Tuesday, March 30, 2010


ABOVE: THE 'FRIZZ'.... I just don't understand my hair! Once upon a time it was TOTALLY straight.. and now ? Frizzy. Pfffffft. I shall have to straighten it again this morning.

So, today I'm off to Howick to pick up a 'walking foot' for my sewing machine.... for quilting. They have given me a very generous discount too... probably because of all the trouble my machine has given me over the months I've had it? TOUCH WOOD it is going fine now!

While I'm in Howick I think I shall have a gander around the local shops.... who knows... I might find some little thing to buy ... retail therapy is always the best sort of therapy ... lol.

I get on my scales ONCE a day... and yesterday they showed a 1 kilo GAIN... I almost spat the dummy! But today? Down 1.2 kilos, so I am heaving a huge sigh of relief! I hate that the scales can dictate how I feel ... but that's just how it is! I'm a lot better than a few years ago, where I stepped on my scales almost every hour during the day!


So I drove over to Howick... the sewing foot I'd ordered over 2 weeks ago wasn't there. They forgot to get it in, but luckily the lady who owns the shop was coming over from New Lynn today, so I 'walked the streets' until she arrived ( took about an hour or so). I didn't really mind as I'd planned to check out the shops anyway.

ABOVE: Total SCORE for the day! These craft magazines were on sale... down from $9.95 EACH to .... $1 EACH!!! A saving of $107.40. How amazing is that? AND they are brand new. WHOOP WHOOOP.

ABOVE: some darn cute CUPCAKE buttons! I just had to have them.

RANT next:

I stopped at a coffee shop (right next to the Sewing Machine Shop) for morning tea, I ordered a fresh fruit salad. ($5.50) and waited, and waited, and waited... for 25 minutes.... then they brought 'IT' out, it consisted of: 4 very thin slices of apple, 8 grapes, 4 small chunks of pineapple and 1 kiwi fruit! I was disgusted. I left them a 'nice' wee note on the plate, telling them what I thought of their 'fruit salad' .... To make matters worse, I hate kiwi fruit! Wish I'd had my camera to show you! So, now I'm home and I'm STARVING again...

Off to find fooooooooood..........

End of Day: well it's been a nice afternoon. I took Brylee to the orthodontist this afternoon, she only has to wear her plate at night now... so that's neat. Made a gorgeous beef pie for the family for dinner... I didn't have any pastry, just some of the insides. I am so good! nite nite.


  1. I really love the colour of your hear!

    Have fun shopping!

  2. Anonymous9:40 AM

    You didn't have a perm?? You don't like it? Guess the next thing would be to straighten it. Do you have one of those flat hair electric thingies?? I think it looks fine. But when I don't like my hair, then there is no way anyone could convince me otherwise.I do like it straight and I like the color in the photo on the right. Good luck!!...debbie

  3. You might think your hair is frizzy, but in the picture it just looks wavy - which IMHO is sexy. People pay a lot of money to get their hair to look like that! :o) I know I have spent a ton of $ in the past getting perms so my hair would be wavy...but I usually just ended up with a mess!

    Have fun shopping,


  4. You have gorgeous "frizzy" hair! I like it straigtened too, but your kind of frizzy looks good, not cheap, as my Mom would say.

    Hate the scales...Even weighing once a week causes so much agony. What can you do?
    Hooray for the loss. I'm going to start low carb on April 1. Hopefully I can rock it too.

  5. Know how you feel about those scales......I am back to weighing daily too LOL :)

  6. I like your hair frizzy!!! It would look nice up in a loose topnot with some "frizzy" bits hanging down the sides?? Yes it would ya tart!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lol. My hair looks like that when I don't straighten it too! Different colour though.

    Oh, and the just the two of us feeling is GREAT! But I'm sure you had a brief period of that before grandchildren. :D

  8. And from one frizz bomb head to another I LOVE THAT LOOK NOT!!!!! haha no seriously it looks nice wavy/frizzy PERHAPS EXPENSIVE hair balm so the frizz is more contained and curls defined would look super swexy!!!! lmfao YEAH NOT I know the bain of frizzy hair IF you like it straight straighten it IMHO it looks lovely either way! (of course until ONE A: moves B: heads outside C: gets within close range of ANYTHING to do with WATER D:sweats ... ya screwed!)

  9. You are a scary woman. Not sure that I wanted to see that first thing.

    Seriously ... I love your hair. I'm green about the blondness, the wave and the luxurious abundance. You can choose to iron it or control the wave/curl. Lucky you.

    Hope it doesn't take too long to iron.

  10. ohhh If ound these quotes on BIGGEST LOSER SITE:

    When your scale disappoints, remember this:

    Are your healthy-eating and exercise habits helping you reach important goals in your life—such as having more energy and strength to play with your kids or grandchildren, having more confidence, taking charge of your health, or even getting ready for a charity walk? Write down your goals—and see how your new habits are helping you attain them.

    When you're feeling frustrated about slow weight loss, an unsolicited compliment from a family member can be a welcome reality check. "Hey Mom, how much weight have you lost—you look great!" Don't brush off the admiration. You've earned it. Now bask!

    Imagine what could happen if you let a mere number of the scale prompt you to quit working toward a healthier lifestyle. You'll not only stop losing weight—you'll also find yourself back on a path that leads to cravings, weight gain, low energy, frustration, and bigger threats to your health.

  11. GAWD ima noddy FORGOT the top part of the QUOTE!!!!

    Can the Scale Lie? Sometimes that Number Isn't the Whole Truth

    Your scale can't measure how great you feel, how much healthier your body is, or even how much trimmer you really are—and yet most of us base our opinion--and feelings--about our weight-loss success almost exclusively on that one little number.

