Monday, March 15, 2010


Warning.. don't rev up your dog first thing in the morning! Cos he will run like a mad thing ... and jump 'four feet first' onto Stew's lap... and into his breakfast! Which was avocado on toast! Avocado all over the dog... ! Stew WAS NOT IMPRESSED. But he did eventually see the funny side of it. Thankfully, cos it was actually my fault for rev'ing up the dog! (Stew only got ONE bite of his breakfast before Teddy dived into it)

Today: Patchwork class. I hope to get most of the Table Runners finished today. And then... I can start buying the materials for Noah's Ark Baby Quilt! Yipee.

ABOVE: The pattern arrived! It's called 'Noah and Friends' and it's a Kookaburra Cottage (2008) Design. I am going to change a couple of the birds in the blocks ... one to a Kiwi and the other to a Pukeko... which are New Zealand Birds. (This quilt will be for a new grandchild... who's not in the 'oven' yet ... but as it will take a while to make, this gives me plenty of time.)


Patchwork was fun! I learnt how to do 'stitch in the ditch'.. I'd never done it before. Very pleased with the progress on my Table Runners too. I'm on to the quilting now.

Came home, had lunch (tomato soup with cheese) and did a couple of jobs around the house. It is certainly heading towards Autumn here (Fall).... cos today is decidedly cooler, with a good wind blowing. It's lovely... I am over the heat.

Not much else to report right now... off to do some more sewing I think...

End of Day: well this quilting lark is slow going! But hopefully worth it at the end of the day! I've done about 1/2 of the large Table Runner today... *sigh*... back to it tomorrow, I need a break from it for now. Time to watch some mindless TV... nite nite.


  1. Poor Teddy, too funny though. He's sooo happy

  2. Can't wait to see the quilt!!!

  3. Ha Ha! Too bad Teddy didn't wait until the 17th to do that...then he'd fit right in on St. Paddy's Day! Hope Stew got at least a taste of his breakfast. :o)

    That quilt is gonna be so cool. For whom are you making it?



  4. Avocado never looked so... inedible! LOL poor Stew. :P

  5. Poor Stew, but a nice shade of green on the very gorgeous Mr Teddy

  6. Ooh! What a waste of a fantastic breakfast! I LOVE avo on toast, but they are very expensive over here at the moment so I am having to settle for porridge...

    Cant' wait to see the animal quilt!

  7. I've got a grandchild in the oven. Maybe you could make me a practice one? lol

    Avacado on toast sounds delish! I like toasted sandwiches with ham, cheese, tomato and avacado. But i've never tried it on it's own. The toast sounds a little carby for stew. As that his idea of cheating on his diet? :oÞ

  8. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Wished you'd videoed Teddy going beserk, it would have been hilarious!One for funniest home videos!

  9. Whoa, my kids are messy like that too. I guess they're really dogs.

  10. Yum - tomato soup, thanks now I know what I am having for dinner ;-)

    Have a great evening.

  11. I love my avocado on toast with garlic hummus first then avo then lemon squeeze then worchestire sauce THEN tomato THEN BLACK PEPPER ground!!!!!!!

  12. Teddy looks good in Green! All ready for St. Patrick's Day! My old kitty, Q-Tip, once jumped into a pan of spaghetti sauce which was on the table. His lovely white feet were red . . . and then pink . . . for a week!

  13. Glad to hear Stew didn't hold it against you. Poor Teddy! Sounds like a busy weekend for you. I love Farmers Markets. Sorry to hear about the accident. We always forget how fragile life is. Hope you have a good week.

  14. What a cute little green paw :)

    Can't wait to see the quilt, so cute!


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