Friday, March 26, 2010


It rained a little yesterday... but we need more. lots more. My 'lawn' is cracking up.... and it's rock solid. There is no real grass growing, except around the kids pool. Much as I hate lots of rain.. I want some now.

I'm in the process of draining the pool too.. onto the lawn. Hopefully it will help in some places.

Friday: it's come around fast this week. We are going to Hamilton tomorrow for family birthday's. I would rather have stayed at home and just relaxed! I'm quite tired in fact. Don't know if that's because of all our tripping around and visitors.. or lack of carbs.

Either way... I'm tired. Send me some love.

ONWARD .... going to weigh later on this morning too.... must piddle a dozen times first! lol

Weighed IN: Lost 2.1 kilos this week... so am pretty happy with that. Good to know I can maintain the loss this week. ONWARD TO NEXT WEEK!

ABOVE: After Stew rearranging the chairs last night so we could be closer.. this morning I did a bit more... and now our chairs are right beside each other.... we can hold hands even! ha ha ha!
ABOVE: I also took both extensions out of the dining table.. so it's gone from an 8 seater to a small 6 seater. Much more room now. Quite happy with myself. I really do love moving stuff around.
What have I been doing? Bugger all! More friggin housework... bit of sewing... watched some telly.... read some blogs.... cooking dinner.... just the usual afternoon!
End of Day: and I have been nursing a crappy headache all afternoon. Stress. Turned off me phone again. Don't have any intention of dealing with shitty kids pissing me off. nite nite.


  1. Would some hugs help all the way from over here? :)


  2. Doing a rain dance for you!!

  3. Boy, you guys really do Need rain -don't you???? That is always scary because it usually affects our food supply.

    I am so sorry you are tired ! It might be because of a mixture of everything throwed at you.

    Sometimes it is just almost impossible to find time to get the rest you need and I have read that lack of sleep can help you Gain weight. And also if you don't eat breakfast it helps you gain because it makes your body think it is starving and it has to save every calorie . But if you just have a little of anything - your body starts to burn calories????

    I wish I was as smart as my body! :)

    Who was it that gave you that foot massage a while back??? Maybe that is what you need also. :)

    AND sometimes just talking with a friend can perk you up! Plus, a walk can too - and since there is no rain -that would be nice.


    Hope the weekend goes well

  5. Curl up with a book and blanket have a rest day! And then feel recharged throw dinner in the crockpot let it cook away all day, sorted. A LONG HOT BATH? bubbles in it even.....

  6. Sending you love and HUGS!!!
    Your lawn looks like most of Adelaide... we need rain so badly too.
    Well done on the weight loss, you really are kicking arse!! My losses are smaller, but consistent, so am happy with that at the moment.
    Have a nice weekend XXX
    (Miss LJ)

  7. Hope you get some rain, and how awesome that you lost more weight.

  8. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Your lawn looks like our lawn! Pretty bad huh?

    Great going with the loss! Man... I am so jealous. Will keep up my dieting so it's more than 600g this week (WW.. AGAIN)

    Anyway - am off to Rotorua (via Hamilton - might see ya!! Haa!) for the weekend. Hope it doesn't rain for me on the way down tonight though...

    Once again, congrats on the loss. And one day we WILL meet for a coffee.... a skinny latte.

    Kate (

  9. Wow you do need rain. I sent your fabric it is on it's way. I am so excited for you to receive it. I have the gum boo so not doing much today. blogging and resting. This is my second go around with this. Hope your weekend is wonderful you deserve it. Great pic.

  10. Hope you are feeling less tired soon, and back to your old self... Yunno, some carbs now and then might be a good idea, to keep you going, and won't do any damage to your weight loss efforts... xxx

  11. Well done on the weight loss, honey! You have it nailed this time! good for you! xx

    PS the lounge looks great now!

  12. congrats on the weight loss too.. you're doing fantastically :)

  13. Your home is beautiful, and all that blue makes it look cozy. :)

    Hope your energy is up soon!!

