Friday, March 05, 2010


ABOVE: The last pie I made.. mince and bacon... how cute is that?
ABOVE: My Mum and three of her sisters. She has 4 sisiters and 5 brothers and she is the eldest of them all. (and the shortest!)

ABOVE: a few more photos of dinner last night. Shame I didn't have a table that seated 17 eh?

ABOVE: a video of Teddy and Bella having fun last night. They were so entertaining!
Today: we are off to watch Mike and Joyce play Indoor Netball in their tournament. Stew has taken the day off so we will spend it together.
Oh, and I was EXCELLENT with my food last night! I had some chicken... and a tiny bit of apple/blackberry pie... it was very nice.
It's a scorching day.... Stew and I went and watched Mike's netball... so far they have won their games... tomorrow they have 5 games! Hopefully we will watch a few of those too.
Mum, Ron and I did some shopping after lunch... mostly for me Mum... and now we are just relaxing at home.
I have a killer headache from lack of sleep I think.... just took some pills.
End of Day: today was the first time I had a kebab without the bread ... so it was salad and meat.. and it was delicious! I weighed myself today too... a good loss! nite nite.


  1. cute! Mike looks like a joy lol. That's how we eat at my MIL's for everything lol.

  2. MMMMMmmm pie! Never heard of mince and bacon, but would love to try it. You think you might steer us to a recipe sometime?


  3. Looks like you all had a good time:-) Loved seeing your photos.

    You're on fire! Keep up the fantastic work!! This is the Chris I remember:-)

  4. Good for you and everyone certainly looked like they were ENJOYING all those pies!!! Lucky Buggers, JOYCE is a little cutie, YOUR son on the other hand WITH his NANCY BAND blluuuurrrrrkkkkkk Doug Howlett has a lot to answer FOR eekkkkkk.

  5. Awwww, isn't Teddy just the cutest wee thing.
    I love family get togethers like that, the more the merrier...

    Have a great day out and about today and all the best to Mike & his girlfriend in the netball.

  6. It looks like you all had a really great time. I love family get togethers! That pie looks yummy - great show of willpower, Chris!

    BTW, I finished your Dottie Bag-there's a pic on my blog if you want to have a look. I'm mailing it tomorrow!



  7. I love your pie....even in cooking you are amazingly creative.....I also have a son who flips me off if I take his picture...hahahahah...doesn't make me happy....just gotta love him....

  8. good for you with your food last night but where was your veges????

  9. OK so what languages were being spoken in that video? bwahahhhaaa and your pies look great the party fun and I ask myself; "why was I not invited?"

  10. No wonder you were tired last night.Hope you had help cleaning the mess up afterwards!

    Gee your boys are nice looking fella's (even with Mike's long hair)

  11. Awwww, sweet little Teddy. I wish I could hear you talk more on your hearing you talk!

  12. Yes, Ma'am, I do want some of that pie. It looks and sounds delicious. I had some bacon and mince empanadas at Christmas that someone made-yummy. Sounds like you did a great job with your food-way to go!

  13. looks like you had a great night. and you were so good. *pat on the back*. Well done!

  14. You're so creative with your pies Chris :))

    I hope the headache has gone by the morning.

    Well done on your healthy eating - you'll be pleased to see the loss. Have a great weekend.

  15. I think you might have to get Teddy his own little Bella!!! It will take his mind off his other "issues" lol lol
    God, that bloody pie looked delicious!!

  16. Such a cute video! You certainly had a house full, didn't you? The pie looks scrumptious! Good job on the loss! You rock!

  17. Yum food looks and sounds great. You've got your hands full there with all those guests. Have a fun weekend. Hope the headaches gone.

  18. Yep, that pie looks good!

  19. Wow! What a house full! It looks like everyone really enjoyed themselves!

    The video of Teddy and Bella is so cute!

    I've never heard of indoor net ball before. It look pretty cool!

    I hope your weekend is off to a great start!


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