Saturday, May 27, 2017


Last night Steve was being silly and said he was going to dip his 'dick' in Bex's cuppa tea.
She said 'Go on then'... so the idiot did!

The tea was HOT, and he got burnt!  


I now can't get visions of his dick cooling off in the kitchen sink out of my mind.  

And Bex said "Mmmmm, dick tea!"

I won't tell you what my Mum said/asked him!  It was too rude.

But 'stiff' and 'limp' were a couple of words she uttered.  

She may be 80, but she is still rather real... and funny!

Needless to say, he won't be doing that again in a hurry I'm sure. 

Today we are going to take a careful trip into Hamilton so Mum and Ron can finalise their trip back to Australia, which is booked in for next Wednesday.  Mum only has to walk a few steps into the travel agency, and the bank next door. 
Let's see how she goes.


Up first thing and off to Hamilton to weigh in at Weight Watchers.  I'd not had a chance during the week.  I expected a huge gain as I've not been eating well all week... so was happy to see only a .300 gram gain.
I know it can catch up with me during the coming week, so I shall have to be careful between now and next weigh in.

It's a dull, miserable day out there, but not too cold.  
Hoping to get Mum into Hamilton in the next couple of hours, then straight back home... unless she wants to have some lunch at the mall.  We will see...

We have been into Hamilton and sorted out the olds travel plans, then we came home as Mum was tired after just that little outing.
She's now sitting relaxing again, after a nice lunch here at home.

Soon Stew is going to pop out and get some timber, for shelving in the wardrobes in my new sewing room.


Stew has done some of my shelves! All going well he might finish the rest tomorrow.  One less job for Steve, he will be pleased.  *smiles*

We are now going to enjoy a quiet evening, Mum is resting like she has been told to.  A bit of stress this afternoon that she certainly didn't need, but I'm doing my very best to protect my MUM from stress and follow doctor's orders.  End of story.

Signing off now... time to relax and calm down .

Friday, May 26, 2017


Much to my mother's disgust, she is going to be ensconced on the couch today, tucked up with a warm, snuggly electric throw.

Ron and I are going to fuss over her and make sure she does not over exert herself.

All going well after a couple of days like that she will be up to making plans for going home to Australia.

I will also be doing some sorting out in the sewing rooms... though as I've decided I do need shelves in the wardrobes, there is only so much I can get done until they are up.

Steve and Bex are coming down on Queen's Birthday weekend, as Bex's brother is getting married, so Steve can do the shelving then.

So... it's going to be a really quiet day I hope!

I gave my Mum strict instructions as she went to bed last night NOT to have any shenanigans in the morning! No repeats of Tuesday morning that's for bloody sure! I never want that to happen again.


So far so good!  Nice quiet morning.  Fed and watered both of them as often as possible!
Mum's been very good... just sitting and chatting, eating her lunch , but not the crusts!  Naughty girl.  lol

I've got their flights arranged, thanks to our son-in-law Andrew.  All going well they will be flying out on Wednesday morning.
Tuesday will be spent in Auckland visiting her sisters.

This afternoon I am going to get some more sorting done in the sewing room.. and that's about all for now.  I'm feeling rather jaded.  

I'm so relieved it's friday!  Stew can help me with entertaining these two oldies.  I'm at saturation point!  

Very quiet today ... I'm happy I've not pissed anyone off today!  lol 

Having some seriously good laughs tonight, courtesy of Steve's dick!  I'll tell you about that tomorrow!

Time to sign off for the day... I am so tired I don't think I will be up much longer. My cold is still hanging on... the sinuses are still causing horrid headaches.  EVERYONE in the house has it now, which is a bugger.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Today should go something like this:

Take the kids to school and Kindy, then home.

Ron will then follow me into Hamilton in their hire car, and we will return said car.

They won't be needing it anymore, as I can take them here and there after today.

All going well we will then head off to the Hospital to see Mum, and if the specialist gives her the all clear, we can take her home.

