Thursday, March 11, 2010


ABOVE: after waiting 6 weeks... my bedspread finally arrived! I picked it up yesterday. It it really lovely... brightens up my room as I knew it would. Wrapt... tickled pink.. thrilled to bits.

ABOVE: AND a girl can NEVER have enough bags eh? LOL.... I just HAD to buy this black evening bag... I had been using one of my daughter's black bags... but had to give it back.. so saw this in Sylvia Park yesterday and bought it too! It is only for 'going out'... and is an excellent size... I can fit my camera in it! *smiles*.... (yes, that is Teddy checking it out)

Off to the Doctor's again this morning... wonder when this will get tedious? Though, it's a good opportunity to talk to him about some other issues that need to be sorted...

Dr's: hmmm... seems I need 'reprogramming'... in relation to how I react to phone calls! He's referred me to another bloke who reckons he can 'fix' me in one hour! ??? I don't like taking phone calls... cos they are almost always BAD NEWS... and this makes me anxious all the time. I have to learn how to accept that they are not going to be all bad news. OK (heavy scepticism here) ... *sigh*... have to make an appointment to see said bloke in a couple of weeks.

Right now.. it's almost 1pm and I'm starving.. off to find food...

ABOVE: did some more on the Table Runner... have to find an appropriate backing material, put wadding inbetween the two layers. quilt it then bind it. So still a bit to do! But I reckon it's going to look lovely. Might give it to me Mum for her birthday in May.

End of Day: another excellent, on track day! nite nite.


  1. I absolutely love the spread. Who could wake up crabby from that bed? Really lovely!

  2. That bedspread is absolutely gorgeous!! Hope you are feeling way better soon.

  3. And here I thought I was super busy. YOu are like an Energizer Bunny Chris! You keep going and going! I wish I had half your energy.

    Your projects are amazing. I love the kit for the new quilt. Love the cupcakes, etc.

    Glad you finally got your bedspread. It looks great! I'm ready for something new in our room too, but I'm not sure what yet.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  4. love the spread love the black bag :) hope all is well at the drs!

  5. Red, White and Blue is a favorite color combo of mine....probably has something to do with living in the USA :) and our flag! Looks great over your way too. Love the baby quit, what's the pattern name? Maybe I can find one over here or on Ebay....also love the cupcakes, wouldn't mind that applique pattern either. You may get me ambitious yet. Congratulations on the diet progress..I knew you had it in you, just needed the right spark to get started. I love it when you see steady results. Have somewhere in mind to use the "little black bag"????

  6. Oooh ... I love the bag - looks almost big enough to fit Teddy in it too! He looks most interested in it :))

    All the best with sorting out the anxiety issues - I'm very familiar with that area!! I co-presented a three hour talk on anxiety and anxiety disorders on Tuesday as part of my role at work - and am off to an Anxiety and Depression Conference in Surfers Paradise later this year (rough I know! lol).

    Your new bedspread looks very bright and cheerful. :)

  7. you know, that's quite a common phobia. My sister avoids using the phone like the plague! lol! But when there is bad stuff around, you do get all anxious when the phone rings. Happened to me a few years ago, after the breakup of a relationship.

    Be positive, and good luck with that appointment.

    And I love the bag! It seems Teddy does too! xxx

  8. Your new bedspread is so bright and cheerful! Fun! :)

    Love the bag.

    And Teddy! :)

    p.s. I've been on anxiety meds for years....

  9. Cute bedspread! Cheery.
    And hope it all goes well with the doctor!

  10. O Wow! The bedspread is like you - spiffy! I am so glad that you "finally " got it. Seemed to take forever!

    I love your table runner - You are so talented

    I just heaved a big sigh of relief when you mentioned your dread of phone calls and why - BEcause - I Have the VERY same problem! And I agree with you about being bad news! I actually go to counseling .

    I sure hate that you have to deal with the same burden- but thank you for sharing . It seems to help because I know someone else is dealing with it too.

  11. Hello there Chris - saw your comment on one of my favourite blogs, Anne H at Carb Tripper, so I thought I would pop on over, and whaddaya know! Another low-carbing Kiwi. Good onya, girl. And I love the quilt.

  12. The bed spread looks so.... American?

    BTW: Nice to be able to visit your blog again. Come check out the new header that I made for mine - when you get the time.

  13. You're always the funny one - mate.

  14. Hey that duvet will go with Stew's shoes!!! haha it really does brighten up the room. It is YOU!

  15. Love the new bag mum, hav ebeen trying to find another bag like the one i leant you but have had no suck luck, mayb you could find me one ........

    Daughter #3

  16. OMG! I have the same phone phobia!!! I know its crazy, but i psych myself out of answering every time!!! I am getting better at ringing though - as long as it is a stranger and I know how long the call goes! Wierd - but i get ya!

  17. I think the new bedspread is HEAVENLY and very bright, I am loving the cupcake runner, wish I had known about the phone calls I would have text BEFORE ringing to say it would be me ringing SWORRY.

  18. Love the bedspread, the bag and the runner - you are such a talented lady. Will be interested if that bloke can help you in just one hour! Hope so....

  19. Your bedroom certainly does look bright with that new spread. Must be lovely to be in that room.

    I am so glad that you had another excellent day. Go, Chris, go!

  20. Your room looks lovely. I need your shopping skills as I never got around to the finishing touches in my bedroom. Reprogramming hmmmmmmmm I hope that works out for you. Love the little runner it is so cute. Take care.

  21. Love the bedspread!!! and bag!!


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