Friday, March 19, 2010


Her name is Cyndi, and she reckons she's sick.... but really she's just OBSESSED! With bags. Lots of bags. And cos she has so many bag patterns, she's gunna give away 12 of them to some lucky tart who reads her blog! (hopefully me)... BUT.. you can enter too if you wish... just click on her name and pop over to her blog to have a go at winning these:

If you want you can pretend to be me... that way I get more chances to win! lol

OK.... I don't really expect you to do that. Just joking!

Today: well... Stew is home... he's helping the kids take their bikes to school for the 'Wheels Day'... and after lunch he will go and pick the kids up so we can head off to Whitianga in the afternoon, before the Friday traffic builds up.

I have to take Teddy to the Boarding Kennels first thing this morning, I am trying not to worry about him being there. AND I'm hoping he doesn't pick up fleas... but he's bound to. I think he's allergic to fleas.

ABOVE: my sister Lorraine. She's a year older than me...and now I'm supposed to say "Hi Geraine" from my sister! (her friend in Aussy).
Teddy has gone to the Kennel.... I felt awful leaving him there... and he was crying when I left... I'm sure of it! *sniff*
We couldn't take him with us as we are staying in a Motel ... and they don't allow dogs. *sniff* *sniff*
End of Day: very early to be signing off.. but we are heading off to the beach now. nite nite.


  1. Hey, it's your sick blog buddy! Thanks for the post...and please have a wonderful weekend at the wedding!



  2. Luckily ( ahem) I share custody with (my ex ) for my doggie, so no longer the need for kennels.

    Have a wonderful wedding, and dare I say it you look years younger..must be all that clean living eh?

  3. Wow, sometimes I wish I knew more about sewing. I think someday there will be a lot of classes I will take once my kids grow up. Things I'm really interested in trying. I do make aprons but that's about it!

  4. First, I will visit Cindy
    Second, I can only leave my Iggy at the kennel for a weekend. If it's longer, I have to foster him with a family. I just can't think of him locked up. Have a nice vacation.

  5. I tried and tried to learn how to sew.

    Failed miserably. :(

    Hope you have fun at the wedding.

    and I totally understand how you feel about Teddy....

  6. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Wow - you look so much younger than your sister.

    Teddy will be okay - think of it as he is having a holiday as well


  7. you will have to find a little caravan park with cabins that allow pets. much better! Poor Teddy! :-(

    Enjoy the weekend though. Hope all goes well!

  8. Love, Love, Love your hair.

    Pity about Teddy. You could have asked us. Never mind I'm sure he'll be fine. You'll fret more than him.

    Have a fab -fabulous weekend etc. Don't be naughty ... or should I encourage you to be as naughty as you like as it is a true one off occasion.

    Enjoy and have lots of fun.

  9. You changed your hair again- I almost did not think it was YOU!

    Hope you have a beautiful trip and lots of fun.

  10. O shoot - I meant to mention your new hair and the one you thought was neat - I also loved that one - like you stepped out of a movie.

    O, and that big tree - I really was amazed at that one - I agree with you - it looked like tentacles - lol - I would have been scared it would gobble me up. LOL

    Don't fret over the little weight - you must feel too light - I can always give you the 20 pounds I gained this winter !!!!!!!!!! :)

  11. all i can say nicely is WOW!?!?!?!

  12. Have a fantastic time - Teddy will be fine, in fact he'll be having his own little holiday too!

  13. Have fun at the beach and don't worry about Teddy. I am sure that they will love on him since he is so darn cute!

  14. Hope Teddy survives the weekend flea free. Have a good time at the wedding.

  15. Wow! 12 bag patterns! If I win I'll send them to you!

    Take pics at the beach!


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