Saturday, March 13, 2010


ME! ......With some clever juggling I have managed to make a smaller table runner out of the left over materials from the larger one... so I get TWO for the price of one! HOW neat!

ABOVE: The bonus runner! I just love these cupcakes and cherries. LOL

ABOVE: The two of them. They are not finished yet. The smaller one may not be bound in the red material as there isn't enough of it... but I may find some more red on Monday? Fingers crossed.
It's saturday. Stew is home. I love my Stewy. Wonder what we will get up to today? Me thinks we will end up at Sylvia Park Mall.... or Maraetai Beach, depending on the weather.

ABOVE: I nicked this picture off someone's blog! It's funny... Bread IS Evil!
We have decided to head up north to Omaha or Leigh for the day.. Teddy can tell we are going out and has hidden under my computer desk! Poor boy.
End of Day: and we've had a lovely day! It wasn't quite as warm today, there was a southerly wind blowing (cold)... so Stew and I didn't swim... but the kids did. They have wetsuits to keep them warm. I will put some photos up of our day tomorrow. nite nite.


  1. LOL eeeeviiill.

    Your table runner is so cute! I'd like to see where you will be putting it and what it will look like there. :)

  2. That table runner is just so cute! I love that bread does look evil. Enjoy your weekend, and keep smilin'!

  3. adorable your talents are impressive you amazing little tart you!

  4. Very, very cute! You are a clever one. How do you plan to use the runners?

    That bread picture is hilarious. Perhaps if my hubby would do that to the bread in our house I wouldn't eat it! LOL

    Whatever you and Stew decide to do, have a great day.



  5. Well done on the losses Chris - it's funny - once you get that momentum of a few losses going it's almost self propelling - you just want to keep going and see the numbers going down. Have a great weekend Zxx

  6. LOVE the table runner. It's so fun.

    And I'm copying the bread to hang on my fridge. it's a perfect reminder not to eat it!

    Happy weekend,

  7. I love your runners. So cute. And so is your pooch. I also love the photo of bread is evil. I may have to "borrow" it too.

  8. Oh those table runners are THE SHIZ very cute I LIKE THEM ALOT! And the lucky recipient will LOVE THEM TOO!

  9. Really cute - good job.

    Yea, I too - loved the evil bread! LOL
    Keep up the great work!

  10. Poor Teddy, why don't you take him with you.

    Those table runners are really cute - I love them- you clever tart!

    Also, have a question for you to answer on my blog.

  11. That bread is funny lol [i knicked it too]

  12. Cute springly runners!! Wish I was there...the weather sounds beautiful! How are you feeling?

  13. That bread photo is funny. I'll have to try that when Halloween comes around.


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