Friday, July 01, 2011


Last night as I walked past Steve's bedroom on my way to bed this is what I saw:

ABOVE: he was sitting up in bed using his laptop... with both dogs snuggled in either side of him.  They got a fright as I walked past and barked and growled at me! pffffft'

ABOVE: here's a better photo of them all in bed... taken with the flash on.

Amanda is going to the local hairdresser today to get  some foils put in.  I presume Steve and I are babysitting wee Emily.  That will be nice.... as long as she doesn't wake up wanting a feed...Amanda has the feeding 'equipment' with her.. lol

Later on this afternoon our new big screen tv is arriving.....super happy about that we are...oh and my computer table for the lounge may be arriving today too.

Right, going now to get the kids off to school...

Oh and the issues I was having with Blogger were not Blogger's fault... it was a problem with Internet Explorer possibly.... so we downloaded Google Chrome and are using that now.


Very busy morning... Emily is being a real darling... Amanda is out getting her hair done... fingers crossed it comes out ok.  I will post a photo when she gets home, my biggest fear is it will come out YELLOW... which will be  disaster as she has a Ball to attend end of next week!

Sadly Amanda is not happy with her hair.  She got blonde-ish foils put in all over and it's just so-so.... She is sad.  I have not taken a photo yet...

End of Day:  family is out at Wendys for dinner,  me?  Not.
Tell ya about why I'm not there tomorrow.
nite nit


  1. That first photo with Steve looks quite arty farty. You must have a great camera. There's no way mine would turn out that clear with no flash [and most of the time, even with the flash! Grrrr]

  2. The picture without the flash is quite cool - looks like a scene from a horror movie:-)

    Enjoy your babysitting.

  3. Anonymous11:46 AM

    What is google chrome???...debbie

  4. Your Steve is a real gem-anybody who loves animals is a keeper in my book. Plus, he loves babies too! How much better does it get? LOL

  5. Great photo of Steve and pets. Do you think it will be the same when Coco has pups. Lol.

    I too am having probs so am changing from Firefox to Chrome if my laptop will let me. I'm sick and tired of the poor service whether it be telecom or the server.

    Is it not an absolutely gorgeous day.


  6. I burned up my laptop doing what Steve is doing. Man after my own heart. You have to put the laptop on a special air pillow. Love it that the dogs are in there, little traitors. tee hee

  7. Yeah when IS Coco having her pups?? Or does she need another boyfriend visit? :)

    The pic with Steve is too cute. Those dogs are real hams.

  8. Poor Amanda, maybe it will settle down after a couple of days and she will be happy with it.

    If you post a photo we can all tell her how lovely it looks.

  9. I laughed when I saw the second picture, because I knew you took it with the flash on! Imagine sitting in bed and the lightning bolt flash goes off.... no wonder the dawgs barked at you!

  10. Love the pic!
    Sorry about the hair - that's why I learned to do my own.... I can fix it better than they can!

  11. photo of Steve a classic those spoilt dogs sleeping on beds!! I have read saturday's post what a sneak you are!!!

  12. I've been having problems with blogger for weeks...I can post half of what I need to with AOL, then the other half with Internet drive me nuts! I can't edit with one, and can't post pics with the about frustrating!


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