Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yesterday we went to Matakana for lunch:

It was BEDLAM there!... masses of people.. because it was the Farmer's Market Day.

ABOVE: I couldn't resist taking a photo of this stall! Wonder why??? We had lunch at the local pub.. I had a lovely little steak salad... I assure you it was SMALL! No bread. No chips. NOT A LICK!

ABOVE: on our way back to the car we stopped at the local Patisserie... BAD MOVE!

ABOVE: I just could not resist this fruit/custard TART! It was to die for... really lovely. And OK... it had a sweet pastry case, but it was SMALL! Really small. Teeny, Tiny in fact! LOL
ABOVE: Griffin had chocolate cake, Brylee had Chocolate/Caramel Slice and Stew had a Ginger Slice. I had a tiny, tiny, tiny .....taste of each of their's too! I don't feel bad about it either, cos it really was just a tiny taste... I promise! AND Stew and Griffin had some of my TART too.

ABOVE: a few pictures of Matheson Bay at Leigh, where the kids spent a good two hours in the water!
Today: not sure! Feel like I should stay home and get some housework done.... got Patchwork tomorrow... and later on in the week it's gunna get busy! WHY? Wait and see....
So... we've done some housework.. had chicken and coleslaw for lunch... watched "Little Miss Sunshine" after lunch and now... we are going for a drive.
Our drive was a bit sobering... not far down the motorway we drove past a fatal accident. An 8 year old boy died and other passengers were injured... it was very sad. The traffic was diverted off the motorway, but there was a huge amount of traffic banked up for miles. We went to St Lukes Square and had a wander around, the kids had an ice cream, then we went to Cornwall Park for a while. On our way home again... we met up with the banked up traffic again... but at least the accident site was cleared by then.
It brings home to you how fragile life is... and it reminded me of how both my brothers died. Both in car accidents. I am trying not to feel too .... gutted. It's been a long time since my brothers died... but it still causes a lump in the throat when you are confronted with something like that.
Right... we are having chicken and coleslaw for dinner .... again today. But it's nice... going to add feta cheese and eggs into the mix too. Yum yum.
End of Day: the end of a rather nice weekend in all. Hoping for a quiet, relaxing evening with Stew. nite nite.


  1. What a fun sounding day. Now all I can think of is where in the world around here can I get a tart.

  2. that tart is just too cute and tastey too i bet!!!! looks like a great day!!!!!!

  3. I love custard fruit tarts and THAT one looked divine LUCKY tart! I have nadda happening today just sunbathing WHEN the COLD goes away!

  4. What a lovely day! I've been wanting to go to a local Farmer's Market around here, so I'll need to do some looking.

    Yum! That fruit/custard tart looks delicious! I would have had a hard time passing it up. ;)

  5. Looks like great day! Your boy eats like mine, loves to wallow in it :)

  6. I love custard fruit ever treat, I used to work near a bakery who had award winning tarts lol, and I was their chief taster...funny thing is now I have gone, I still travel over there for a tart!!! Great that you are getting out and about, when I haul my ass outa bed ( its a Sunday) we might head out for the day...take a leaf out of your book. Enjoy your Sunday.xx

  7. Anonymous9:58 AM

    It's OK to have a little carbohydrate on a no/low carb diet. After all, you need carbs for energy. Plus you have to have a little treat every now and again or you'll go mad and binge! You've got great willpower!

  8. Oh, what a beautiful place to spend the day! Looks like you had fun, too. And you know what, sometimes when you crave something, just having a little taste is all you need. It was a very small tart, after all! (Looked super yummy, too!)



  9. It had fruit in it, Chris! That means it's healthy! :)

  10. That little tart looks very healthy - I see lots of fruit - oh, and not to forget some calcium (aka - custard - which is good for the bones!).

    Have a great day :)

  11. O Chris!!!!!!!!! The water pictures are just Breath-Taking And the farmers market looked like so much fun and that little fruit desert was just to die for!!!!!!! I wish I could have been in your pocket!You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Yum for the tart!
    What did you think of 'Little Miss Sunshine'? I laughed so hard in the cinema when the horn goes in the combie!

  13. Next time you order a fruit tart, just eat the fruits!

  14. Hi Chris

    Haven't touched basis for ages but just wanted you to know that I'm still reading regularly and thinking of you. So glad to hear you sounding so happy and positive. I had a lovely weekend too . . . but unfortunately it involved drinking too much at my cousin's wedding. Ahhhhh well, back on the wagon again!

    Happy thoughts . . . Lesleyxx

  15. Oh sorry, just remembered this post wasn't totally up beat with that sad reminder about you losing your brothers :-( Sorry. I just meant that recently you really do seem to be getting your groove back, and I think that's great.


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