Saturday, July 09, 2011


I walked into the family room last night and saw Teddy on the couch :

ABOVE:  just how comfy does he look then?  Little muppet.

ABOVE:  oh sorry, did I disturb you?  I see you are still hogging your pillow!
ABOVE: Coco's favourite place, Steve's lap.  Nevermind what he's doing... she just parks herself there.  So cute.

Today?  I want to find a tile place still... will look into the cost of a glass splashback too... But I kinda like the idea of doing my own tile one. 

ABOVE:  my kitchen... and the blank wall where I want the splashback... can't be anything too busy... hmmmm.
Think we have to do damn grocery shopping too...

And much later on today Amanda and Andrew are dropping Emily off as they have a work Ball to attend in town.   We get to babysit Emily!  Hope she doesn't get hungry!  I have not got 'working' equipment like the Mum! 


*SQUEALS*... I found the tiles I LOVE!
But... as we are heading out again right now to find some wood to build the 'whelping box' for Coco... so I will show you later. Might even be tomorrow... just so ya have to come back !  ha ha ha

We went out for wood to make a whelping box eh?   Ummmmm...

ABOVE:  whoops!  We got a new airing rack, bringing our number of those to 4... much needed in this wet weather... and a rice cooker ($50 off) and some beside lamps.  Never had any before.  Nice ...

Got home and bought a whelping box off Trademe as the guys reckoned it was easier to do that.  Suits me! 

ABOVE: the whelping box... hopefully it arrives in plenty of time.  Coco is due early August (5th the latest we think)

End of Day:  Amanda and Andrew arrived, got dressed, fed Emily and left us to it.  Minor glitch though, Andrew had left their tickets at home so he had to turn around and go back to Hamilton to get them!  2.5 hours later he got to the ball!  Isn't it Cinderella who's supposed to be late?  lol

Emily... very unsettled.  No boobs...  Will NOT take the bottle.  So I fed her baby fruit and breast milk on a teaspoon... I'm sure in between the screams she got some.  Very hard on a wee baby who's fully breastfed and not used to a bottle.  Hopefully Amanda does not stay out too long, baby is missing her.
nite nite
Edit:  Emily had a little nap and has woken up a bit happier:

ABOVE:  giving Uncle Steve 'the look'!

ABOVE:  nummm, nummm... finger a bit like boob...yes?

ABOVE:  still giving Uncle Steve that look.
Going to try giving her a bottle again soon, she's getting grizzly again.
nite nite (AGAIN)       


  1. A tile back splash will be really nice there!

  2. I will be expressing, she will want to be fed while we are out, silly grandma!

  3. I would definitely recommend glass - plain and simple. No cracks for grease to accumulate! Good luck! Ours was a reasonable price too.

    Kate (

  4. I really like the colourful tiles you had on your blog. I think that would be just the ducks nuts in that space. Fingers crossed you find what you're looking for xx

  5. Having a splash back behind the cooking area is FANTASTIC. I've got a tile one but am changing it to a glass splash back as I don't like the way the grout gets greasy and is harder to clean (then the actual tiles). My area looks about the same size and I've been quoted $600 for a made to measure glass splash back which includes installation. They have a HUGE range of colours, so now I just have to decide what colour I like the best. Decisions, decisions, soooooooo many to choose from.

  6. LOL HEYYY put those tile pics up!! :)

    And yahoo being able to babysit li'l Emily. She's awfully cuuute.

  7. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Goody! you found tiles you like!! can't wait to see!! Guess CoCo is pregnant!! How sweet, your having babies!!...eeeerrrrr...puppies, ...debbie

  8. I love your pretty blue cabinets!

    I couldn't help but notice that Teddy is enjoying one of your precious ducks! !!!!!

    It will be nice to see what you decide on.

  9. That rice cooker is the same as mine and I LOVE it. It's the best one I've had (and I've had a few!)

  10. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Just started reading your blob really enjoy it. Have been breeding dogs for many years just hoping your welping box is heated really important so easy to loose pups to the cold especially with a first time mother.

  11. Re: your comment. I do often wonder how mums with 4, 5, 6 kids manage. Especially with going out of the house and chores that have to be done - no matter what. I commend you!!

    PS: I'm sure your bunch are very well behaved at the local "food court"...! xxx

  12. I say etched pattern glass splash back (everyone in your families HANDPRINTS in different colours then glass) DID you look at mitre10 for towel rails I saw the nicest stainless steel trio one very swish. Mums and boobs re: breastfeeding I do hope Emily settles soon and everyone gets some sleep.

  13. your dogs spoilt.... nah!!! they're gorgeous. Talking of gorgeous... I love the bedside lamps. Very noice!!! Good on you for taking Emily for the night... even if she's being a bit... difficult. Hope she settled for you.

  14. Nice pics! Our dogs aren't allowed on the furniture!

  15. So - Coco is pregnant after all! Yeah! Do you know how many puppies she is carrying?

    It looks like you found some wonderful things but, where are the tiles???

  16. so hard when you only breast feed to leave the baby! I bet mom was leaking like crazy by the end of the night too!

  17. 5th of august wow that will be 4 yrs since our bloggers weekend and my grand daughters birthday how amazing

  18. Reminds of the days when I use to "try" to feed the babies when my wife wasn't at home. None of them like the bottle and the kids got so cranky because they were hungry. I'm glad I don't have to do that again in the near future.


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