Mum is really stressing out about travelling back home to Australia.  Sydney airport stresses her out, due to it being so big, with very long walks between check in - departure lounge - terminals etc.  

Ron and I keep telling her that she can be wheeled in a freakin' wheelchair if necessary, but she's still stressing out about it.  Silly girl.

I'm hoping that once she is sprung from hospital, she comes back here and just chills out for at least a few days!  The last thing she needs is to be rushing around trying to get home too soon.

I can't tell you how worrying this has been!  One minute she was just fine, a bit tired, but 'normal', ya know?

Then having a bloody heart attack right in front of my eyes!  I'll tell you this, it WASN'T like all the adverts show you it will 'look' like.
I think one person's heart attack can be quite different from the next person's.

My Mum just went all floppy, changed colour and could hardly breathe, and said it felt like she had an elephant sitting on her chest.  Then she had a weird feeling creeping up from her chest to her chin that felt like pins and needles, and sort of numb too?

So... no sharp pains in her chest or arms like you are told to look for/expect.

It's been very educational, if nothing else.

Well... enough of that... I'm hoping today is a good day for everyone, and Mum gets to come home.


2.45 pm:  home from the hospital, just taking a break before going back to ... pick up Mum all going well.  She's not too keen on coming out, but as the Dr said, her heart is stable and there's no reason for her to stay in there.

She's just worried that it will happen again... she's a worrier.  Natural I suppose.

Ron and I are exhausted!  From doing nothing!  It's so tiring sitting in a hospital room on uncomfortable chairs, just sitting there talking.  
I'd much rather be doing something physical any day. Or sewing.  Let's not forget the sewing.  *smiles*

I've got a thumping headache so will bugger off and self medicate.

She's home... safe and sound.  Dinner is done, some birthday cake has been consumed and soon I have no doubt they (the olds) will head off to bed.  It's been a nerve wracking, tiring three days!

So glad she's home again.  Now we can start the process of getting her home to Australia safely.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Griffin in feeling sick with a cough and cold, so he's staying home today.
It's cross country running at his school today, so obviously he's not keen to do that while feeling sick.

Normally Keera would be at kindy till lunchtime today, but she's staying home with Griffin so I can go up to the hospital first thing this morning.

Ron spent last night with one of his daughters, who lives about an hour away from here.  Once he gets back here this morning, we will both go up to the hospital to be with Mum.

Once she is seen by the specialist, I am hoping she can come home.  But we won't know until he's been and seen her.  And goodness knows when that will happen... but most likely sometime this morning.

I'm a bit nervous about leaving Keera with Griffin, but I'm hoping it's a good 'experience' for Griffin, and he does well looking after his little sister.  All he has to do is turn the TV on, keep an eye on her,  feed her and maybe get her to bed after her lunch.  Sounds easy eh? *smiles*

Right, I better get a move on.  Only Brylee to get off to school today, so not such a rush.  


3.55 pm:  Today  has gone well.  Griffin has done an excellent job looking after Keera. So relieved.
Tomorrow Kindy have said they can have her all day, so one less worry for tomorrow.

Mum.  Is doing well.   She had a mild heart attack yesterday morning.
The cardiologist saw her this morning and has put her on a new medication to bring her heart rate down and under control.
All going well, she might be discharged from hospital tomorrow!

But as for her flying home to Australia, that is totally up in the air right now.  We will have to take advice from the doctor on when she is safe to fly.

ABOVE:  they are such a cute little couple!  12 years together, and he still fusses over her like she's precious.  ♥  So very happy they have each other.

Ron and I are taking a break at home right now, just relaxing for a little while, before heading back up to visit with her till bedtime.  Did I mention Ron isn't well either?  He's got a nasty cold, so have I and Brylee. 

Nearly half of everyone we run into has a freakin' cold!  Waikato Hospital is full to capacity... they have even cancelled all non essential surgery for the time being.  Bloody winter!

8.38 pm:  Well Ron and I spent a couple of hours with Mum this evening, she was so much brighter!  Making conversation and happier.  Such a relief.
I'm sure they will let her out tomorrow.

