Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yesterday afternoon Stew dismantled the kids splash pool....

ABOVE: We are left with this mess.... and the green stuff:

IS SLIME... stinking, smelly, revolting slime. Be thankful you can't smell my photos! It is rank. Like rotten silage.... *spew*. I wonder how long it will take to go away? Grow grass there again? It's revolting.

ABOVE: me and my girls, Stew took these yesterday. I can't wait to lose that bloody double chin... Ikkkkk. The photo with Amanda (bottom) was taken at her place of work.... a jewellery shop. *drool* ... imagine being surrounded by diamonds ALL DAY!

Today we are just going to do odd jobs around the house. I have a list. Stew hates my lists!

Yesterday I mentioned I was watching some owls on a live broadcast.... if you want to pop over and see them this is the link: OWLS... I can't explain why it's so interesting... it just is! Molly is the mother, McGee is the father and so far there are three baby owls.... with two eggs yet to hatch. Millions of people around the world are watching them go about their daily lives.... inside a nesting box! Weird but true.

At my niece's wedding last weekend I tried some Asian Spring Rolls.. but not deep fried ones... totally different.. and I loved them. I found a recipe for them in a woman's magazine yesterday so am trying to make them for dinner tonight. Will show you tomorrow ( if they come out and are nice).

End of Day: and Stew (the Darling) got all the jobs done! I did a few things too I might add.... all good. Watching those freaking owls... nite nite.


  1. Didn't take to long for our lawn to come right once we lifted the pool.... have a great day working on your list, I so love lists :-)

  2. Just stopped by to catch up on some of your posts. Glad too that I can't smell that green slime. Yuck

  3. I never get pictures of me with my kids....I'm always the one with the camera. I love these with your girls. I'll bet something about that stinky spot in the yard is on your list for Stew.

  4. Yew, good luck with the slime pit! I would imagine as soon as it gets some sun on it, it will begin to die.

    Both of your girls are gorgeous and I can't get over how much the blonde one (Kelly?) looks like you!



    P.S. Little Rena is a doll baby, too!

  5. A couple of years ago when we lived in the country we had a guy digging out dirt on to a tarpaulin for a retaining wall and when he eventually filled in the retaining wall after a week of the dirt on the lawn we discovered the weight of the dirt was right on top of our septic tank and all the sludgy poo had risen up and out of the ground! No playing on the lawn for the kids for a couple of weeks (and the tarp got chucked out and the septic tank emptied!!)

    I can definitely sympathise with the horror of the sludgy gross smelling stuff on the lawn..... YUCK

  6. Rena is gorgeous she has YOUR blue eyes and Kelly is gorgeous she has your blue eyes SO that must mean you is gorgeous!!! HA RENA cake was so CUTE... (I love kids parties!) TODAY I have NO JOBS can ya believe it!!!!!!! yay

  7. What would we do without our daughters. I love the owl post it is great. We used to have a family outside out bedroom window but they are no more. It was great to hear the babies. Hope your package arrives soon

  8. OMG @ lawn - sucks huh? We've had the same problem in the past and now put our pool on the cement, empty it regularly and give the cement a chance to 'breathe'.

  9. The link for the owl is amazing...for some unknown reason totally addictive. I can see I am not going to get too much done for the rest of the day :)

  10. LOL! My daughter vis addicted to watching those owls!

  11. Did you know you can order owl pellets for your very own? It's true.

    You know you want one.

  12. I hope you are recording fathead!! It not don't forget it is on again at 2.30am and 10.30am tomorrow... !!!

  13. Is it getting too cold in Auckland for a pool? I can smell that from here I'm sure, but it'll grow fast. Will send some of our rain from time to time.

  14. Anonymous10:24 PM

    The owl's are awesome thanks for sharing.

    Michelle x

  15. I think the sun will destroy that green slime pretty quick.

    Great pics!

  16. Anonymous3:47 AM

    Chris, the Final Four is the ultimate Basketball Championship tournament..The final four teams will go to Indianapolis for the final games. Last one standing is the winner of college basketball. It's just like the Super Bowl in college's a big deal!! I don't usually watch basketball but I do when West Virginia is in the mix!...debbie

  17. O Chris!
    I love the pictures of you and your girls! The top picture looks enough like you to be your twin - she has your most beautiful eyes!They say the eyes are the windows to the soul -

    How did you manage to raise such great gals?

    We are having the rain that you need and it is a cold dark rain-bur!Wish I could send it your way and you would have "steam" from the differences in temperatures. LOL

  18. I think the pictures are great!!

  19. Love the pictures, too.
    You look great BTW

  20. Hopefully the slim and the stink will be gone once there is some sun on it, and it gets dried out...yuck!

    It's funny you mention the owls. That is taking place about 20 miles north of where I live, and my neighbor right across the street is one of the moderators in the chat room. She has been on the computer non-stop since all of this started and she is now a barn owl expert! It really is a small world, isn't it?


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