Sunday, March 07, 2010


I think today will be all about netball!

Watching it that is. Mike's team are in the semi-finals... we are off to watch them at 9am and if they win, it will on to the finals!

I hope they win obviously. Should be an exciting couple of games.
I am in AWE of my son's jumping ability, and his girlfriend's AMAZING GOAL SHOOTING! She is a bloody FREAK! It is just uncanny how often she gets the ball through the hoop, and more often than not from outside the circle!

After all the netball it will back home to cook some sort of lovely dinner for them before they head home to Palmerston North again.

FOOD: shit I'm rocking it! I am so back in the groove... and so thankful I have finally turned that corner. I haven't seen the scales go down the last couple of days, which is pissing me off as I have been SO GOOD... but I am sure it will show soon. IT BETTER! I am having virtually NO carbs.... and I feel great! My energy levels were really low for the first week or so, but are getting better now that my body had adjusted.


Mike's team WON their quarter final, AND WON their SEMI FINAL... so at 3 this afternoon it's the FINAL. I am loving it!!!

We just did a mad dash to the supermarket inbetween games ... cos we have run outta food! Almost time to go again...

ABOVE: THEY WON!!! What an awesome final... it was touch and go the whole way through, but our son's team won in the end. They are thrilled to bits of course. Now they can go home and relax knowing they did a good job! AND BE PROUD. You should have heard the crowd whenever Mike stole the ball or jumped really well.. it was deafening! And that was WITHOUT my screaming!!! lol

End of Day: what an excellent, exciting day it has been! AWESOME. nite nite.


  1. Enjoy the netball:-)

    Keep it up Chris (actually don't think I need to tell you that, can see you are determined!) I remember doing low carbs a while back and my energy levels went up!

  2. I am in awe right now. I wish I had half the get go that you do..congrats.

  3. I need you to send me some of your willpower! I really need to cut back on carbs and am having a hell of a time with it. It doesn't help either that my husband is a vegetarian and is dragging me along with the proteins we eat come mostly from beans, eggs, etc. I do, however, eat seafood and chicken, and when he's not looking I sneak a burger in there! But I absolutely LOVE bread and sugar in my tea, so that is a mighty battle.

    Keep on rockin' it, girlfriend!



  4. Good to hear the spark's back.

    Fingers crossed for the netball final.

  5. Congratulations on the progress you are making - kinda like a snowplow trudging through snow and making progress as it goes on its way.

    your flowers are trying to come out, must be getting warmer!
    Does this mean if I am getting warmer - that you will be getting colder???????????????????????????///

  6. Oh GO MIKE and JOYCE ra ra ra (thats me cheerleading!) WHOOP WHOOP, well done on the food front!

  7. I went to a netball game before, kind of like basketball, but no backboard.

  8. Do more than two comments COUNT for not commenting yesterday? ha

  9. WOAH MIKE has serious FANS!!!!!!!! out there good on them and WELL DONE TEAM!

  10. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Great news that Mikes team won. Have a lovely day.


  11. Yaaay for the netball win! I would love to play, but i run away from the ball when it comes for me so that kinda works against any ambition there lol

    You'll lose weight, Stick with it. Stalling for a few days usualy means a good loss when the scale does move :o)

  12. Amanda7:36 PM

    Oh Way to go bro!!! well done to mike :-)ahahah yeah I can just imagine you going nuts :-)

  13. Glad to hear Mikes team won.

  14. What a lovely family time you have all had. Well done Mike's netball team - bet you were sooo proud! I am in awe of your low carb diet, such control with all the lovely food you made. Well done!!

  15. What good news about them winning - and even better news that you're doing well with food choices!

  16. Netball is new to looks like a fun and exciting game. Congrats on the win.

  17. Sounds like you had a great time!Congrats on the win:) good luck on the scales

  18. How fun!!! Looks similar to basketball.

  19. Dobby loves netball. She has finally joined a team. It's good to see boys playing! A friend of mine once sprained his foot playing and his workmates ask him if he tripped on his skirt, cheeky buggers!

    Well done team! xx


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