My cold is finally abating, my sinuses are not so sore, thank goodness. I'm totally over the constant headache and sore throat.

Time to sign off for the night... some mindless tv and nothing else to follow.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Today's plans are going to totally depend on how my Mum and Ron are feeling.
They want to return the hire car back into Hamilton, and also book their flights back to Australia.  All going well we will get that done today.

If my Mum is still not well I am going to get her a Doctor's appointment.  She can't afford to be unwell for too long.

But I won't know how she is until they get up out of bed.  Which will be in the next hour or so I suppose.

At some point today I would like to get back into the new sewing rooms and do some more sorting out there.  It's still a bomb site!

I was supposed to be starting back at Donna's Quilt Studio today.  That's not going to happen. I am going to try and defer going this term and go again next term... as I have a couple of classes I can't go to now (today and one in June), and the term is only 7 weeks long for this group.  I don't know why her 'term' is only 7 weeks long?  The school term is easily 10 weeks.  Oh well, I will ask and find out at some point.

Right, that's all for now... off to get kids ready for the day.


Well today is a bit of a bugger. I'm busy with the olds... but not as I expected. 
I wont be home till much later today... 

Home briefly to pick up the kids, then I'm out again.  I will be back later. Sorry, I can't divulge more than that. 

6.13 pm:  Well... without going into details, my Mum is now in hospital.  I had to call an ambulance for her when I got home from taking the kids to school/kindy.
She is in overnight under observation, and seeing a specialist in the morning.  

I am hoping she will recover quickly.  

It's been quite a day!  I came home mid afternoon and picked up the kids from school/kindy then headed back with an overnight bag for her and so on. 

Those hospital corridors are very long!  I've done heaps of steps today... *smiles*

It's now time for me to unwind, have something to eat and try to relax for a while.  And try not to worry too much.


Monday, May 22, 2017


Here's more photos from yesterday's room moving... and Amanda and Andrew and kids visiting:

 ABOVE:  Griffin's new room.  He is very happy... so it was worth the effort.

 ABOVE:  Amanda and Andrew.  

 ABOVE:  Joel, he's 12 now.

 ABOVE:  Emily, who's 6.  Having such fun outside, even though it was freakin' freezing!

 ABOVE:  I was trying to get a photo of Joel with his fringe (bangs) in a pig tail... but his MOTHER photobombed it!  Nice one.

 ABOVE:  A cute moment with Huston (he's 13) and his little brother, Liam.

 ABOVE:  Emily and Keera doing 'gymnastics' in the family room.  They got nice and tired I'm sure.

ABOVE:  Little Liam (4 years old)... he's got sore lips from the wind and cold.
He and Emily ran into each other in the hallway and both got bumps on their heads.  Liam's was a REALLY big bump, but he wouldn't let Amanda hold ice on it for long, so he will no doubt have a good bruise tomorrow.

Today I plan on doing some 'normal' housework, then I am going down town to get some more warm trousers for Keera.  Most of her long tights are not warm enough for the frosty Waikato!  
And I might get some shelving wood for the two wardrobes too.


Well now, ain't the trolls out in force lately?

Keera is perfectly happy and emotionally stable.  She is well aware of her situation and where she will be living next year, and she is being well prepared for her eventual move.

It was NEVER our intention to raise Keera for the next 12+ years.  I have been raising kids FULL TIME for over 38 years, and there was no way in HELL I was prepared to raise another child.  

AND to point out a very valid fact:  Keera deserves to be raised by young parents, with siblings her own age, and that is going to be her situation next year. End of story.

You trolls deserve to be bitch slapped, you know NOTHING and obviously just love stirring shit.  Nothing better to do, you poor bitches.

Me on the other hand, I do productive stuff with all the time on my hands.  Jealous?  Clearly.

We got a double whammy today:

 ABOVE:  Frost and Fog!  It's rather cold out there.

ABOVE:  Keera in a wooly jumper her Great Grandma gave her last winter... she insisted I put it on the blog!  The lovely flowers are from Amanda.  
Just as well I noticed Keera's tights had a hole in the knee before she left the house this morning!  See?  I need to go get her more warm ones.