  12. Your hair looks great 'frizzy' as you call it. I wish mine did that, but sadly my hair is no so much frizzy as fluffy - each hair goes it's own direction. some straight, some kinked in the middle. sad really... :-)

    Sounds like you got ripped off with the fruit salad. nothing worse hey. Love the cupcake buttons though. very cute!

    the thing with the scales sucks hey. that's why i only weight myself weekly so there are no ups and downs to see. probably recommended to by the doc. had my weighin today - put on 1.5kg in 3 months. time to start walking again i suppose... :-(

  13. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Your hair looks great wavy! Makes you look even more younger! Those buttons look good enough to eat. I only eat kiwifruit when it's on a pavlova ha ha! Yes retail therapy is the best therapy a woman can have. I saw a campervan painted up with the saying "Shopping is an art... I am an artist!"

  14. I'm so jealous. My hair is so straight that 20 minutes after I curl it, it goes back to being straight. So not fair!

    Now, about that scale. I once wrote a babble about how the scale is my frenemy. Sometimes the number makes me happy and sometimes sad and sometimes the number makes me happy and I get a big head and do some dumb eating and sometimes the number on the scale makes me sad and frustrated and disgusted,and I do some dumb eating. I just can't win with a scale.

  15. O Chris - you are so Lucky to find those magazines ! I found one of those Handmade over here one time in a bookstore and I fell in love with it!

    You are right about those "cupcake" buttons - they are so cute! You just have to post a picture of what ever you use them for! :)

    Hair? Now that can be a delima . I have the same problem . So one day lately I was watching one of those infomercials on TV and they were talking about how shampoo drys your hair out from all the detergents they put in it. I know this is true - but I do not have the ?$$$$$$$$$$$$ to buy their product. So, I rigged up an experiment. First I washed my hair in conditioner? And it felt so much different? I did this for a couple of weeks until my hair started getting very Heavy ? This puzzled me and I read another gal who washed hers in baking soda and rinse in vinegar. I do use the vinegar to rinse my hair and all the tangles just fall out - but I had not tried the baking soda . I did and it started getting that heavy feeling again so I try Baby Shampoo in the lavender form. This works nicely for about a week and then all of a sudden I am back to the frizz!
    Makes me remember when I was 6 years old and in my first year of school. We had a magician put on a show and he asked for a little girl with LONG hair. I was the only one with long hair - down to my hips. I don't know how he did it , but he used static electricity and here was the cute little red-headed girl with every hair on my head standing straight up in the air. LOL - AAAAH - the lovely memories of school! LOL

    If you happen to run across the "Miracle " hair tonic-please pass it on! :)

  16. Wow, what a day you've had. Love the buttons.. so cute. Have you joined a quilting club yet. they would have a library you'd lose youreself in.. arty quilts and all. I bought home 20 books and mags this week.. as if I need them but it's free for a month. I like your hair with a bit of curl.. Good news bout your weight loss!

  17. Frizz? You look like Daryl Hannah in Splash. Lucky you!!

  18. I love your hair curly go with it chick! Get some gel and scrunch it up big!

  19. Those cupcake buttons are so totally cute!


  21. Okay - I sort of like the way your hair looks before you straighten it. People pay a lot of money to have their hair look like that. It is odd, though, that your hair just suddenly decided to stop being straight!

  22. I love the curl in your hair! It looks like you got an expensive perm!

    The buttons are super cute. Any idea what you are going to use them on?

    Great deal on the magazines! How can you beat that! I love stumbling across great bargains like that!

  23. you sound EXACTLY like my wife... she is CONSTANTLY complaining about her so-called frizzy hair...

  24. love the buttons too. chris, eating fruit straight up like that turns into sugar. no wonder you were hungry. egg mayonnaise would have been better...
    go girl...you are shrinking away!!!!!!!! put that pretty pix of you back up for motivation!

  25. Dominique10:09 AM

    Hi Chris
    My hair used to be straight before I started highlighting and tinting my hair. After 15 years my hair became completely frizzy. Thereafter, I dyed it my natural colour (light brown) and I haven't had it coloured or dyed for over 4 years. My hair is not frizzy anymore (there is a slight kink in it) and in much better condition than ever before. I prefer to live with a few grey hairs and my hair feeling soft and good than to highlight it and tint it. My hairdresser told me that the chemicals in the colouring of the hair weakens the hair shaft and takes the moisture out of the hair(it dries it) and changes the elasticity of the hair. True or not, I don't know, but I am much happier with my natural look. I must admit it isn't as an exciting colour as the blonde I used to be.
    Well done on the weight loss! Keep it up.
    Take care
    Dominique x

  26. I like the waves, but can understand how you might not when there's some frizz along with it. Been there. Humidity makes my hair fuzz a bit, so on days it's rainy I try to do it curly. ;)

    What a score on all the craft magazines! Woo hoo! I love those cupcake buttons too. They're adorable!

  27. Your hair...welcome to my world! Those walking foot are real expensive. I have one too. It's the best foot ever invented.

  28. I love the color and the way your hair looks in the picture!! You are so lucky to be able to wear it straight or wavy!! Our hair changes over the years...I know mine has!! Your picture looks awesome!

  29. I love the color and the way your hair looks! You are lucky you can wear it straight or wavy! Your picture looks awesome!

  30. Trying this for the 3rd time!!

    I love the color and the way your hair looks!! You are lucky you can wear it straight or wavy!!


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