Tuesday, March 23, 2010


HE SAID " I DO"....



HE SAID " YES! "....

Mother of the Bride, Lorraine...

Stew was told he was the Master of Ceremonies, about an hour before the wedding! Lucky he's got the gift of the gab...

Father of the Bride, Richard.

Mr. and Mrs G. Happily wed at last!

DON'T ask me! I have no idea what they were doing!!!

Self explanatory really....

Same with this one.... lol

The Groom's Mother was hoping to get lucky....

No. She didn't catch it!

That's about it from the wedding, it wasn't long after this I left as I was ill...... I missed out on dinner and the wedding cake. Pffffffft.

Today my sister catches her plane back to Australia. So there is a bit to get done around here.....

ABOVE: HEE HEE, I just remembered this photo! It is hysterical....
Teddy has the shits... ikkkk ikkk ik. My sister cleaned him up this morning for me. Hopefully he will come right in a few days. I'm sure it's from the food they fed him at the kennels. Poor boy. I know how he feels! *smiles*. I am all better today.... yaaaa.
My sister and I are off to town shortly... then I'll drop her off at the airport in time to get home for the kids after school.
Autumn is definitely here now.. it's much cooler. Really nice too, not too cold, not too hot. I think this is my favourite season nowdays. I used to be a summer lover, but not anymore.
Diet is going great! Still doing virtually no carbs, just what's in natural fruit and veges.... hopefully that 2 kilos I lost will stay lost! Damned if I wanna find them again. EVER.
Sister has flown back to Aussy. Kids are home driving me batty. Teddy is sleeping. I must sort out dinner. Change bedding. Mum and her partner are arriving after dinner. Busy, busy.....
End of Day: another busy day. But there is an end in sight to all the visitors..... tomorrow we should be back to just us. nite nite.


  1. sucks that you got sick :( Nice looking wedding though!

  2. what great wedding photos. thanks for sharing!! Hope you are feeling better.

  3. It all looks like a lot of fun! So glad it all went well except for you. I'm sure that was food poisoning, not the wine. What a shame for you.

  4. Oh and one more things... notice the mother of the bride is wearing white? Remember all the fuss you had with wearing that white dress with the blue over top? mmmmm......

  5. It does look like a very lovely and fun wedding! I bet the party after was fun too...it's a shame you had to miss that. Glad you're feeling much better now.

    Poor Teddy...probably just got stressed from being at the kennel. My cat Buster has to stay at the Vet's when we travel because of his diabetes. This last time he went on a hunger strike and didn't eat for 5 days, which is really bad for a diabetic. Don't know what I'm gonna do next time we go out of town. Hope Teddy's better soon!



  6. O Chris, The pictures are beautiful! Somebody really had a nice camera! It feels like you are right there enjoying the fun. I noticed they had little lights inside the canopy - that was a sweet touch.

    I really HATE that you had to get sick - darn it! And so sorry that Teddy had to get sick too!

    Makes me think of my 3 pregnancies and DH had the morning sickness for me!!!!!!!!!!!LOL Wasn't that sweet of him! :)

    My youngest son and his wife told me yesterday that they are pregnant - so I will become gran-maw again. Boy, that will make a big difference from making size XXXXL tee shirts to ------00size for the new pint size. For some reason I really do enjoy making larger sizes - probably because the shirts I used to see in the stores for larger sized women were ugly. I mean horizontal strips going around the body - seemed like they hated larger people.

    Well, it is a new week , my friend- maybe we can make some happy tracks this week.

  7. Oh, that wedding looks like so much fun!!!!

    Sorry you got sick. :(

    and poor Teddy! Hope you're both feeling better. :)

  8. What a cool wedding. I wonder if you have to pay someone to use the beach?

  9. Hope you and Teddy are feeling better! Did you end up winning your bet?

  10. There's a nasty bug going around at the moment. I've got a 14 year old who has been vomiting for over 36 hours now. Nothing else, just vomiting every couple of hours!

    I'm up in Auckland from the 12th - 14th April for my son to attend a study course for dyslexic secondary students (:-)). If you are around it would be great to meet up for a coffee!

  11. Glad you (kinda) enjoyed the wedding. The pix are lovely, I like the black, red and white colour-scheme.

  12. Wow, what a great day for a wedding. And everyone looks so nice.

  13. Definitely a bug!

    Poor Teddy ... poor YOU!

    Certainly sounds as if you have the lowcarb thing down pat. Well done you!

  14. What a nice wedding on the beach YOU will need a revolving door soon to cope with all the visitors..

  15. The wedding looked like a good time. Too bad you got ill. Hope you're feeling better. Its always nice to have company but it good to get your space back too. Poor Teddy hope he's feeling better too.

  16. That wedding certainly looks like it was a lot of fun! So sorry you missed dinner and the cake - that is some of the best parts of a wedding!

    I hope poor Teddy is feeling better soon - for both of your sakes!

  17. awesome looking wedding.

    and i LOVE the backdrop! gorgeous!


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