WHOOPS!  I got carried away and bought Keera trousers, skivvies AND sweatshirts.  But, she did need warm stuff!

I also go several (OK 10) plastic boxes with lids for the wardrobes in my new sewing rooms.  I was going to get shelving wood etc, but the boxes seemed like cheaper, easier options.

Now I can make a start of sorting it all out.

My Mum and Ron are on their way back here from Auckland.  Sadly, my Mum is sick with a bad cold and an upset tummy, so NO VISITORS for a while I'm afraid.

They need a few quiet days to just relax. 

10.55 pm:  A very quiet evening here.  Mum and Ron went to bed very early after both of them managing to eat a little soup and toast.
I've still got my cold and cough, so does Brylee, and now Griffin has it too.

Hopefully everyone starts to feel better soon.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


So I think I know why my eyes were so bad last night... streaming and stinging for hours.


I wore foundation on Friday night, have not worn that shit EVER... and while I did wash it off after the party, obviously some must have still been on me face.  
And OMG did it irritate my eyes!

Next time I use it I must be way, way more careful not to get any near me or in me eyes!

My eyes are still pissed off and sore, but a lot better than last night.

Today I'm making a tentative start on moving a few things around, starting with linen and wardrobe stuff.

This is my plan :

ABOVE:  at the moment I am using the bedroom right at the front of the house as my sewing room.  It's not big enough.  I can hardly swing a cat in there.

So, my plan is to put Griffin in that room, put Brylee in the 'spare' bedroom, and I take over the two bedrooms that Brylee and Griffin are in right now.

My plan is to take most of the wall down between the two rooms and have a much bigger sewing room.
But have the 'gap' in such a way that I can put some bi-folds or a concertina door there in the future if necessary.

When we have visitors, they can use the Lounge as a bedroom, as we already do when Steve and Bex come to visit.

I will just have to get the wooden screen out and use that for privacy when there's visitors in the lounge... cos it doesn't have a door.
(Steve and Bex don't care, but others might).

I will be making an area in the new 'sewing room' for Keera, until she moves on next year.
So, I won't have it quite how I want it for a while, but I will still have more room.

And Griffin will be able to set his new room up in such a way that he doesn't have to keep his blind drawn all friggin day cos his room's too bright!  He lives in a boy cave ... seriously!
The front bedroom does not get much direct sunlight, so it's perfect for him.

Right... off to make a start on stuff...


Well... after talking to Steve, we probably won't be taking the wall down between the two 'sewing' rooms.  I can just walk between the two, one will be for working in, and one will be for storing everything in.

I've made a good start...

 ABOVE:  Packing up the sewing room... I haven't even OPENED the wardrobe door yet!

 ABOVE:  All the linen in the spare bedroom wardrobe has been re-shuffled and is now in the actual linen cupboard in the hallway!  
Some of the excess has found new places to reside.
It's slowly coming together.

ABOVE :  This is the biggest hold up!  He moves at a snail's pace!  I could throttle him.

Well.... after working solidly for about 5 hours, we got all the sewing stuff into one of the bedrooms I will be using, and Griffin was ensconced in his new room.

He loves it!  I knew he would.  Mother knows best.

Brylee is brassed off that she didn't get into her new room today too.  We did manage to get all her wardrobe stuff moved over to her new room.  So, it's a start.

We have a bit more work to do before she can move across the hallway fully though.

AND we need the spare bedroom for when my Mum and Ron get back from their travels.
They will be staying here for a few days sometime this week.

Keera is happy in her new abode too, once I get the room sorted out, she will have lots more room too.

ABOVE:  For now ... she's sleeping in a bomb site!  I can't even start to sort it out until I have shelving in the wardrobes.  
I am hoping Steve can come down and do them for me next weekend.

ABOVE:  That was my lounge at midday today!  Full of Griffin's stuff.
He did a good job of getting it all in his new bedroom, he even put the bed back together on his own.
I hope he did it right, or we might hear a crash in the middle of the night!  Nah, I'm sure he's done it right.

