Monday, August 01, 2011


I could block Anonymous comments... BUT... that would not stop them.
Anyone can make up a name and get a Google Account.  So what would be the point?

I will just hit the 'DELETE' button from now on.
So if you want to comment, do so by all means.  But if ya ain't nice I am just going to delete it.  So why bother?

I'm inclined to think there are some people out there who just like to bring others down... which doesn't say much about them eh?

I'm totally over it now.

Today:  *doing the happy dance*, the kids go back to school. 
And the countdown really begins for Coco's pups to arrive!  They should be here BY FRIDAY at the latest!!!

OMG I'm so excited by it.  Can you imagine 6 little bundles of fluff running around my house!  It's going to be hectic.  Well... not for the first 3 weeks or so I am told.  They will be too little to do much at first.   Oh I do hope we end up with 6 healthy puppies AND Mummy Coco...

ABOVE: this is what Coco does the second you go near her!  She rolls over and begs for a belly rub!  Gee she's so cute. 


Best laid plans... Pfffft.  I woke up with a headache from hell... so took some pills and went back to bed!  Woke up just before 11... feeling ikkk still.  Might not be doing much today afterall.

2.30pm  and I finally feel like actually DOING somthing with the day!  Still got the remnants of my headache, but I think it's here to stay for a day or two so will just work around it!
I'm watching a renovation programme on the TV until it's finished, then I am going to put on my sneakers and get on the treadmill for half and hour.  Maybe the exercycle too. 
Fingers crossed the exercise makes me feel more 'alive'...  It didn't.  But I'm glad I did it...30 mintues on the treadmill... and I'm done for now.  I might get on the exercyle later on... miracles DO happen right?  lol

End of Day:  it hurts to move me eyes.  That sucks.  Headache lingers... more pills tonight, fingers crossed I will feel much better tomorrow.
nite nite.


  1. coco looks gorgeous. Best of luck with pups. I have no computer so checking updates via phone.... not the same!!
    Kate (

  2. Can't wait to see pictures of the babies! Hope you enjoy a little me time while the kids are back at school!

  3. Leigh9:13 AM

    Maybe Coco saying look at these puppies get them out of me!!

  4. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Hi! I've been reading your blog and love it. Thank you for letting me into your life over there in New Zealand. I'm from Kentucky in the USA.

    That little Coco is cuter than all get out and I hope she and the puppies are all well. : )

    See ya!

  5. Hope all goes well. It will be interesting to see how my beloved Teddy copes with it all. How exciting !
    Martine x

  6. So sorry about the headache! I HATE those things. I read one time that a headache can show if you are dehydrated and they suggested that you drink 3 glasses of water - but everytime I get the headache - I FORGET to try it. LOL

    Miss Cocoa is so sweet and so pretty. Yep, you are right that Mom will be doing all the work for the first few weeks- all that cleaning and washing. By the time you get to "scampering around the house " you also get to the "Piddle Puddles " too! LOL

    My last litter I had house- trained by the time they were 8 weeks old. Of course that is also why I have All the furbabies that I talk so much about.LOL

    I read some good points for having pets this morning. One was that raising children around pets LOWERS their risk of allergies and asthma. They used to think pets would cause it , but now they know different.

    I also read the pets reduce stress and just petting one of your fur-babies can lower your blood pressure.

    So, go ahead and enjoy the "perks" while you can because you have earned them. : )

  7. I hate when I wake up with a headache...ruins the whole day!

    I can't wait to hear all about when Coco has her puppies! I've never been through it with any of my dogs...I was always afraid I would fall in love and not be able to let them go. I am so excited for you!

  8. Yep, I thing to do is just hit the "delete" button and get on with it. No use worrying yourself about silly people!

    Coco looks so sweet...I can't wait to see those little fur-babies. If I wasn't so far well, I'm sure you'll have no trouble selling them all!

    So sorry to hear you're not feeling up and feel better soon... you're going to have your hands full later in the week! :o)



  9. Anonymous2:17 PM

    The "haters" are just jealous because you have such a popular blog! No-one probably leaves comments on their blogs.Coco looks so soft and silky. I hope she has an easy time of it and no complications. When the pups are up and running around, you won't be able to keep up with all the widdles over the house! WOMBAT

  10. awww she's so cute Chris!!!

    as for the haters or levellers as I like to call them, they bring others down because they aren't good enough to be on an even keel with normal, happy, balanced people who live and let others live.

    crazy times I say when you can't just be nice...

    now i'm not saying people aren't entitled to their opinion but no need to deliver it in a nasty way (i'm guilty of it myself at times... being overly harsh... i try not to do it though!)

  11. Hi Chris, omg coco just looks sooo cuddly, cant wait to see the babies! Hope your headache gets better, I have one today too yuk!!

  12. Penny, NZ10:24 PM

    I hope you don't have a migraine Chris - I have had them occasionally and they suck. I have also had them where there is no headache but you get visual disturbances. Hope you have a great sleep and it is gone tomorrow.

    Penny xo

  13. You must be getting so excited with the puppies due any day now. I can't wait to see the pictures.

    Isn't interesting that the anonymous negative comments seem to be rude, nasty & personal, they don't have anything constructive to offer. I love reading your blog so ignore the haters.

  14. Maybe Coco was looking for a tummy massage CAUSE geez Louise it the belly is getting huge!!!! cute cute cute.

  15. hope the headache is gone... hate them... coco is too darn cute cant wait to see thebabies! i tell people to comment the good the bad the ugly but when i get the occasional hater comment i usually just delete them... they are not helpful in any way shape or form... love you.

  16. Oooh, so sorry to hear about headaches. I get them too esp when I go out to sell in air-conditioned malls all weekend. The dry air doesn't help. If I could ask for 1 miracle pill, it's to take away headaches. I can't wait to see the pups. I've been thru' a birth of pups before. Kinda gross, wet, sticky. What amazed me is the pups don't open their eyes. Wonder if it's true for all pups.

  17. I barely have time to comment on my friends' blog. I have no idea how these people have time to write nasty comments to people they don't even know.


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