Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Ever since I re-joined Weight Watchers here in Cambridge, I've had it in the back of my mind that... no matter how long it takes, I will stick to it.

I didn't want to have rapid weight loss, just slow and steady, and for it to be MAINTAINABLE.

Over the past 12 years or so, since I had my massive weight loss of 61 kilos (over 19 months), at Weight Watchers in Palmerston North, I've slowly gained a large portion of that weight back.  NOT ALL, but a lot.

I wanted to STOP the slow but steady gain, the bloody yo-yo'ing. 

In my head I set myself a loose goal of losing 10 kilos a year, if that's what it took to lose the weight again. That would be better than just continuing the way I was.

I was happy to mentally prepare myself for 4 years of slow and steady loss, rather than continuing to GAIN AND GAIN AND GAIN.

To date, I'm actually on track to do just that!
I will have been at Weight Watchers here in Cambridge for a year around mid June, and by the look of it I should have lost around 12-15 kilos by then!


Weigh in last night, I lost .800 grams.  So over the last two week period, I lost 1.9 kilos.
I reckon I'm going to get the two months free at WW's at the end of the 8 week challenge!

I'm rather happy with that, with myself for still trying, to never giving up.  No matter what is thrown at me, no matter how many times I dive head first into the pantry... I will never give up trying to be the best I can be.

One day I will walk into a 'normal' clothes shop and buy regular sized clothes again, one day I won't feel like people are looking down their noses at me because of my size.  One day I won't feel like I'm just 'fat and ugly'.

ONE DAY, be that in 1, 2 OR 3 years from now!

I'm off to do the grocery shopping this morning, friggin YAAA.


1.32 pm:   What a busy morning!  I dropped the kids off at school/kindy, then took off into Hamilton to do the grocery shopping.
Just as I was leaving the supermarket, I got a phone call from my nephew Deon.

He was parked outside my house, wanting to visit!  So I rushed all the groceries into my car and took off for home quick smart.

It was really neat to spend some time with Deon, I'd not spent any time with him in over 8 years!

ABOVE:  Me and Deon, he's my eldest nephew, the son of my late eldest brother, Peter.  He looks so much like all the men in my family on my Dad's side!

These past few days have been so wonderful, catching up with so many of my family members.   I know it was all about my Mum and her special birthday... but it's really been lovely for me too!

ABOVE:  Just chopped up pieces of cheese, all weighed so I don't have too much!  All worth 4 points.  
I'm choosing to have mostly nice hot soups for lunches over winter, and I will add the cheese for protein and flavour.

The kitchen scales are going to become my best friend, so I don't eat too much.  It's amazing how quickly you forget just how much each portion is worth, and it's damn easy to slowly give yourself larger and larger portions!

Not any more.  Hauling ourselves in, doing it 'right' and getting the bloody weight off.

Stew lost 2.4 kilos last week, little bugger didn't even TELL ME!  I'm going to be watching him from now on.  Sneaky man.

And that's a wrap.  The day is done.  We just watched the final of 'The Missing'.... is went as we expected, we could see how it was going from fairly early in the series ... having worked out the ins and outs and red herrings etc all the way through.  We actually really enjoyed this series.. and hope there is another one.


  1. That's a great, positive post Chris!! Keep at it, especially keep doing what you started last week with less carbs. Your diabetes will thank you, your body will thank you and you will lose weight :)

  2. Congratulations Chris. You should be really proud of yourself. You do so much for your family and friends but you deserve this for yourself. Slow and steady ALWAYS wins the race xo

  3. Regardless of your size - you are NOT ugly. People who look down on you for any reason are the ones with the problem.

  4. Well done, you are doing great :-)

  5. Keep chipping away at those grams kiddo

  6. Someone said to me once "it's ok to fall off the wagon 100 times as long as you get back up 101 times." Good advice.

  7. Good for you for persevering. You definitely have the right mindset and that's half the battle.

  8. Great result Chris! You've got this. Re Stew - bloody men and their ability for the weight to fall off. Marty is at -19 kgs now..

  9. Anonymous10:04 PM

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    1. And you are a fuckwit.

    2. Ha ha... Cranky you replied just as I was deleting that comment!

  10. Wow awesome losses to date. There those blue eyes again.... Bet ya glad you didn't have to do groceries in the rain....


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