Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Me Mum and her man arrived late last night... really late.
I hope they sleep in.
Knowing my luck they won't.

I have my doctor's appointment at 9am this morning. Hmmmmm..... can't imagine explaining WHY I am going to the Doc to my Mum. She doesn't have any understanding of Depression... she just sees it as a weakness not to be tolerated. She tars everyone with the same brush in that respect. My sister is a borderline Manic Depressive... so you can see why she feels like that I suppose.

So maybe I need to go see the doctor for ...... hot flushes, or a blood test or something she can relate to!

So, wish me luck! .

So.. it's been a long day already! Went to the Dr... and hello... wrong day! I was told it was today, but on their computer it's tomorrow. Pffffft.
After that debacle, we went to Sylvia Park for a wee bit of shopping and lunch..... then my Aunt visited in the afternoon.
It's been quiet. I can't blog much cos my Mum objects to me being 'rude' and getting on the computer. So I will make it quick... and come back once she's in bed!

End of Day: just been grocery shopping, we have a few guests for dinner tomorrow night and we needed to get in supplies. What fun. The next couple of days I will be 'not quite around' like normal... must entertain the visitors.... so don't go worrying, I will be back to check out the blogs soon! nite nite.


  1. Good luck at the doctor Chris. We have a family history of depression and it is not something to mess with. Hope you enjoy the visit with your mum and dad.

  2. I hope you Mum slept in a bit for you.

    I hope the doctor's appointment goes well. I had a major test done last week, and never told my Mom about it...she is a worrier, and I wasn't in the mood to try to have to calm her down, when I was worried about it myself. Luckily all went well, and I saved myself a lot of grief!

  3. that sounds EXACTLY how my grandfather would look on it.

    good luck.

  4. If she doesn't understand it, I would say it was for something simple like hot flushes, or a blood test. We all know that depression is real, and it is more the older generation who don't understand it. (generally speaking).

  5. Mmmmmmmmm parents (dont get me started on that). Just say womens bits and "hot flushes" int he same sentence THEY wont dig anymore for info I'm sure.

  6. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Yes I've noticed that the older a woman gets, you still feel like you have to justify yourself and explain everything you do to your mother or you'll feel like a guilty little kid cos you didn't tell mummy! My mother still says "No you won't!" if I tell her I'm going somewhere or I'm doing something different, even though I'm in my 40"s and married! Being an only child doesn't help!

  7. I just shard with a blogger today that I am so ready for this winter to be over. The snow and ice have made if really difficult for me to get outside to powerwalk. When I can't exercise outside, I get depressed and frustrated. What do I do when I'm one or
    both of those? EAT!!! Good luck at the doc's.

  8. When you showed up at your appointment and you were turned away, did it bum you out??? I hate it when that happens!! Argh. Just so you know, I use to battle depression a decade ago pretty badly. It's hard for others to understand. They are like "just snap out of it!"

  9. Amanda8:41 PM

    Ha ha your getting told by granny :P

  10. Chris- Enjoy your mom's visit and then party when she is gone!

  11. Oh dear not a good day. Pity your mum isn't a bit more understanding :( Well done for being strong on the food front :)
    Anne xx

  12. Have a fun time hanging around with Mom. Save yourself some grief and don't tell her your reason for the DR. Suffice it to say you have to go for a check up. Good luck with your appointment.

  13. good luck with all you have going on.....bless your ♥....I have been fighting with that ugly dragon called depression as well....almost have myself talked into going to see the doc......


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