Thursday, April 01, 2010


I had a really good look through all my new craft magazines last night... and oooo, there's so many new things I want to do!

ABOVE: like these Cupcake Bags... *drool*

The only trouble is... I have this attitude that I SHOULD finish what I'm working on first before starting a new project! I have ONE unfinished project tucked away in the cupboard (The Star Quilt).... and I am still working on the Cupcake Runner. And then I have the Noah's Ark Quilt to start.... damn!

I want to do it ALL!

What do other people do? Do you have one thing 'on the go' at a time, or several? What is the best way to go? I am worried that I could end up with many, many unfinished projects hidden in the cupboard!

One tutor told me they are called UFO's = Unfinished Objects.
My current tutor calls them PHD's - Projects Half Done.
What do YOU call them? All those 'not quite finished projects'?

It's the last day of school for my littlies today... they have 17 days off. Stew is taking some time off work in the second week too... so maybe we can spend some time doing 'family stuff'.
AND it's Sausage Sizzle day at school, so I don't even have to make lunches. Neat.


- Weight loss group at the Doctor's... lost a kilo.
- Visit with Doctor.. he was running late so I had to wait an hour after my appointment time. Went for a walk to kill time. That was good I suppose.

Came home and have to blog in the linen cupboard... cos my router has DIED. Great. Wonder how much a new router is? Don't fancy sitting in the linen cupboard forever!

* A sausage sizzle is just when the parents cook and BBQ sausages at school, then put a sausage in a piece of bread and give it to the kids. We pay $1.50 per sausage. Griffin always has two and Brylee one.

End of Day: just had a bloody disaster here.. the washing machine has disgorged it's entire load of water onto the floor... we have water all the way down the hallway, in the linen cupboards, the spare bedroom, it's wardrobe.... and we have to wait 4 hours for the 'fix it' guys to get here to suck it all up and get blowers on it to dry. I'm in a bit of a flap. nite nite.


  1. Sausage Sizzle day at school? Never heard of that one! But yay on not making lunches for once!

  2. Hey girl! Well, I usually only work on one thing at the time, but on occasion have started more than one project at the same time. Mostly what I do is start something, get frustrated with it and throw it in the bottom of my cabinet in my sewing room, knowing I will never finish it! Then, I start something else. I guess you could consider those UFOs or PHDs, but I just call them MSUs - "my screw-ups"!

    Oh, and have a great holiday with the kiddies!



  3. I'm way too ADD to let myself have more than one project going at a time. I'd get to overwhelmed and never finish any of them!
    I hope you enjoy the holiday and have time to finish your projects! :)


  4. Most knitters call them UFO's but I like PHD. Never heard that one before.

    Do you have sausage rolls at Sausage Sizzle? My Australian friend used to make them. Yum..

  5. I've probably said this before, but I haven't finished the blanket I started knitting for my 3rd granchild and he is six I'd say I've got no good advice for ya.

  6. Those cupcake bags are just too cute for words!!!! :)

  7. Sitting in the cupboard is a crack up! That is dedication and you are so brave to show off your linen closet pretty tidy I say! Finish them up, or limit how many. Unfinished projects just lay around and die and end of in the charity bins... and least mine do.

  8. Hello, I'm Caroline and I have a PHD. Actually, have several PHD's. Sounds impressive anyway. My brother and sister-in-law married and divorced before I could ever finish the wedding present I was making for them. It was a cross-stitch project that became so tedious.

    Congrats on the kilo! And the walk. Rock on!

  9. LOVE the little cupcake purse. I say make one....just go for it!
    I call my PHD's 'Albatrosses", stuff just hanging over my head and weighing me down.

  10. How to manage projects ? Seems like there are so many techniques that we all use.

    When I first started sewing with Lynne - of course I fell in love with FABRIC and she warned me to try to keep my stash manageable. DH and I had to make several trips to W.VA to see his sick Mom and on the way we had stopped at a Goodwill to stretch our legs while walking through their store. Low and behold in one of their corners was a bin with fabric - Knit fabric that I love so much. So, I that year I managed to gather quiet a stash and I wanted to protect it from all my critters . Not having much money - I searched for the cheapest container and it turned out to be a BIG trash can . I would wash each piece of fabric and run it through the dryer and that way once it went in the trash can - it was all ready to go.

    Well, here it is a few years later and I have tried to remember Lynne's warning -but instead of one trash can it is two and two totes. I believe this has happened because my fabric stash is a lot like the ocean - it has a flow and rhythm . I cannot always find what I am looking for , but in the process of looking IF I can get a good deal for something else - it is like money in the bank.

    Plus, I had mentioned one time that it is easy for me to have a case of "sewers block" when I have finished a project! One reason is because I have discovered that I really , really do not like cutting my project out!

    So far this year I have tried a different plan. I have kept a list of who I do Christmas presents for . So I make a list that I carry with me and if I bump into the prefect fabric with the perfect idea that is a good thing. Plus, I have a birthday list also . Another thing I have noticed is - when I am feeling clear headed IF I can cut out approx. 3 more things - that way the part I don't want to do and if I can wrangle even an hour to work - the work is easier for me to tackle!

    One time I told Lynne that it was hard to find TIME to do what I would love to do. She told me that all people set priorities for what is really the most important to them - so I keep that little tip close to my heart.

  11. I don't give advice. I am the worst at finishing things. Start off 'All Gung Ho' and fade far too soon. I can't call them PHDs because too many aren't even 1/2 done.

    I promise that this winter is dedicated to UFOs.

  12. OHHHHHHHH I hate flooded laundry's they are the pits!!! I do however LOVEEEEEEE the cupcake bags I say finish other projects first and then there is the sense of achievement...


  14. Yikes a flooded laundry....hope you get it sorted out soon.....I would be in a flap too !!!

  15. Oh my! I hope the water gets cleaned up quickly and without too much permanent damage done.

  16. Absolutely love those bags. If you make them make sure you send the photo to my email in case I miss the blog when you do post them. Sorry about the water, but at least it was clean water.


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