Monday, December 04, 2023


 Well this could get bloody boring fast.

I don't have any sewing to do.  I'm fine for market stock.  

What to do?

Ideas anyone?

In the meantime, today I am:

- getting a huge load of linen washing on.

- walking with Lacy.

- visiting the post office to get a quote for posting the 'Boo Boo' Runner.   

I must stop calling it that, as it's still lovely.

And then.... buggered if I know.

I picked Lacy up nice and early this morning, and off we went... to the lake.
Very overcast today, so perfect for walking.

ABOVE:  We parked in a new space today, as the road is still closed in this area.
Won't be long though until it's all done and we can drive to the Yacht Club again. 

ABOVE:  Not a breath of wind this morning.  
We are expecting stormy weather later on though.

ABOVE:  We didn't have a choice, the geese were coming through!  

It was a nice walk.   Once I took Lacy home, I visited Spotlight for some plain white fabric, checked out postage costs for Leanne's runner, then came home.

I've got the washing on, pool chlorinated and pump on, next on me to do list is... nothing.

I might even keep doing that for a while.  lol

I went to Lacy's.
Her car was being picked up and taken for some repairs.  She caught her fence in the driveway (it's a tricky turn) and broke her steering column.

They had to manipulate the wheel manually to get the car turning in the right direction.

ABOVE: She's finally on the tow truck, off to get fixed.  

ABOVE:  I gave Lacy some lights to give her home some festive cheer.
Then we went shopping at Chartwell Square.

ABOVE:  Christmas friends came down to 60% off, as I knew they would.  So I got Rumble, she's now by the tree.

ABOVE: Dante and Archer said my tree was too white... so I grabbed a few red ornaments to give it a bit more colour.

And that's it for Christmas decorations/trees/friends.  I'm done.

Come the 26th, they all go back in the Christmas Cupboard.
My OCD is twitching already.

I really don't like things out of place.  

But I can handle it for 3 weeks.

Now that's all done, I might just head off into the sewing room.  I plan on making a couple of 'Tree Runners'.  I've not made any of them in ages.

I can't just sit and do nothing can I?

ABOVE:  I forgot to post our stats for today's walk.  I like to put it on here for my records.

I got two runners ready for stitching this afternoon.  So some good progress made. 

Stew is now home from work, and we are just relaxing watching the news.

And as I expected, it's been a normal evening here.  Just watching the TV.  

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Plant something yummy to eat.

  2. Windows I know you hate them but a pre Xmas clean? Xmas shopping
    A rest day watching movies?
    Treadmill this will be the first year in a long time all your things are done so ENJOY cause soon there be a B A B Y.

  3. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Does Bex need you to make freezer meals or even just cook meat to have ready in the freezer? Or do her weekly laundry for a while?

    Is there prep work that needs done for your new tub?

    I know you keep a very clean house, but any deep cleaning, or going back thru decluttering any areas?


    1. Anonymous12:52 PM

      Hey vicky that's a very nice thought but I would never ask my lovely mother in law to do that . Thankfully my amazing husband will be on to that stuff. He's pretty good in the kitchen.
      Bex 💚💚

  4. Just sit and read a book. Or play some games. Or go shopping.

  5. Gorgeous tree. I love your Christmas Friends but between the dog and the cats here, they would not have a good time or a long life.

  6. Leeann6:58 PM

    went to our AP&I in Whangarei on Sat and saw this and thought of you!

    1. Hmmmm... not a bad price I must say! Worth investigating at some point. thanks.

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  8. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Oh, the geese were so cute! Follow the leader haha. Kj


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