Thursday, March 25, 2010


Remember those 2 kilos I lost in the weekend?

WELL.... they are STILL LOST ! Hoping for a wee bit more by Friday weigh in.

How awesome is that? I'm thrilled. This is like.... the fourth week of being ON TRACK.... rockin it.

Getting used to the low/no carbs too.

Today? Well......I am going to a new weight loss group run at the doctor's this morning. It's only a 4 week course. Should be nice meeting some new people if nothing else.... as I feel I really do have a handle on my weight right now. AND IT FEELS GREAT.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KELLY, No# 3 Daughter. Her little girl was two on Monday too. AND Amanda's eldest boy turned 8 last saturday too.... so quite a few to remember in the week. Going to Rena's 2nd Birthday Party next saturday. Must remember to wrap the presents for them all!

ABOVE: I just won all this material from a fellow blogger! OK... you can all go hate me now.... ha ha ha! Seems Carla thought she had too much material and wanted to give some away... so I left her an email as instructed and won it! HOW AWESOME IS THAT??? I am in a winning mood. I am. I am. Thank You so much Carla for having a giveaway!

The Weight Loss Group at the Doctors: over 20 people there... all wanting to lose weight... all looking for answers. I hope the sessions help some of them. I am going for the support.... and to just be around people! Grown up people! lol

ONWARD..... well this afternoon has been very quiet. I've just been mucking around doing a bit of housework... hanging out with Teddy... and catching up on blog reading! *smiles*
I've got chicken in the oven for dinner... yum yum.

End of Day: and Stewy got all romantic tonight, and moved the chairs around in the lounge so we could curl up together on the couch and watch telly. Awwwwww. So cute. Teddy was totally confused .... lol!
nite nite.


  1. Wow hope you have a great day. My grandson's birthday is today. We have his party tonight at his other grandma's fun. Oh well. If you can't beat them join them. Have a great week

  2. Yay for being on track! 2 kilos is a lot!!

  3. Congratulations Chris! I bet it feels really good to have lost some, and have kept it off. :)

  4. Well done on the 2 kilo loss and maintining it - it's good to hear you sound more positive.

  5. Super news on the weight loss Rena 2!! gawd sakes that has flown by fast.

  6. Happy Lost 2 Kilos To You Chris.

  7. Yay for those 2kgs still being lost. Keep us posted if you learn anything interesting at this new meeting you are going to. Martine

  8. I am thinking of starting a weight loss group. The one i used to go to, up till last year, wasn't doing any good [or bad]. We just weighed in, admited how much we lost/gained, and went home. Bit of a waste of an hour really. I want to start one that shares recipes and trials and triumphs etc, y'know?

  9. You are on a roll....a very positive roll. Keep up the good work. Enjoy all the birthdays.

  10. It sounds like the weight loss group might be some fun (a bit like weight watchers without having to fork out the $ 18).

    I am glad the 2 kilos is still gone :-)

  11. Congrats. on your weight off! Yea! It sure is easier to put it on than take it off -for the average person.

    Boy ! I LOVE your new fabric ! She sure was an angel ! Have you figured out what you will do with it?

    Yea, sorry about your sister. That is hard for both of you. Most of the sisters I know have problems . But when I met Ruth and Helen 5 years ago - they taught me a lesson I had never seen. They were both in their 80's when I met them and their brother Harley was in his late 70's. This group had been together ALL of their lives and loved each other dearly. Harley was deaf -so both sisters took care of him.The oldest - Helen kept him at her house -until her death in 2004 -which almost killed me. She was the smartest , spunkiest , kind , loving angel to me that I had ever met. She could do no wrong in my eyes and she had a wonderful outlook on life. One of her quotes that I love was: Whoever Said Life Was Fair? For some reason coming from her - it would cause a big smile to spread across my face and it still does.

    When she passed Ruth took Harley to her house, which was right across the street. But losing Helen was something Harly would not recover from all together - no matter what Ruth tried. She finally got him a dog and he poured his love out on Pepper. She was someone that he could pour his love on and since he had a speach problem she ALWAYS understood what he said to her. If it was not for Pepper I think Harly would have passed sooner than he did, which was a couple of weeks ago.

    Ruth is an amazing angel herself . She will turn 90 this Summer and she is still a go-getter. She runs her house and plants her flowers and has a mind like a steel trap. She is a real Hero to me . They have all taught me a different outlook on life.

    So, some Sisters do really get along. helen used to take Ruth with her to the doctor and embarrass her to death. It was so funny.

    I like to believe everything happens for a reason.

    O, Happy Birthday to all of your flock!!!!!!!!! Age stands still for none of us. :)

  12. Great work on the weight loss and gosh you are a lucky charm...all those cool prizes you keep wining :)

  13. Gratz on keeping the loss off mum, proud of ya :) Good old Super Stewy, he could charm the pants off anyone that guy, the man!!!! (I mean I had to get it from somewhere lol)

    Love ya



  15. way to go 2 kilos gone!!!!!!!!!
    congrats on the fabrics... and I have found i have MORE SHIT than anything worthy of being around... some stuff has really deteriorated over the years ... and is not worthy of what it would take to sell... i see it hitting the trash dumpster... augggggggggg

  16. Stew is such a sweetie! I hope you give him extra kisses when he does sweet stuff like that!

  17. Congrats on your loss and also another prize well done :-). Have a great weekend and nearly school holidays just in case you forgot lol....

  18. Congrats on the weight loss!! Mine is coming off so slowly!!


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