Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I hadn't had hot flushes for about 3 weeks... but... they came back last night!

Talk about drive me crazy! I'm back to having the weirdest dreams... all involving volcanic eruptions, lava.... flames.... boiling water... *shaking me head*... makes for some interesting scenarios I can tell ya!

What else can I blabber on about today? Oh yeah... I'm trying to organise seeing Lacy at the end of the month... maybe here in Auckland, or up in Whangarei.

So... while I go about my day... think of me... cos I'm quietly going NUTS. But I'm NOT heading for the panty.. OK!

And why 'BACK OFF' as a title? Cos if anyone pisses me off today I will throttle them! I am sooooo crabby.... and hot... And that is not in a sexy way. DEEP BREATHS. VERY DEEP BREATHS.

"KNOCK, KNOCK"... shit, shit, shit... I'm still in me nightie! Me hair is a mess! OH WELL... I answered the door... and yaaa! A Parcel... for ME! from Bluebirdswing (Cyndi) in USA:

I won her 'Dottie Bag Giveaway' and it arrived! PLUS some extra bits and bobs! Some gorgeous vintage buttons (drool), some cute smelly candles, a key fob, some cute as tissues and of course.... the BAG! And what a bag! It is gorgeous, the workmanship is amazing.. I LOVE IT!

ABOVE: The tissues! How funny is that? I go swimming.... maybe I shouldn't!

That has certainly brightened up me day...

I went to Sylvia Park today.. to pick up some linen, post some parcels and just get outta the house really.

Since coming home I've done bugger all ! Forgot to get some cream cotton so haven't done any more sewing on the cupcakes either.. grrrrr. Might go out tomorrow for the cotton so I can continue to work on it.

End of Day: well It's been a quite nice day in all. Got lots sorted out.. did some sewing afterall. A nice dinner. STILL totally on track with the low carbs. Rockin it! nite nite.


  1. Keep taking those deep breaths and hang in there Chris. Hope you get hold of Lacy.

  2. dreams about lava and flames?

    i think i'd wet my bed!

  3. Hey Chris! I'm so glad to see that the package made it there...and pretty quickly, too. I'm also happy that you like your bag. I wasn't certain about the buttons. When I started going through them, I realized that most of what I buy, I buy with purse-making in mind. Glad you like them, too!

    I have LOADS of empathy for you with the hot flashes. I had to have a hysterectomy when I was 26; the hot flashes started when I was 30; I'm 53...I still have them. And they make me M.I.S.E.R.A.B.L.E.!!! My doc says I should have quit having them by now, so I guess only God knows when they will stop. At least the mood swings are gone. :o|



  4. I am just starting the night sweats, but i really can't call them sweats. I'm like a friggin furnace. Sheets on, sheets off, leg out, leg under, jammies on, jammies back off. I think I probably sleep about 5 of the 8 hours I'm "sleeping". Talk about crazy!!

    Congrats on winning that great prize.

  5. What a fantastic surprise at the door. The things look great!!!

  6. BREATHE! Good. Do it again. We're all here to remind you! Glad to hear the package you received brightened your day!

  7. Nice way to start the day with a pressie :-)..... hope you are feeling better soon.

  8. Hot flashes and lava....sounds like a rough night-no wonder you are crabby. Nice gift to cheer you a bit though.

  9. Love it!! Starting down that road myself and it sucks!! At least you have a great attitude about it!! lol

  10. How cool a present and it contained BEAUTIFUL things... Courier drivers must see the funniest of things eh!

  11. Anonymous2:00 PM

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  12. O, Chris - I totally adore that cartoon about the swimming gals and the life guards not trying as hard. I got a wonderful laugh at that!!! LOl

    You are right - that little bag is beautiful and she sure nailed it for you with the colors and water related themes .

    I would love to know what you used to fish for ???? Are the fish there healthy to eat? I was just curious because when DH goes fishing for catfish there are signs posted saying you cannot eat but one a month or you will take cancer from them? I really think it Sinks that big business can pollute our public waters and take away a food source.Guess that is money.

  13. I am sorry you were having a bad day, still, the nice pressie arriving has to make you feel heaps better - at least for a while.

    I hope you manage to get things sorted for Lacy.

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

  14. Get you some hormone patches, you'll feel better. Love the present and the joke on the napkin is hysterical!

  15. Congrats on winning the contest!! Cute prizes! :)

  16. i have bizzare dreams too... and wake with the nasty sweats ... ugg... Love the parcel congrats!!!!!

  17. deep breath!!

    good on you for still on track!! awesome:)

    Love all the goodies!!

  18. At the risk of being told where to go....what a spoilt tart you are today hey? All that gorgeous stuff...and with shells and stuff on it too.....hope it brightened your day....looks like Cyndi did a great job. Hugs Naomi

  19. Goodness those are some hot flashes. Isn't it wonderful being a woman! Congrats on the contest win, lots of fun stuff to brighten your day. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  20. So glad that the parcel came and made your day better! Getting things in the mail - especially such wonderful things as you got - always makes the day better!


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