Friday, July 15, 2011



ABOVE:  I got my mirror yesterday... and Steve hung it for me.  It weighs a tonne!   I love it.

ABOVE:  another view... isn't it so pretty!
Today?  Reading blogs all day!  Got to do a big catch up again.  My blog reading is very sporadic right now! 

I bought something else yesterday too... wool!  I'm gunna either knit or crochet a baby blanket.

The furniture repair people came to inspect the lounge suite.  Diagnosis?
- Re stuff the back of the sagging chair.
- Recolour the entire suite to cover the colour that has transferred from our clothes?

I told them 'NOT HAPPY' about that idea.  Can see ongoing issues like this FOREVER with this suite.  So, they are going back to Morgan (maker of our suite),  to tell them how I feel. 
Morgan has the right of repair FIRST... so we wait and see AGAIN.

Just about finished housework for the day... then I can sit down and blog read...
Poor Steve is scrapping paint off that kitchen wall STILL... it's a bitch of a job!  He's been working for hours ...

ABOVE:  he's NEARLY done!  He's earnt his keep this week for sure.    What a mess to clean up though... dust has gone EVERYWHERE...

It took over an hour and half to get all the dust off the cupboards, walls, floor, bench etc. 

Starting to set up for putting the tiles on the wall now.



The very first tile... the one that fits behind the power point...did not fit.  I had to go down to Takanini and get the hole cut bigger  so the power point could fit.  Grrrrr.
Bone tired ... so much cleaning had to be done... before we could start the tiling.  Looking forward to this evening to have a long soak in the spa with a drink (or three) ...

End of Day: just spent a good 40 minutes in the spa... oooo it was so nice!  It rained even, and I didn't care.  So relaxed now... it's been such a busy day.  Took a quick trip out to Karaka after dinner to take Speld raffle tickets back to the teacher... I hate raffle tickets.  We ended up buying ALMOST all of them.  Now we just need to win!  A weekend for two on Waiheke Island. NOW that would be nice.  *sigh*
nite nite


  1. I love the mirror but get Steve to adjust it - you are not meant to see the hanger or chain. I've hung a few things like this. Shorten the chain a little and you won't see a thing (but then you might need to drop the height of the picture hooks too and it might be too high if you shorten the chain). Also if it weighs a ton, is one hook enough?

    Love it.

  2. Hope the chain holds looks good :-), and yes hide the hook and chain so you don't take anything away from the mirror.

  3. Very pretty mirror! It does look heavy, but just the right size for it's location.

  4. I love the mirror, I can see why you fell in love with it.

  5. That mirror is friggin awesome!
    I crocheted a blanket for DJ when he was tiny and it felt really good to be able to make him something :o)

  6. Ah! I so wish my husband was a project person. I have so many great ideas but just too much regular stuff to take care of so I can never get to them. I'm finally hiring someone to paint my daughters room because I've had the paint for a year.

  7. I LOVE your new mirror!

  8. OOOO - You got it - you got it! Your beautiful mirror! I LOVE it - it is perfect!

    Go Steve go! I think you are working your young son to death! I thought that was what husbands were for??? You know - that "honey-do list"! Or have I missed the fine print about :son-do list??????? LOL

  9. Wow, the mirror looks awesome, really love it and it suits that spot. In regards to sanding the paint off the kitchen wall, I'm wondering why you needed to do that as the guy that put my tiles up just scuffed up the paint work (took about 10mins) then put the tiles straight on over the top. We also put tiles up in the bathroom and Kitchen at the Thornton Bay property and did it all ourselves, and used the same method which worked well. (well I think it worked fine, they all look flush, even and havn't fallen off the wall at all, lol so think we did an ok job)

  10. ok so baby girl dog is pregnant!

    i really like the colour of your kitchen cupboards!!!

    hope there are no dramas with the storage unit.

  11. Can anyone explain why when a man does a messy job there is always more to clear up than when a woman does a messy job?????? I think it is one of lifes mysteries!!! Hope the tiling goes well and you are pleased with the result

  12. I absolutely love the mirror it is beautiful and suits that spot. Sanding and painting eeeekkkkkkkk my 2 worst pastimes.

  13. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Love the mirror, its gorgeous! You should paint the wall blue, that would really make the mirror "pop". WOMBAT

  14. I also absolutely love your mirror, it looks great above the fireplace and candles its a great find :)

  15. It sounds like fun, sitting in the hot tub in the rain! With your umbrella!

  16. Great mirror! When it comes to renovations nothing is ever simple. I hate the dreaded raffle tickets too! Hope you win the trip.

  17. Love this mirror! It will open up your room lots too, I bet!

  18. The mirror is gorgeous!! WTG Steve doing all that hard work. So nice to have an extra set of man hands around to help you with all your projects.


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