Monday, March 22, 2010


Two Beautiful wee girls.

Intertwined hands of Flower Girls... one the Aunt, one the niece!

Two Adorable Flower Girls.
On the Left: The Bride's Sister, aged 6 yrs. (Twin Brother is Page Boy)
On the Right: The Bride's daughter, aged 8 yrs.

Just an hour before the wedding, shoes were bought for the Flower Girls and altered to fit!

On the left: The Bride's 6 yr old brother. (His twin sister was Flower Girl)
On the Right: The Bride's 5 yr old son.
So, the wee boy on the left is the uncle of the wee boy on the right!

Two little monkey's!

Here we have 'G', the most amazing woman ever!

She had a stroke just two days before the wedding, but still

managed to make the wedding cake!!!

One of the most stunning cakes I've ever seen.. simply stunning.

The cake had a true 'Kiwi' feel.

Making the Bride beautiful....

The GARTER..... G and S... for him and her.

It wasn't the dress she ordered, but it was stunning anyway.



So... there you have the first of two instalments of the wedding.
Today, it's back to normality. As my Sister is still visiting we shall probably go to the mall and try to fill our day with 'girly' stuff! *smiles*
ONWARD.... I'm still feeling decidedly 'seedy' this morning, so I'm now starting to think I might have a bug. Or food poisoning! I had chicken for late lunch on saturday... and have felt really ill ever since... might have been that and not the 'cheap, nasty New Zealand wine' afterall. *sniff*
I picked up Teddy, who had just been given a bath... and he was so tired he's slept most of the day. Poor boy.
My sister and I went to the mall for lunch... which was nice. I could only eat half my carb-less kebab. But it was lovely.
I also got on the scales to find I'd lost 2 kilos in 4 days.. hmmmm... getting ill can have some positive effects I suppose. lol
End of Day: and for the first time in a few days I am feeling normal again! This afternoon I didn't feel ill at all. Thank God. I hate throwing up! With a VENGENCE. nite nite.


  1. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Did you tale any piddle tablets on Saturday? As I myself have been sick after drinking wine on the same day as taking a diuretic, it really stuffs up the electrolyte balance.

    The pictures are very nice and cannot wait to see the 2nd installment.

  3. Pretty wedding pics! I'm so sorry you're ill!! Feel better soon!

  4. I've never seen a beach wedding before. It's so refreshing. Hope you get better.

  5. O Yes, Chris- the pictures are wonderful ! My youngest son got married last Fall and they had an outdoor wedding also . I could not help but notice this wedding being out doors also and I think it adds sOOOO much to a wedding. Kind of a "magic" . Every thing looks so perfect -like nobody had any problems at all. (LOL) The brides maids were stunning and I loved the sandals everyone wore -even the little ones.

    I hope they have a long and happy life.

    I hope you get better quick too- we can not have you "under the weather"????

  6. They all look very lovely!
    Go 'G' for doing the do regardless of the stroke. My father in law had a stroke a year ago this month and is STILL in hospital :o/
    Who's house is that? Coz we soooo have the same dining setting!!

  7. The dress looks lovely anyway, and what's a good wedding without dramas? I am looking forward to second installment.

    Hope you feel better soon

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  9. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Loved the black and red colour scheme for the bridal party. Glad Teddy is home safe. Your bug mite have been a help not a hindrance if you lost 2kg!

  10. Everyone looks beautiful, especially those two little girls, how gorgeous! The cake looks amazing, too. So sorry to hear you felt sick and missed the reception. At least you lost 2 kg . . . !

  11. Nice pics....looks liek a lovely kiwi wedding :)

  12. hope you feel better soon, there is a bug going round at the mo x


  13. What lovely pictures - hope you're feeling better really soon, congrats on the scales, I take those losses anyway I can get them ... lol

  14. The flower girls looked gorgeous the boys CHEEKY AS! THE CAKE amazing, and the wedding shots so far FUNKY, I am glad to hear you are feeling better.

  15. The wedding looks like it was wonderful despite some minor "snafus!"

    Hopefully the bad chicken is through your system now and you will feel fine!

  16. Glad you are no longer feeling sick and what beautiful pictures of the wedding.

  17. Sorry to hear you were sick and I hope you are feeling better. Nice pictures of the wedding. Take care and get well.


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