Wednesday, July 06, 2011


I gave the kids some sushi to try last night before dinner:

ABOVE: the look on her face says... 'ikkkk'....

 ABOVE:  she ate it without throwing up... so maybe it wasn't so bad?  She's an incredibly fussy tart when it comes to food... knowing her, she will probably never eat it again.

ABOVE:  Griffin on the other hand...

ABOVE:  couldn't get it into his gob fast enough! AND he wanted more... and more... and more...

ABOVE:  Steve ... was being a dickhead.  Nothing unusual about that.

TODAY:  back to the Hospice Shop.  Feeling a bit ho-humm about going too.  It's cold in that shop... and I really do have an aversion to other people's farts. 
Oh well... maybe one day I will just up and spray air freshner in her face?

COCO:  We are getting an X-ray done on her in the third week of July to determine if she is indeed pregnant, and how many pups there are in there if she is. Her nipples are very prominant now, so hopefully she is.
If by some bad luck she isn't the lady who owns the boy dog is going to let him come back and do his 'business' again for free.


OMG I just had an awesome thought/idea.  Why don't I drop a fart while standing right beside my co-worker and see how SHE LIKES IT!  *sigh*... my only problem will be producing one I suppose...  Laa Laa laaaa laaaa....

NO. FARTS.  Pfffffft.  I could not rustle up even one.
I did find some treasure though!  :

ABOVE:  kids clothes, a really cute marble letter holder and a pig timer.  The beads are from the Hospice Shop in Palmerston North.

It was another quiet day at the shop today, I think the shitty weather is keeping people at home somehow.  I know I would rather have been at home... it was freezing in the shop today.

End of Day:  I've done NOTHING this afternoon, I mean NOTHING!  I've been freezing... so curled up on the couch and watched mindless TV.  It's blowing a gale and pissing down with rain outside, no spa tonight.  Thinking we need to build a shelter over the spa for nights like this. 
nite nite.


  1. Speaking of farts, me hubs is totally considerate with his co-workers. He "saves" all his farts for home. Everyone steers clear of him when he steps into the apartment.

  2. If you eat lots of that sushi the night before maybe that fart won't be so hard to come up with.

  3. LOL - Boy , am I familiar with that "IKKKKKKKK" face! My granddaughter had a plentiful supply of those things!

    Now Griffin is a real winner. A dear friend of mine used to agree with me that it is a lot more fun to cook for people who really enjoy your food. Griffin would pass hands down.

    Steve's a winner too because he has such a good heart and a sweet spirit.

    Where is your Stew hiding at these days ? What did he think of the sushi?

  4. The thing is too when you try and let a small fart out A RIPPER always ensues!!!!!!

  5. today i needed a giggle and that's what i got at the thought of you doing your best to produce a fart to match that of your co-worker!!! lol thanks xxx

  6. I love how you know what i mean even when i dont write it... also was missing kerrie(her death is just so hard) and some other family who chose not to go....
    love n hugs
    hope the girl is preggers she will make adorable babies!

  7. Any news on the job front for Steve?? And mo silly bugger would go out in this weather unless they have too.

  8. I had some sushi when I was in Japan for work a few years ago, but I didn't like it.

  9. Jane's comment, LOL!

    Do you know that in 13 years of marriage Charles and I have never farted around each other? I know. It's odd. We just don't. I would be mortified if I did. Haha.

  10. I have never farted in my life, nor have I met anyone who ever has.
    You Barbarians!

    This post made me want to see video of you and/or the kids. I want to hear that New Zealand accent!

    (pfffffft! Excuse me!)

  11. Sushi takes time to acquire a taste. DD hounded me several times maybe even years before I finally came to the dark side.

    I'll take your winter any day. Keep warm. Glad to hear it was a gas free day.

  12. Farting at the Hospice shop? I have missed too much!

    I hope Coco is preggers - the puppies are sure to be absolutely adorable. Can't wait to here!

  13. I cannot stand sushi, Your house will be like windy city if you eat much of that

  14. LOL next time eat a bunch of broccoli and cauliflower right before you go in!


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