Thursday, March 04, 2010


It's gunna be a hectic day.

We are having a 'few' people over for dinner, at the last count I think it was 15... but it might be more.

I have been getting the food sorted out... chicken marinating.... pies made... bla bla bla.

Should be a nice evening.... as long as I don't go stressing out about anything!

I will try to come back later with a photo or two!
ONWARD... (diet going GREAT TOO, weigh day tomorrow!)

ABOVE: can't have Ron getting bored eh? I got him to fix a couple of things in the kitchen. Ahhhh... there is nothing like seeing a man working. (on his knees... even better!) *snigger*

Visit to the Doctor went really well. Very positive. Things are on the 'up' he says. This is good. Couldn't go down much more from where I was!

ONWARD... GOTTA bake a pie! (or three)

ABOVE: Me Mum making 'HER' Bacon and Egg Pie.

OMG! Did I mention our son Mike and his girlfriend are coming to dinner too? They are up in Auckland for a netball tournament. WE can hardly wait to see him again.. it's been MONTHS since we saw him.
ABOVE: One Pie Down... 2 to go. This one is cute! Apple and Apricot with a Sweet Short Pastry top and bottom. I shall have NONE.

ABOVE: Mike and Joyce. Cute little buggers~!

ABOVE: MIKE'S hair. Hell.. he's a girl! He is going to cut it! Soon I hope.

End of Day: and OMG I am tired! We had 17 here for dinner. It went really well. The house was literally BUZZING with conversations... it was noisy! But it was nice. One of our guests brought his little dog (a girl, Chihauhau /Griffon Cross) and Teddy was either playing with her or growling her! Very cute. nite nite.


  1. Could you add two to your list? Marinated chicken and pies sound good!

  2. Have an awesome time tonight with the dinner :-)

  3. have a neat evening

  4. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Have a great night and get someone else to do all the washing up!

  5. wow sounds like it's going to be a great night for you all.. pics please.. and sigh, the menu sounds divine too :)


  6. Have a lovely dinner and I LOVE cooking all day and then HAVING ohhhs and ahhhhhs at all the food when it is presented and everyones eating and enjoying themselves.

  7. Great news on the Dr's visit.

    Pies - yum,the heartshape one is so cute.

  8. Those pies look great. Glad the weight loss is going well and that your feeling better. Keep it up!

  9. I think I have found some of the weight you have been losing. Aargh!
    Your dinner sounds like it will be wonderful! Enjoy

  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm in awe of your talent! That pie could be on a food mag cover.
    And I love to see a man working too!

  11. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Is that the base of the pie dish your mum is putting all that bacon in? OMG! If so, can I have the recipe? I love love love bacon! It is protein so it must be good for you!

  12. Mmmm, that pie looks awesome! Go on, treat yourself to a tiny piece... everything in moderation! xxx

  13. Amanda5:53 PM

    Oh my f@#%#king god... what is Mike doing!? DUDE :D

  14. Enjoy your "small" gathering tonight. If you want a tiny piece of things, go ahead, but use a bread and butter plate with a tiny piece of everything, and don't go back for seconds. That way you can enjoy it without indulging.

    and isn't it good to see a man working? lol!


  15. Amanda5:55 PM

    Take away the facial hair and he looks like you!

  16. Have a great evening. Joyce looks like she is a real sweetie.

    Maybe you could offer to cut Mikes hair for him :-)

  17. Pies look awesome!! Mike looks awesome too, love his hair!!!

  18. The pie looks divine!!! Hope you are having a good night

  19. what a cute couple, can diffinitly c mum in his face. but still looks like mike.


  20. Glad things are going well. DIL and I put our heads together and she gives TWJ a list of handyman jobs every few days. He loves having something to do for them and they enjoy getting those round tuits done. He waters the garden, harvests beans, repairs stuff etc etc.

    Have a great day tomorrow.

  21. love it sounds wonderful... pie looks awesome... an yes mike has pretty girls hair...

  22. Its good to see you are busy and having fun. Nice to have guests who help out. Its nice when thing just work right. Good luck with your weigh in. Glad to hear visit with DR went well.

  23. Enjoy your evening with your family. Great pics and congrats on the doctor's visit!

  24. He's pretty cute (minus the headband lol)

    That pie is so pretty!


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