Saturday, May 20, 2017


So as I mentioned last night, Stew and I had a really, really lovely evening last night.

The party was for a guy who works with Stew.

Henry was having a pre-wedding party.  It was held in the home of a good friend of theirs.  

One of the fun things we did was dress the couple in wedding dresses made of toilet paper:

 ABOVE:  Henry and Kevin, all dressed up in loo paper!  Meeting them was so neat, I really liked both of them, and I had some awesome conversations with them and lots of laughs.

The house the party was held in was a truly lovely home, the front entrance was amazing!  So big!  I loved how they had put the streamers up through the length of it... so pretty and effective.
And of course Henry looked rather fetching walking from the lounge to the family room like a real bride!  Too cute.

ABOVE:  In the kitchen, there was an amazing light fitting above the island bench.  It kept changing colour!  You could lock it on one cololur if you wanted too as well.  The lady who owns the home doesn't like it that much!
I have all the details of it and will investigate getting one for our kitchen.  
Or something similar.
We don't have a drop down light fitting above our island bench.

So today.  Well... no firm plans as yet.
Griffin has a 'date' and is going to a movie in Hamilton around lunchtime.  Of course, it's not a 'date' date... so he says.  But it's only him and a girl... so yeah.  It's a date, even if he doesn't think so, I bet she does!  lol

Amanda left her glasses here yesterday, so will be popping in to collect them sometime this morning.

Once she has been, I'm going to suggest we go into Hamilton to suss out... KITCHEN LIGHTS!
Cos I can, and it's on my mind, and I want to know just how much they are... to see if they are in the budget!

Adn well.. it's a form of shopping isn't it?  And we all know I love shopping, even if it's just sussing out prices.  *smiles*


2.43 pm:  Well it's been a fairly quiet morning.  All we did was the washing!
And then after Griffin left for his date/not date, we went into Hamilton and looked at lighting.
Waste of time.  There was nothing in the shops like what I saw last  night.
I might have to look further afield.

We had lunch at the mall, then came home. 
It's a miserable wet, windy day.  And rather cold.

I've had a brilliant idea on how to get a bigger sewing/craft room.  But it involves moving everyone in the house except Stew and I!

Oh and it will need Bob the Builder's help too.
Though I have floated the idea past him before. 
It's going to take a bit of work of course, moving stuff/kids... but I am going to do it.


Sooner than I had planned too.  It just means Keera will be 'sharing' a part of the sewing room with me!  

Because she's not going to be a permanent 'fixture' in the house, that will be just fine for now.

I will show you my plans another day.
Right now, I have a mountain of washing to fold up and get away.  Friggin Yaaaa.  NOT.

I didn't do the washing, I went and had a nap!  I'm feeling like utter shit.  Brylee has a full blown cold, and I've got a sore throat and eyes.
Yes, eyes.  My eyes are streaming, literally tears running down my face streaming.  And sore as hell.
So not feeling very flash at all.

The kids are driving me crazy tonight too, I can't even stand their voices.  And Brylee's sniffles and coughs are making me want to smother her!  Clearly I'm miserable.  

Best to just stay away from the kids!

I'm going to sign off for the day.  Nothing is going to be happening around here tonight!  Except Coronation Street.  Stew will of course watch sport in the lounge.  *lol*


  1. Hey Chris, Google LED lighting strips for the kitchen bench, as a friend just did this in his outdoor BBQ area in OZ

    The boys look fabulous!

    Hope G enjoys his non-date :)

  2. My goodness that house looks like one my friend built in Hamilton a few years ago. That couple look so good together, it looks like a fun party.

  3. glad you enjoyed it. I sometimes have to force myself to go out too!! Also glad the couple are so happy.....

  4. Hi Chris, We have that light in our kitchen ... I love it. At night when we are in the lounge we turn off all the other lights but that one and it just strobes through the colours. We got ours through Lighting Direct but that 15 months ago.

  5. A friend has the little ceiling lights that do the same thing. They're worked by a remote. They've also got a coloured light in cavities like behind the fridge. I think he put them up himself.

  6. And a friend of mine had led rope light around their kitchen island under the lip of the bench BLUE EVEN... Sorry you're poorly its bitter cold here too.

  7. Oh bumar for Brylee having a cold, Aunty and Uncles house is more than happy to have the kiddoes for the weekend to entertain our kiddies X and the SIL (Son In Law) is more than happy to come out with tools, hammer and nail to wack up or wack down and get into a bit of DIY <3 Just give us big kids (Me and OB) a whistle and we can make plans to be there XO Love you Mum <3

    1. lol...SLOW DOWN! We have a qualified builder in the family who does all the wack it up and wack it down stuff ! But thanks for the offer. You can do the tedious, move shit around stuff!


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