  14. Hey Chris! Sorry to tell's raining buckets here right now. I would love to send some your way. We usually get lots now and then none in the summer! :o(

    Sorry you're feeling punky....probably because you were sick last weekend and earlier this week. That can really drain your energy. Hope you're back to feeling fine soon.

    Your home is very lovely!



  15. Fantastic loss Chris. You are doing so well.

    We can relate to no rain here in Adelaide. Everywhere else is getting it in Australia except us.

    Sorry for the lack of comments lately. We have just got back from 2 weeks holidays in Cairns. Lots of catch up with on your blog.

  16. sending u some luving

    great loss well done with a house full of visitors too an effprt all of it own

    Go Chris

  17. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Hi Chris, just thought I'd pop in and thank you for stopping by Happy Days. You asked if that was my house and yes, it is our Mountain place. We actually live 3 hours drive from there. It's our get a way place and I do so love it!! I liked your shoes by the way, they're really cute. Gosh, I didn't realize New Zealand is so far south Pacific! Must have warm weather there! Guess that's why your ground is cracking. Do you get any of the rain from Australia? ...debbie

  18. It looks awfully dry over definitely need some rain. Congratulations on loosing 2kg I know how hard it is I have been to my goal weight years ago (15yrs acyually) but it has crept back on over the years and now it is nearly impossible to move. Keep it up

  19. I wish we could send you some of our rain. We have plenty. In fact, we had some flooding here today, and a tornado. Well, I don't want to send you the tornado, but we clearly have some rain to spare.

  20. It's raining everyday here in S'pore so you can have some of it. Hey, I spy really cute shoes!

  21. I think it is really w`sweet Stew rearranged the furniture :-)

    I am sorry to hear the kids are stressing you out, I hope it sorts itself out for you soon.

  22. Well done on the weight loss Aunty Chris!! keep up the good work!!

  23. Wow - the cracks in your lawn look like the ones we get here in the middle of summer!

    Congrats on the weight loss - you are doing such a wonderful job. I am proud of you, Chris!

    Sorry to hear about the headache. Hope it is gone in the morning.

  24. Gosh, I must have bumped the wrong key and all I had written just vanished! GRRR.

    Your house is so beautiful - beautiful house , beautiful kids , lovely husband and Beautiful , loving wife. Wonder if that only happens in Paradise/(I mean your little piece of Paradise.

    About that headache- have you ever heard of tapping? My counselor taught it to me a couple of weeks past. You take your finger and tap 7 times very quickly- top middle of your eye(on that bony part) -outside of your eye , down to middle bony part of eye- drop down to the little indention under your nose - and then drop down to the dent in your chin - now drop to the collar bone bump and last but not least under your arm -the middle of your bra strap.

    Now , after you get through laughing at me - - sometimes the first time will do it , but mostly it takes several times. Try to stay calm . It depends on how severe your pain is - but so far it has worked 100% for me with my teeth pain , which I horrible. They say it also works for stress. I even used it on my little dog last week and it worked the second time on her.(she has what the vet called , backward sneeze and she was suppose to outgrow it like her mama did - BUT- I guess she is just like me and we always have rotten luck. She has been gasping for breath for a couple minutes - so I sat down with her while I read a book . I noticed she was still wheezing so I thought I would turn off the light and go to bed with her. There she was in the dark and still wheezing . She was getting weak sounding and this was the longest it had ever lasted , so I pulled her up on my chest as I was laying on my back and started tapping the SEVEN times - I did this two times and boom - no more wheezing and we both went to sleep.

  25. If only I could send you some of our rain. It rains 10 months out of the year.

  26. We're having the opposite problem here. We've had record breaking rains and they have declared our state a state of emergency. People are being taken out of their houses in boats and getting stuck on the roads in high waters.

    Congrats on the recent weight loss. I feel great when I stay away from the simple carbs.

    Hope you're feeling better now. I'm a little behind on my reading. ;)


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