ABOVE:  While I was busy doing the room changing, Stew was busy outside.  He had to put a running wooden board along a part of the dog fence, low down, as Coco had worked out how to wriggle under it and escape!
Then he finished off this corner of the front garden.  He got the sleepers over half price as they were split in places.  You can't even see the splits!  SCORE.

We had Amanda, Andrew and the kids out for dinner tonight.  It was lovely.  NOISY, but nice.
I made a chicken/onion/mushroom risotto.  It went down well too.
I had chicken soup.  

I took photos... OF COURSE!  But will post them tomorrow... cos there's enough on today's post!

Our visitors have left, Keera is asleep, and the big kids will be off to bed shortly too... then it will be relax and do NOTHING time.
I'm bloody exhausted.  

Saturday, May 20, 2017


So as I mentioned last night, Stew and I had a really, really lovely evening last night.

The party was for a guy who works with Stew.

Henry was having a pre-wedding party.  It was held in the home of a good friend of theirs.  

One of the fun things we did was dress the couple in wedding dresses made of toilet paper:

 ABOVE:  Henry and Kevin, all dressed up in loo paper!  Meeting them was so neat, I really liked both of them, and I had some awesome conversations with them and lots of laughs.

The house the party was held in was a truly lovely home, the front entrance was amazing!  So big!  I loved how they had put the streamers up through the length of it... so pretty and effective.
And of course Henry looked rather fetching walking from the lounge to the family room like a real bride!  Too cute.

ABOVE:  In the kitchen, there was an amazing light fitting above the island bench.  It kept changing colour!  You could lock it on one cololur if you wanted too as well.  The lady who owns the home doesn't like it that much!
I have all the details of it and will investigate getting one for our kitchen.  
Or something similar.
We don't have a drop down light fitting above our island bench.

So today.  Well... no firm plans as yet.
Griffin has a 'date' and is going to a movie in Hamilton around lunchtime.  Of course, it's not a 'date' date... so he says.  But it's only him and a girl... so yeah.  It's a date, even if he doesn't think so, I bet she does!  lol

Amanda left her glasses here yesterday, so will be popping in to collect them sometime this morning.

Once she has been, I'm going to suggest we go into Hamilton to suss out... KITCHEN LIGHTS!
Cos I can, and it's on my mind, and I want to know just how much they are... to see if they are in the budget!

Adn well.. it's a form of shopping isn't it?  And we all know I love shopping, even if it's just sussing out prices.  *smiles*


2.43 pm:  Well it's been a fairly quiet morning.  All we did was the washing!
And then after Griffin left for his date/not date, we went into Hamilton and looked at lighting.
Waste of time.  There was nothing in the shops like what I saw last  night.
I might have to look further afield.

We had lunch at the mall, then came home. 
It's a miserable wet, windy day.  And rather cold.

I've had a brilliant idea on how to get a bigger sewing/craft room.  But it involves moving everyone in the house except Stew and I!

Oh and it will need Bob the Builder's help too.
Though I have floated the idea past him before. 
It's going to take a bit of work of course, moving stuff/kids... but I am going to do it.


Sooner than I had planned too.  It just means Keera will be 'sharing' a part of the sewing room with me!  

Because she's not going to be a permanent 'fixture' in the house, that will be just fine for now.

I will show you my plans another day.
Right now, I have a mountain of washing to fold up and get away.  Friggin Yaaaa.  NOT.

I didn't do the washing, I went and had a nap!  I'm feeling like utter shit.  Brylee has a full blown cold, and I've got a sore throat and eyes.
Yes, eyes.  My eyes are streaming, literally tears running down my face streaming.  And sore as hell.
So not feeling very flash at all.

The kids are driving me crazy tonight too, I can't even stand their voices.  And Brylee's sniffles and coughs are making me want to smother her!  Clearly I'm miserable.  

Best to just stay away from the kids!

