Monday, March 01, 2010


ABOVE: My girlfriend Sandra gave Chris D and I one each of these cute wee plaques. Awwwwww. Lucky Tarts eh?

I should be going to patchwork class this morning, but I am going to wait and see how I feel later on in the morning.

There is quite a bit to do before my Mum and her partner get here tomorrow (for family weddings)....

All the floors need to be washed, that's not easy to do with kids running around so it must be done while they are at school. Also, there is some serious dusting needing doing. Sheesh, dust never sleeps!
Does anyone else hate dusting as much as me? lol

I got a bit 'stressed out' last night, and am proud to say I did NOT head for the pantry! Not at all. In the mode people, in the mode!

ABOVE: When I got up this morning I checked my emails to find I had won a 'Dottie Bag' from a blogger in America! Wooo Whooo, and I had to choose a material I liked for her to make it in.. so of course I chose the shell one! *Drool*... it's so pretty! Thank You Cyndi for having a Giveaway and I wait in gleeful anticipation for my Dottie Bag!

FROGGY: I have finished your Mum's Red Duck.. She's rather cute!


LOW CARBS: well as you know, I've been doing 'this' for 10 days now. To date I have lost 4 kilos! And the only time I have felt hungry is first thing in the morning. Which is weird cos I am never hungry in the mornings. So, I am doing good. Just finding it a bit difficult to find stuff to eat .... meat, dairy, fruit and veges is it for now.... but it's a bit DIFFICULT to have a bloody sandwich with no bread eh?

FROGGY: I kinda just finished your OTHER Duck today too! Awesome. Hope ya like them.

End of Day: and it's been a nice one... in fact it flew by cos I sewed most of the day! Still havn't done that dusting! Hmmmm... maybe tomorrow? nite nite.


  1. I love you Monday attitude. Kudos to you for avoiding the pantry when you were stressed.

  2. Awesome you didn't go for the pantry...and yes I hate dusting and I don't care if I see a bit of dust lol......

  3. What a nice plaque! You do indeed have some nice friends.

    I second that comment on dust...I have doing it because as soon as you finish, it's right back. Makes me crazy!

    And good for you for not heading for the kitchen when you were stressed. Great show of willpower! You go, girl!

    BTW, you won my give away! :o)



  4. You have been BUSY! Glad you had fun with friends and all your new toys and goodies.
    Believe is for believe that God loves you!!!

  5. I dont hate dusting as much as I hate ironing - yuk!

    Looks like tyou had a great weekend with your friends - we need that sometimes.

  6. Friends are such a valuable part of our lives. Well done darling on the 4 kgs - that is great. It is obviously working. MARTINE

  7. OMG - 4 kilos! That's amazing! Maybe for inspiration you could try some soups? Beef, chicken etc... just don't eat them with a nice, warm bread roll !!! xxxx

  8. Ooh, that duck is just gorgeous! Can't wait to give it to her! Thanks so much.

    And it's so lovely to see you in a positive mood. Really good to see. and see how that weight is dropping off! Well done!

    *is proud of you*


  9. I am so very proud of you in your battle with the "bulge" ! I think that is one of the hardest battles that we must wage.

    Your plague is just SOOOO neat! Aren't friends some of our greatest gifts of all. You three sure do make beautiful -3 musketeers!

    I really love that red duck you made! I wondered if you are starting to get a little tired of them??? I learned that lesson 3 years ago when I made totes for a drama teacher. First I was thrilled ,but then after 20 of them my enthusiasm started to get a little weak! LOL But I just kept the goal in my head! I was working for buying a new sewing machine with a Needle Threader! No not thousands of dollars - but 300. I love the needle threader as much as I thought I would because the ole eyeballs are not what they used to be! LOL

  10. Hey, Chris, they are both wonderful! My own duck will look fab in my lounge, and I will even let her sit in my rocking chair! Thanks so much

    don't forget to email me costings and stuff!

    Love your work!

    Oh, when you find a fish pattern and make those up, I have a friend who reads your blog who is very interested... :-)

  11. Great news that you have lost 4kg- that is a lot.
    I like that duck as well ;-)

  12. LOVE the ducks. I wish I had half your talent. Congrats on the weight loss and staying away from the fridge when you're stressed. You go girl. ...You are well on your way.

  13. Just don't do the dusting. As long as nothing moves, no-one will know lol

    I woulda picked the blue material - that's an awesome pattern!

  14. Aww Chris the ducks are gorgeous. I will have to buy one for me. After all my birthday is only 3 months away now.. hehe .. will email you.

  15. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Your ducks are so cute! I'm thinking, with a couple of modifications such as arms instead of wings and some snazzy green fabric, you could turn them into frogs! Froggy would love one! (I am froggy's fishy friend!)

  16. 4 Kilos mum that great keep up the good wrk,

    Proude of you

  17. 4kg thats awesome!!! keep up the good work!

  18. Love the ducks they are so cute! TRY iceberg lettuce leaves as BREAD, (THAT also works well with kebabs) and if a sweet sandwich like peanut butter and jam try umm cruskits? maybe RICE crackers?

  19. I was just sitting listening to a podcast about low carb and the Dr being interviewed said that nearly all people who are overweight don't eat breakfast. He said it was his No 1 rule for people - eat protein at breakfast. I know you hate breakfast but are you eating it now? It might be something to think about... we won't even go into the lack of water you have :)

  20. I hate having folk to stay, it disturbs the dust. I'd die without my carbs, good luck to you! I did lose weight too once, AND had the tummy tuck.. shame it wasn't a whole body-tuck, but I guess you can't have everything, eh?

    Good to meet you.

  21. Wow 4 kilos you must be feeling wonderful. Keep up the good work. Have a fun time with mom. Love the ducks.

  22. love the massagers! and cute duckies and congrats on winning the prize :) have a wonderful Tuesday cause it is prolly like midnight there now! HUGS
    ps mj was ranting about you calling her a twit... told her shoe fits enjoywearing it... she laughed all afternoon cause i called her a twit all day !

  23. The link is for the award I'm giving you but I don't know how to get it to work. You will find the award on Mama Bear June's Blog ... linked on my last post. You can see the award and collect it for yourself. If you have time have a little fun doing the True or False game. It takes a little time but was fun to do.

    I made Oopsie rolls to go with mince patties for tea tonight. They went down well even though I they weren't as good as the first time I made them. I think they make better burgers when 1 day old. Store on an open plate or they could get sticky.

  24. You can do a lettuce wrap, those are pretty good. Hey you are making me feel motivated :)

    Those ducks are so cute!

  25. Ducks are great Chris. Congrats on loosing 4 Kilos. I also suggest to use lettuce leaves for a sandwich :)


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