Thursday, June 30, 2011


I got my Telletubbie on Tradme!
Laa Laa is here but sadly Blogger is being a pain in the butt and not letting me upload photos right now.... otherwise I would, of course, show her to you!
She's cute.... and Telletubbies are really hard to come by let me tell you! 

ABOVE:  Yaaa, it took me about an hour to get this freakin photo on me blog!  But there she is... my Laa Laa.

Today it's Griffin's Speld lesson again, so I am out until 1pm.
Steve is staying home today as Amanda and Emily are due at lunchtime too.

I plan on visiting that awesome shop in Pukekohe again too today, maybe I will find just the thing for the towels to hang on in the lounge! 
Stew probably hopes NOT.  lol

ONWARD...  and apologies for not visiting any blogs for the past few days... I just have not had time or inclination.  Frazzled.

I'm standing at the kitchen bench this morning in me nightie, slippers, my dressing gown (which was inside out) and my hair up in a messy bun.
Stew says "your dressing gown is inside out" and I'm like...
" it doesn't matter, no one cares around here"

Then there is a knock at the front door... it's a guy Stew works with ... Stew is taking him to work today...  Far out!  I can do nothing but turn me dressing gown in the right way and hope my hair isn't sticking out all over the place.
In he comes, sits down and has a coffee... later on I look in the mirror... yep... 

ABOVE:  you've heard about the Good, The Bad and The Ugly right?  Well this is the UGLY.  Only consolation, Stew has to look at this mug every morning!  lol

ABOVE:  Ugly is a state of mind... I choose to feel beautiful... hair all over the place an' all!

ONWARD... need to get dressed, put face on bla bla bla...

I decided to have a spa before getting ready to go out... and QUITE BY ACCIDENT I found out something else our Spa can do!  Any ideas what ???

(think dirty)  cos I'm a grubby girl!

Just got back from Pukekohe.  Went to THAT shop again.  Left empty handed... for now!

ABOVE: This is the mirror I fell in love with... Stew.... read this and weep.  I put the bugger on Lay-By.  It will be on our lounge wall in 3 months.  Ahhhhhhh.  Feel better now.

Amanda and Emily are here until Tuesday, so I'm off to have a cluck with our wee baby...

Someone asked me if the Spa pool has helped with my aches and pains, and I can happily say yes!  My back feels so much better, and my knees.  Just my right shoulder and arm to get better now!

I think that might involve more than a spa though.  *sigh*

End of Day:  yep early... I plan on spending time tonight getting pampered by Amanda, having my hair straightened and so on.
nite nite.

Edit:  I have been having massive problems getting into MY OWN BLOG all afternoon/evening... and still can't leave any comments anywhere!  Anyone else having these problems?


  1. Frazzled , go lie in a dark room for an hour

  2. Go to mitre 10 mega store or A BATHROOM store and see their range may be cheaper.

  3. Yep! You missed the Telly Tubby look this morning. Your antennas aren't high/long enough.

  4. I am sure whatever it is your spa can do it probably isn't what I first thought :-). The mind boggles.

  5. funny, love the photos because its so nice to see after your last couple of days you still have a sense of humor....many wouldn't :O)

    You Rock

    Michelle x

  6. Play music massage? spouting water jets, HELL women you should see me in the morning!!!

  7. I look like you everyday and my nightie is inside out lots of days too. I haven't been around lately but what is your Spa?? Mine mind is going in several different directions on what might have happened:)))))

  8. OMG Chris.. that's the real you! hehe

  9. Maybe it's more a question of what CAN'T the spa do;)
    Your morning photo is great. I think all blogger should do that. (except me!!)

  10. I cannot wait for you to get your mirror home! It is exquisite- I adore it too.

    I loved your comment about Stew seeing that mug every morning - after he looks into those baby blues -that is all he needs-except maybe a cup of coffee. LOL

  11. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Can we have a clue like a picture of your face after whatever the spa does that's dirty.
    Love the morning look Had the courier call early as they do, in shorts cold as hell,smelling & looking nice Me track pants inside out an old t shirt and different slippers. OMG. Says he a parcel to sign for blah blah is that you No says me but if you come back in half an hour I will be.
    Mary H

  12. haha, I once got to take a bath in a Jacuzzi tub. Best ...bath ever.

  13. OMG - does it *vibrate*????

  14. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Let me guess, you got hit in a "sensitive" spot by a spa jet? Actually, you look like Colleen McCullough (in her younger days) in that photo! That is not an insult either, because I love Colleen, she has such a wicked laugh!

  15. lol, lol, lol you are hilarious. Nothing like getting caught when you least expect it. At least you were still decent, I was once raiding the kitchen for an early morning snack (on a Sat) and was just on my way out (wearing only knickers and a bra) when there was a knock and a key was turning to open it, I had somehow forgotton that I had arranged for carpet cleaners to come as I was suppose to be away and had left the key out for them to let themselves in. I don't know who was more embrassed, the poor guy who found me standing their half starkers, or me.

  16. Penny, NZ6:25 PM

    If it helps I had a similar issue Chris and Lynise - partner and I were in the bath and my mum and sister turned up, door was unlocked, they just walked on in and caught me in the living room on my race to lock the door! And no towel. Very embarrassing.

  17. Enjoy your pampering.

  18. I have trained my brain to look at my face and always think I look like a gorgeous 19 year old. So has me hubs. That's why we get along so fine.

  19. oh I know what the spa jet does..LOL..I have a swimming pool with jets..I think all Military wives should have one...:-)
    love your morning time I was ironing my shirt in the Sunroom and the meter guy walks thorugh the backyard and caught me in my bra...least I was wearing one that day! and blogger sucks arse at the mo!

  20. Anonymous11:51 PM

    can you do a video of you talking to the camera?

  21. I'm glad you're glad about your Teletubbie.
    Your morning pics aint bad at all. Cute actually!

  22. ok, clearly i cannot stop reading for even a day - i have missed so much!

    hope all is ok with B and school and as for your spa pool, still!

  23. You crack me up, you grubby girl! You are just too funny! I love the pics.


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