I'm going to sign off for the day.  Nothing is going to be happening around here tonight!  Except Coronation Street.  Stew will of course watch sport in the lounge.  *lol*

Friday, May 19, 2017


I have too much time on my hands ... cos I spend far too much time over thinking things. 



I actually feel like a bloody fool!  I've wasted so much time and emotion on TRYING!  For what?  People who clearly don't care. 

And I will stop thinking and 'blaming' myself for shit that is NOT MY FUCKING FAULT.  Fuck you who have tried to make me feel like it is. 
I'm actually fucking pissed off about the past few years and how 'they' have made me feel.  Over it.  Fucking over it. 

It's Friday, and I have no plans for the day.  It's supposed to be shit weather, so a walk or bike ride isn't on the cards.
So... maybe I will sew!  Yeah, that's not a bad idea.


And wow, the day is actually lovely!  It still might rain, but while it's so nice I'm going to head out for either a walk or bike ride.

Once I make me bed and get the washing on...

RESULT! ....

ABOVE:  Amanda going through her photos.  I have sorted out photos for each of my kids to have, rather than them waiting till I'm dead!
It sure lightened my load of stored photos.

ABOVE:  Look who invited themselves out for lunch!  AND they bought lunch for me too.

Liam is at morning kindy now, so he got to come out too.  

Now I've gotta fly and pick up the kids from school/kindy.... back later!

I've got a bit of a headache.  Annoying... I better take a pill cos Stew and I are going out this evening to one of his work colleague's engagement party.  Let's call it a DATE shall we?  lol

11.52 pm:  Just back from the engagement party.  I had fully expected to be bored shitless, as I knew no one going to this party.  I almost stayed home in fact.  I'm so glad I didn't!

It was a fairly modest party, just a dozen or so guests, and it was really lovely.  The engaged couple were just the most lovely guys, and we had so many laughs with them all!

Many of the guests were lawyers... but OMG not the stuffy, snotty sort of lawyers!  They were all so down to earth and funny.  And so friendly.  Stew and I got on with everyone like a house on fire.  

So, instead of staying an hour or two then quietly leaving, we stayed much longer than anticipated.

Luckily, Keera was well behaved for Brylee and we didn't have to worry about her at all.

Almost bedtime, catch ya tomorrow.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


I was reading a girl's blog last night, and saw a photo on it that I just had to steal!

ABOVE:  this was the sign outside a Women's rest room, in Toronto, Canada.
Can you IMAGINE someone using it here?
No, nor can I.
I can hear it now:

Sexist!  Rude!  Offensive!   Insulting! Objectifying women!  And so on.

So, while I think it's rather clever, and funny... I'm no doubt in the minority.  Political correctness is nuts in this country.  You have to watch what you say and do all the time, in case you offend someone.

It is hard I can tell you!  I have to bite my tongue so bloody often.  *sigh*

I'm going into Hamilton this morning.  I need a new strap for my Fitbit.  One half of the strap keeps falling off... so I better get a new one.  I'm hoping I can get a blue one of course, but I don't know if they supply blue ones?

Right... time to get moving.


Lucky me!  I got the last Large Fitbit strap in the shop... and they only had black.  So black it was.  AND... it was not $49.95 as advertised, I got it for $36.  SCORE!

I went out to The Base and did a couple of little jobs there, then popped into Amanda's for morning tea.  That was nice.

I got home in time to pick Keera up from Kindy. Lunchtime now... then some down time doing whatever takes me fancy.

Nothing took my fancy!  I watched some mindless TV and thought about 'stuff'.

And I kinda got really crabby!  'Stuff' went around and around in my head, and much as I didn't want to over think shit.. it happens.
But I have to learn to move on.

It's getting freakin' cold!  I've got out my electric throw!  It's like an electric blanket, but  you snuggle under it in your lounge chair.  I love it.  It has rained non stop all day... leaves are falling all over the place, it looks messy outside!  WINTER.  Kinda bliss cos I don't overheat as much, kinda shitty cos I don't like being cold either!  

Another quiet evening planned here.