Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I was reading a blog a couple of weeks ago ( a sewing one) and the lady kept all her current projects in seperate cute cardboard boxes.... so yesterday afternoon I went out and bought me some...

ABOVE:  me new boxes... not really loving the green/yellow ones... but that's all I could find.

ABOVE:  my 'revamped' craft area... to the left is card making, right is sewing.  It's all sorted and I couldn't be happier.  Just have to do some card making/sewing now! But, it's freakin cold down in the garage.... so maybe not right now!

I'm taking Coco to a new groomer in Pukekohe... fingers crossed it goes well and she doesn't get too stressed... she HAS to be done!  I simply can't get her to keep still for me anymore, and I'm scared of hurting her right now...

I must show you guys her belly soon!  She is all tummy!

After an early lunch (for me) I have a shift at the Hospice shop... so it's a fairly busy day today...

Coco:  we will know how many puppies there are on Monday afternoon, as she is having an x-ray at the Vet's at 2pm.  HOW ABOUT A BIT OF FUN???

*****How many puppies, how many girls and how many boys???  Guess all correctly and I will GIVEAWAY a small bag, 6 cards and some Kiwi stuff inside to the winner. *****

My biggest fear?  Is that she's having a phantom pregnancy and there are NO puppies!  lol

ABOVE:  Groomed... and with a bow for the first time... and we  LOVE IT!  She is so darn cute!!!  Teddy is booked in for a groom next week.. but maybe not a bow !  lol  Oh and check out that fat belly!!!

Gotta go to work now... laters...

OMG I froze at work today!   seriously, it takes the fun out of being there when it's so cold!  More clothes next time me thinks.

Steve has just left with Amanda... he's gone to Hamilton to house sit for them while they are down in the South Island on holiday.   So it's just us 4 again ... for a week anyway.
Not cooking tonight... Stew can bring home the dinner... chinese will be nice I do believe.

We went out for dinner instead of getting takeaways.  Still chinese though,  we went to our favourite Chinese Restaurant in
ABOVE:  they really do wonderful food... though DON'T order the won tons... cos they have virtually NO MEAT in them whatsoever.  Everything else we have had there is just delicious.

ABOVE:  very pretty 'flower' eh?  I brought it home so I try and copy it... it's made out of carrot!   Clever buggers.

End of Day:  a busy but nice day.
nite nite.


  1. do we know how many babies she will have???

  2. 4 puppies, 3 girls & 1 boy.

  3. Oh my gosh your stash is multiplying rapidly lol it looks like a very productive area. Im doing a cull of my craft room this weekend just too much crap and no time or motivation to use it.
    babies 3 girls and 1 boy good luck with the groomer.As for diet 1 day at a time starts today for me ....again lol
    have a good one

  4. Nice colourful boxes sewing area looksvery organised now, Puppies my guess 3 boys 2 girls.

  5. I reckon about 4 little coco's more female than male so 3 female 1 male
    if there by any chance is 6 little coco'c then 4 female 2 male:-)
    Honey says Hi LaaLaa

  6. Hey Chris

    3 puppies = 2 girls & 1 boy

    Michelle x

  7. ohhh puppies, they are just as cute as babies!! I wonder how many she is having!!

  8. 2 boys 2 girls....

    love the boxes, the room looks awesome! very organised... unlike my home at the moment!

  9. Four puppies, three girls and one boy. Can't wait to see her "puppie bump".

  10. 3 babies, 1 girl and 2 boys.

  11. Oops almost the new boxes!

  12. Penny, NZ12:12 PM

    I have absolutely no experience with puppies so I am going to guess 5 puppies, 3 girls and 2 boys. Even though it is hard to imagine Coco with that many puppies in her tummy!

    Hope the day goes well Chris!

  13. Penny, NZ12:14 PM

    Oh yeah, and the craft area looks fantastic! I live in a city apartment, one bedroom, all my craft stuff is in 4 drawers and the sewing machine is not allowed out until I finish my big project. Sigh! In saying that, I better go work on it...

  14. ohhhhh shes so cutie cutie

  15. how precious does Coco look! So cute your head might explode! haha. Lovely.

    Hmmm lets see. Once you know how many puppies I'll have a guess for proper, but how about 3 boys and 1 girl? haha.

  16. Puppies-3 girls and 2 boys.

    I had to smile when I saw your pretty boxes. I had a friend fix me a Christmas present & the box just won my heart. She took a "freebie" box from the dumpster and glued beautiful fabric on it and you can laugh because I still Enjoy the box - but I could not tell you what came IN IT! LOL

    Cocoa looks beautiful- your new groomer looks VERY promising. Can't wait to see how Teddy will look!

  17. Anonymous3:33 PM

    4 coco pops. 3 boys & a lovely girl
    Mary H

  18. You can paint the boxes or recover them :)

    I'm going to guess 2 puppies, one of each gender

  19. well I have just had a friend and her two children (16 and 7) here for the past three days and can't believe how much cooking, washing, cleaning and housework I've done with three extra people in the house. the biggest shock was the amount of food we guzzled down with feeding five of us instead of just Evianah and myself and the funny thing was, as I was contemplating how hectic life was with five in the house who did I think of but 'you' lol. I can sure say that I enjoyed having visitors but its Soooo nice to being back to knowing that the housework I did today will last at least 4 days and the chicken (6 small pieces) will feed us for two nights. On Monday night I cooked 16 pieces of chicken (mostly drums) and ALL of them were eaten. A 16 year old boy sure can eat and all I can say is I can't even imagine (nor do I want to experiece) what it would be like to raise 6 children right through till they leave home, and you STILL have five of you living in the house.

    You deserve a flippen medal thats for sure. I couldn't do it. boy I hope your family appreciate you and EVERYTHING you have done for them over the years.

  20. Coco is so cute!!!! I say 2 boys, 1 girl. I never win, so probably isn't right!!! LOL.
    It's so hot here in Ohio, we would love alittle cold. It was 98 here today with 90% humidity. HOT!!!
    LOVE your blog!

    God Bless~

  21. Penny, NZ6:54 PM

    Nice one Lynise, you are so right! Chris, you are a bit of a hero!

  22. im thinking 3 puppies, 2 girls 1 boy. By the way are you going to keep any??? maybe one??? :)

  23. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Coco looks so cute with her bow! They can put a blue bow in Teddy's hair. Not even going to do a puppy guess as you've got plenty already! Did you see that dalmation on the news that had 16 puppies and they were only expecting 4! Can you put a heater in the garage to warm you up ? A shame to have it all nice and organized and it's too cold to go in there! WOMBAT

  24. 3 boys, 1 girl!!

    I soooo wish that I had a gorgeous craft area like yours! Jealous much?!?

  25. Glad to see you were successful in getting the furniture back. Looks like you've been super busy. Hope it warms up so you can get back to your desk.

  26. Love your craft area. I wish we could use our garage for something other than parking our car or storage.


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