Monday, May 08, 2017


Yesterday Bex gave me an early Mother's Day present... she had been working on it for quite a while:

 ABOVE:  This is my new, AMAZING winter scarf!  I saw a picture of one like this on Pinterest and fell in love with it, and asked Bex to have a go at making one for me.
Hasn't she done an awesome job!  I utterly love it.
It's unique, funky and I doubt I will see anyone else walking around with one. 
I like that idea.

At Ribbon Rose yesterday,  I decided to be restrained and not spend heaps... I want to save my $$'s for our trip away next month.
So, I only got this:

ABOVE: Two pieces of fabric.  A metre of each... I'm thinking of making some coasters with it.  I plan on doing the craft fair down at the church in October.  Selling tile pictures and a few fabric craft type things.
So... once things settle down here I will be working on making a few things for that.

This evening I am hosting the Patchwork meeting, which means I can't weigh in at WW tonight, so I will be going to the Wednesday night meeting instead. 
This morning I will be baking a feijoa cake for supper tonight.  Maybe some sort of biscuit too?  We will see.

So, that's my plan for the day, do some baking and get the lounge ready for the meeting.  I need to put some extra chairs in there ... cos I have no idea how many ladies will turn up!


Gawd it's like pulling teeth trying to get an appointment to see our doctor at our clinic!
I tried for Friday, which would have suited both of us.. nope... she's fully booked.

Today... fully booked.
Tuesday Stew's in Rotorua all day... so no can do.
Thursday... fully booked.

So she had an empty time slot on Wednesday... so I took it! 

At least we found something this week!  I think the sooner we get in and get ourselves sorted out the better.  I'm hoping once she's adjusted our medications we will both feel much better.

I've just finished cleaning bathrooms (friggin ikkkk), cleaning the kitchen, getting the washing on, putting extra chairs in the lounge for this evening, and now... time to bake.


 ABOVE:  A friggin lot of dishes!  How can you end up with so many bowls???

 ABOVE:  Two feijoa cakes, a jug full of feijoa icing in the fridge to add at the last minute... and I had a go at some Cranberry and Oat biscuits.  

ABOVE:  The biscuits look rather good!  I've got the last batch in the oven right now... (12.55 pm), so once they are out I will have been baking for just over 3 hours!

And after I've had lunch, I need to wash the floor cos it's got flour and icing sugar all over it!  *smiles*

Got distracted, burnt the last batch of biscuits!  Oh well... I have enough for tonight!

Almost time to go and pick up the kids... then get dinner on.  It's been one of those days where I virtually never get to sit down.

SOMETIMES I JUST NEED TO TURN OFF MY PHONE, OR REFUSE TO ANSWER TEXTS... COS OMG THEY ARE DOING MY HEAD IN.  I can't spend half my time answering stupid fucking texts!!!!    I have several people who seem to think it's OK to text, and text, and text... probably not realising that they are not the only ones who are texting me... over and over again!

Phone is going off as I type.

9.30 pm:  And the patchwork meeting went very well.  The ladies who tried the cake loved it... there isn't much left either after Brylee and Griffin had some too.  So that's good. Less to scream at me from the pantry tomorrow!

I did start to have a piece myself, but stopped after only a couple of mouthfuls, very aware my diabetes is kinda out of control at the moment, and it's up to me to fix it.  So cake and biscuits are OFF THE MENU.

All good.  I can live without it.  I shall have some tasty cheese instead!  

Time to sign off for the day.  I'm really tired.  Mondays are always tiring.  My big clean day.


  1. I can't believe it, I just saw a post on facebook that someone had made that scarf in the same colour for their mom!! I don't think you'll run into each other though as you are 12,000Km apart, lol. It's very pretty and unique.

    1. Hello Janice I jave posted this in a few groups I'm in. It might of been me haha

    2. Hi Bex, you're probably right. It's amazing how things travel around the world via the internet!!Love, all the work you've done, especially all the little animals.

  2. Gorgeous scarf!! Bex is very talented!

  3. Loving the scarf.....well done Bex

    Hope you enjoy your night of patchworking

  4. Love that scarf - so unique, Bex is so clever :-)

  5. Beautiful scarf!! That was some cooking marathon! Hope the evening went well.

  6. Wow I love that scarf ... Hmmmmm home baking yummmmm hope your evening goes well.

  7. The scarf is so you. Enjoy hosting your patchwork class tonight. I've got a card class's to host next Monday afternoon. Havnt even started on the cards yet best make a start on Thursday.

  8. I usually burn/overcook the last tray of biscuits too!!!

  9. Yep as I said before sometimes turning phone off at times is the only way...

  10. Do not respond, ignore the barrage of texts, eventually they will give up if they don't get a reaction.

  11. The feijoa cakes look good. We don't have feijoa here. Wow I'm craving cake now. I told myself that if I want to lose weight, I will stop buying cake. The only cake I'm allowing myself to eat is if I bake it myself. I have finally learnt to bake pound cakes. But the thought of washing up after baking is too tiring. So I won't be eating any cake today. My laziness is coming in handy when it comes to losing weight.

  12. The scarf looks quite unique. And I like my biscuits a little burnt. I have a shortcut note on my phone, "Do not text. Call!"
    And, my wife turns off her phone when she doesn't want to be bothered. I feel the same way, it's my tool to use as I want. No reason to feel guilty for rejecting calls or anything else. But the problem with turning it off is that all the texts and messages come in a flood when you turn it back on.
    My wife also generates large amounts of dirty dishes......

  13. What a lovely scarf. Those cakes and cookies look yummy. Seems like you had a very busy weekend.

  14. What a busy day! Love the scarf, so pretty!


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