo!   It really was a lovely flight.

I will come back later and fill you in on what we got up to last night...

Last night:  Chris D, Sandra, Anne and I went to Bridesmaids at the movies.  I'd been before but was only too happy to go again... its such a good movie.
After that Anne had to go home but the rest of us went out to Sandra's home and had a few drinks and LOTS of laughs!
Got back to Chris D's home around 11.30 and hit the sack.

This morning we are meeting in town for a walk followed by morning tea at our 'usual' coffee shop.. and I will be THERE with them for a change!! I love that.

 ABOVE:  us girls at morning tea after having  walk... it was SO NICE being there with them again.

ABOVE: This is wee Ella, Sandra's granddaughter... a really little cutie eh?

After morning tea Chris D and I went looking for a new gift shop with a view to selling them my cards...well we couldn't find it so went to another more established gift shop to ask where the new one was... got yakking to the owner of that shop (as ya do) and she bought all me cards!  Rather chuffed about that as this shop is well established, very popular and in a very good shopping street.  SCORE... I am so thrilled.

Chris D and I are having a quiet afternoon before going to Sandra's for dinner... yaaaa.

End of Day: dinner was pizza!  Very nice too... havn't had pizza in months.  Mike and his girlfriend Joyce came too.... so got to spend time with  him too.
While at Sandra's I filed down my lovely nails too... got sick to death of not being able to type!
nite nite.


  1. You tart! I got such a shock to see you but what a fantastic surprise!

  2. PARTY PARTY PARTY Yes we are gonna have fun Po loves her New Po thanks LaaLaa :-)

  3. How fun to have a surprise get-together. Your pics are really beautiful. Have fun with your friends.

  4. I am so jealous lol :) Have fun with the girls. I too saw "Bridesmaids" yesterday in Oz....loved it :) xoxo

  5. You cunning, thing, you.

    So, did Amanda get her hair done or was that a red herring to throw us off your scent!!

    Enjoy your wee break. You deserve it.

  6. Hehehe, we are having fun trashing your house, driving your car like boy racers, eating all the food in your pantry and having big parties.... Isnt that what all normal kids do when the LaaLaa is away? :D
    Glad your having fun :-) x

  7. Penny, NZ1:21 PM

    Amanda, you aren't suppposed to tell your Mum that! It ruins all the fun! And aren't you in a prime position to sneak things into your bag? Sorry Chris, didn't mean to give your daughter ideas... hope you are having a wonderful time!

  8. LOL - I could not help but see that your darling Amanda is having fun with you -err- and without you! LOL Your kids are the greatest!

    Your pictures are drop-dead beautiful!The colors are stunning.

    I am thrilled to see you having fun with your girlfriends. There is nothing like wonderful friends!I always like to think that you take turns pulling and pushing each other through the hard times as well as the good times.

    LOL - I bet your spa is getting good use! LOL

  9. Chris, congrats on getting another shop to sell your cards. Maybe one day your cards will get syndicated.

  10. How fun to surprise everyone! Good for you! You look so happy with your friends. The pics from the plane are incredible!

  11. Beautiful photos!
    I'm glad you got to keep an eye on the engines!

  12. How cool, what a neat surprise. Have a great time.

  13. Nice to see you so happy and enjoying time with your friends :O)
    btw... your re-vamped necklace looks nice :O)

    Michelle x

  14. Is that Wildly Gifted? If not, my cousin owns it, so can get you a contact there.

  15. Love the beautiful....just fires me up even more to try and get over your way maybe next year!! Great time was had by all at your girls meet-up by the looks of it!!

  16. amanda will have a ball stashing things and lounging in the spa, did ya wave when you flew over Taupo?

  17. Awesom!!!... gorgeous photos... congrats on another shop to sell your cards..... :-)

  18. Well done LaaLaa on getting a shop for your cards! Thats fantastic, arent you a clever girl!
    Very cool pics of you and the girls :D
    Yes, I did get my hair done, wasnt the way I wanted it tho, Im a bit guttered bout it, but thats life sometimes... and yes, I am in a fantastic postion to stash all the pretties, LaaLaa may need to check me car before I leave ;D, they bag will just be to obvious xx

  19. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Loved the shots of the Mountains!! They came out really nice!! How sweet it is that you flew to see your friends and had a great time!!
    I only have to drive an hour and a half to see my ole' school chums!!...debbie

  20. What a wonderful trip and gorgeous photos. Had to get on mapquest to see where you were going!

  21. Love the photos from the airplane. They look great!


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