Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I asked someone on a blog the other day what "Just the two of us at home" felt like!
And another girl thought Stew and I must have had some of that BEFORE we got Brylee and Griffin!

Ahhh... NOPE. When we took on Brylee and Griffin we still had two of our sons living at home, aged 10 and 12...

AND to cap it off, when I met Stew, I already had 4 children from my first marriage.... so Stew and I have never had any JUST US time! ****Unless you count 3 weeks we spent in Singapore back in 1997?**** We didn't even get a HONEYMOON. Bit hard to book a 'Honeymoon Suite' with a double bed, four singles and a bassinette eh? *sniff*

I am sure OUR TIME will come... in about 10 (?) years! ha ha ha.

Today I'm going to give my new sewing machine foot a try.... and also practise 'free motion' sewing, cos I suck at that!


So.. it has finally happened, after 4 months:

ABOVE: I got cold and put on socks! How INTERESTING is that? Shoot me, I don't have an interesting photo to put on me blog yet....

The kids had cross-country running at school today. Brylee has come home without her sports shorts.... if they are not found they will be the 3rd pair to have gone 'missing' at school since we moved here 18 months ago. I am LIVID.... there is NO WAY I am buying another pair. NO WAY. I am so over this shit. The school expects them to wear 'special' clothes for sports... I name them really, really well... and they still get stolen? FUCK, BUGGER, DAMN AND BLAST. (OOOOO wash my mouth out with soap!)

I have had a quiet afternoon... just doing odd jobs around the house. I've got a beef casserole in the crock pot... so dinner is 90% done. Awesome.

ONWARD.... and I'm warm now! socks coming off....

End of Day: Dinner was really nice... I even had about a quarter of a pototoe! It was in the stew! Going to spend some time with me man now. nite nite.


  1. Ahhhhh but thats what makes a busy home CLATTER people bustle and BOY when the time comes I BET you lay around reading sipping bubbles and eating choc dipped strawberries.... (oh and squeeze in sewing blogging shopping).

  2. Amanda8:10 AM

    Just the two of you? Dont you mean just the four of you? You the computer and Dad and the TV?? OH and lets not forget Teddy... I dont think you guys would know what to do with yourselves, Im sure the novelty would be there... but once that wears off, youd be looking for the next person to adopt or new friends. Just the two of you... "yeah rite"

  3. Imagine the honeymoon you can have once you are child free - I am thinking a round the world ticket would be just the thing! xxx

  4. I remember laying in bed the night before we went in to have Jessica thinking "this is it, the last of "just us"" lol

  5. "Just the two of us"...totally overated I expect. I also think women who have immaculate houses are boring.....not that I have either situation to compare :) I will now leave my "not so perfectly clean" house and take Moose for a walk...just the two of us - it should be a perfect few minutes.

  6. It's Just The Two of Us most of the time now and we're too darned tired to make the most of it. LOL

    We had 'our' time the first 18 months then 30 years later we had another 3 months ... it felt like starting again and it was. First one son then another. We had another short patch of being just the two of us before getting involved in our daughter's dream, a Backpakcer Hostel. Then it was Mum, (ongoing). The last 18 + months we have been Just The Two of Us in our 'investment house' which has become our home.

    It's wonderful.

  7. You know the hardest thing about getting used to Two Of Us time? Rethinking how much to cook for dinner!


  8. HAVE you got ya blardy FLASH AS dress on with huckery SOCKS for gawds sake woman GO GET some NICE ugg boots!!!

  9. i like your skirt trim.

  10. You left a note on my Blog and you haven't stopped at Colenso. Shame!

    You absolutely must stop at Colenso next time. Lovely gift shop. I think she buys a lot on trips to Thailand or somewhere. Anyway I like her style. Also chutneys etc from their own kitchen.

    Licensed, small offering but good I think.

    Great coffee and other drinks. Yummy selection of food. Hard to believe you'd find this outside the city but it's better because much is homegrown.

    Eat inside or under the trees in the orchard when it's fine.

    Sometimes the kids can talk to the donkeys or cattle.

    Make it a 'must do' and tell me you like it.

  11. Well, as someone from the other side of the coin...I don't have any children so it's just "the two of us" all the time...and that gets old, too! Cherish the kids while you can and then when your "alone time" comes you'll enjoy your it much better! :o)



  12. "just the two of us" for me and Mike meant that after a couple of years, we realized we had nothing in common besides the kids.

    and well, you know the rest. ;-)

  13. don't forget the week you had recently when the kids went to rellies in Hamilton I think it was? And you got bored and missed them? lol. I think I would miss mine. Briefly...

    It is lovely when you do get time alone, cause you can re-establish what your relationship is. Not just Dad and Mum, but Husband and Wife. Makes a nice change...

    It's getting cold here overnight. Not through the day yet though. Can't wait!

  14. I do not think that just the two of us ever happens. Since we have been empty nesters they keep coming home. Each of our children have moved back home plus their kids to finish, start, removel their homes. Oh so fun. Currently my 20 year old grandson lives with us. He is gone most of the time but it does change your alone time. I have to shut the bathroom door now. LOL

  15. Like the stockings. Stew sounds like the perfect guy. God bless him; you guys were just made for each other. I know how much you love Brylee and Griffin and how they bring you so much joy... but yes, they are a lot of work.

    Many hugs to you today, friend! :)

  16. Just the 2 of us is over-rated. You'll get sick of each other faster. I see you wear skirts with interesting borders. Very pretty.

  17. How about you insist they do an investigation on the thefts? It's worth a try to stir to pot a bit.

    I've had a "shoving shit against the tide" kind of day. I was on my darn computer all day, and still have so much to do. I hate unproductive days like this....and on top of that, I ate crap all day...I'm going to pay for that when I step on the scale in the morning....


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