Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This was my Mum yesterday! Freezing.... so I had to find her some ugg boots for her feet and a blankie! They are leaving again today for Whitianga... we are all meeting up there on Saturday for my Niece Maxine's wedding.

My sister is arriving from Australia on Thursday night.. .and staying with us. We shall go to the wedding together.

Today ... well I'm going to read blogs! I haven't been able to for a few days really..... busy... visitors.... etc...


ABOVE: This is what I have been reduced to! Blogging in purgatory... in the loo. Whenever I go near my computer in the family room my Mum growls at me... her and Ron do not 'get' why I have to be on it AT ALL... it is just wasting time apparently.

Grrrrrr.... it's now 11.30 and they have finally left for Whitianga... and I can get back on me computer! (Lovingly stroking it).... *sigh*

"I have a Cult Following?" Yeah right. Some days I wonder if anyone is even reading my drivel!

I also wonder why I still blog... .maybe it's just so I am DOING SOMETHING? Dunno. Just plod along eh?

I have a headache. Might go lie down for a while. Just feeling jaded today. Having my Mum around is.... difficult. And having Ron (her partner) mention they are thinking of moving to the South of France really pissed me off. I THINK he was joking, but not sure. The South of France? It's bad enough my Mum lives in Aussy, without thinking of her being on the other side of the world from me! Grrrrrr. Going now. Cross.

KIWI CHRIS: Like hell I'm updating every 30 minutes! Cricky, I have to do some HOUSEWORK eh? Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, .....

ABOVE: the kids, home from school, had a swim, now playing on the Playstation happily. I've just spent 76 minutes on the phone with my niece Chris in Aussy.... so lovely yakking to her! She requested another update in 30 minutes... and a photo of the kids. Who am I to say no! LOL...

ANON: My hair came out lovely.. well I think so anyway! My Mum (bless her heart) didn't think much of it.. but that's only because I didn't ask them to dry it at the salon, as I didn't want it to frizz! I will try and get a nice photo of me head for tomorrow's post.. OK?

End of Day: I still have the headache... might just have to go to bed early. nite nite.


  1. I haven't been able to do much blogging period. I've been so busy that I miss visiting blogs lately. I find it very relaxing.

  2. That's how we look from November through May - winter never seems to end here! Hurry up, Spring & Summer.

    Hope you had a great time with your mom and Ron, and have a wonderful time at the wedding!



  3. Just think, it was only a few weeks ago that it was so hot, it was sufficating! lol

  4. I love it. Blogging on the bog!!!!

  5. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Tell your mum you have a cult following and you have to keeep up with your congregation and disciples!

  6. Why is it that regardless of our age, our Mothers make us feel like kids again?

    If anyone else disapproved of you blogging or being on the computer I am sure you would tell them to " bugger off".

  7. Chris - I read your blog everyday, it is one of the main things that keeps me going (when work is boring)- so it definately gets read.
    Anyway hope your day gets better.

  8. I'm reading your blog. It's only 12pm and I have looked at it 5 times already. If you updated every 30 mins it would be great thanks!! Ron will be joking so go have a nap or even better get on your crosstrainer and burn some of that bad mood off haaaa. Great going on the weight loss by the way!!!

  9. Thanks for visiting & your comment, Chris. What a generous heart you have to be bringing up your grandchildren. It can't be easy for you.

  10. Parents!

    At least they are gone now and you don't have to blog on the loo anymore

  11. You blog because you love to share your life with us. You get so many comments, I wouldn't complain no one reads it. On a good blog I get 4, and someone else I know usually only gets mine! So please don't think no one reads your blog! xx

  12. i read and they best not upset my chris... GRRRRRRR love the kids pic they are growing before my very eyes!
    you blog because you WANT TO damn it... and thats plenty good enough.

  13. Shhhh don't tell anyone but I read in the loo at work ;o)

  14. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Your mum might not approve of you being on the computer all the time when she's around, but looks like she doesn't mind having her photo posted on your blog! I love reading your blog. Having the same weight battle myself. Some blogs are boring and have no photos. You are funny and creative and I love looking at your photos. Don't give blogging up! In fact, you should spend less time looking at everyone else's blog and spend more time telling us your adventures! You never mentioned how the hairdressers went? Must have went well or you would have been mad as hell!

  15. France sounds GREAT, imagine the awesome holidays you could have.

    When I was 17 (and still at school I might add) my parents moved to South America and didn't come back to NZ to live until I was in my mid 30's. The down side was there was no internet back then, but the plus side I got to do some MAJOR travelling.

  16. Amanda6:24 PM

    OMG the laptop is in the TOILET... Your like a teenage hiding her stash of whatever from her mum.

  17. Mothers have the knack of making you feel like a naughty 10 year old again.

  18. I get a migraine when my mom stays over or my MIL comes visit. I'm fine when I visit them.

  19. I read your drivel... and enjoy every word. You live so far away and a totally different lifestyle [except for the crafts and blogging] that I like to hear what you have to say. I'm also rooting for you and your weight issues, and what's happening with your grandson ins school, so I have to keep following to see what new craft you've made, school stuff, and how the weight is.

  20. Blogging in the Loo are we??
    Too funny, but there must be some peace in that room eh?

  21. You blog gives me something to look forward to everyday. Don't stop! Glad you have your space back. Hosting family can be a pain. It headache time here too! Hope yours is gone in the morning.

  22. Ha ha ha!!

    I know exactly what you mean about the toilet being the only place you can b-log in peace (I tend to just Log in peace)... When I was living at my mum's the only peace and quiet I had was when I hid in the toilet with a good book for half an hour or so...

    sigh... happy times...

  23. I sure hope you are feeling better. I hate headaches.

    I tweeked my back this weekend grooming the dogs. UGH....I've been walking around like a little old hobit all week.

  24. I love your "office" :), sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do!
    Beautiful, beautiful tree in the park, huge!!!
    Hope your head is better, you get some rest and patchwork started, love the baby quilt - post pictures as you go. Maybe some day soon you'll have a little body to fill the quilt, fingers crossed here.
    Laughing at your post and wanting cooler weather..we can't wait till things get warmer...I know, be careful what you wish for, you might just get it!
    Happy St. Paddy's day, be sure you're wearing the green.

  25. Count me in the "cult membership" I love blogging- I do it so my kids will have detailed (sometimes) stories of their lives. No matter what I think I will never forget- I know I will forget some of the cute stuff.
    Don't stop- I need my diet coke fix- both the blog and my 2 glasses a day.


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