Tuesday, October 31, 2023


 I read this on Facebook the other day.

It totally resonated with me.

Dear Woolworths, K Mart, The Warehouse, and all other stores that have self checkout.
You are heading towards almost exclusively self-checkout now.
The lady checking receipts at the exit was stopping
I didn't choose to participate in that nonsense, I had already
🛒 filled my cart
🛒 emptied my cart
🛒 scanned the items
🛒refilled my cart
and so I just skipped the exit line and left.
I heard her saying "umm - Excuse me " as I kept walking and raised the receipt above my head, leaving the store.
You can either trust me to do self-checkout, or you can put your cashiers back in place like it used to be.
I'm not interested in proving that I did your job for you.
• If you want me to be a cashier with no training then that's vour problem not mine.
• Keep employing young people and give them job opportunities.
Signed ....All of us
These are jobs that are needed to have for young and old
Copied and pasted, because I agree 100%.

Some places you go now, there is no option but to do 'self check out'.  It totally does my head in.
I am not employed by that store, so why am I doing their job for them?  

Am I in the minority in feeling like this?

If there is no option except self check out, I leave.
Simple.  And don't give me that shit about progress!  It's not progress, it's cost cutting.  

And that's the end of that little rant.  It's been a long time coming.

ABOVE:  I took another photo of our back yard yesterday.   I can't get over how much it can change in such a short time.  

ABOVE:  So pretty.  And we finally have some privacy back.  

I plan on 'sleeping in' today.  Which basically means I wake up early, cat nap for a little while then read the news, check out my peeps on Instagram and Facebook and do my blog... all from me bed.

Then I'm going out to gas up me car, and then go to VTZN to get a new Warrant of Fitness.
Or not.  Hopefully my car passes.  It's as nasty as going to the dentist, the suspense is horrible, waiting to see if you are in for some expensive repair/maintenance work.  😕😏

ABOVE:  Once home again, I'm going to finish off my new runner bag.  I just have to sew on the straps now.  That shouldn't take too long.
After that, I'm going to sort out all the runners, so setting up the next market is as smooth as it can be.

11.30 am.  I have been in my garage all morning, sorting out runners into 'racks' that they go on.
Which meant I had to unpack all of them.
AND put them on racks.  WTF was I thinking?

ABOVE:  Hopefully it will simplify our unpack and pack up at markets.
I'm 90% done thank goodness.

ABOVE:  The look of 'GUILTY'.  While my back was turned, she was off stealing mail.  Little trollop.  She's lucky I love her.

6.15 pm:  I got the runner bag finished, and all the runners are sorted and in the right bag.  Ready to be unpacked in the right order.
Now we just have to remember to pack them back IN in the right way.

Stew isn't home from work yet, he's crazy busy in his office.

I have been working in the house all day, just doing heaps of odd jobs.  
The car's WOF will have to wait until tomorrow morning now.

I'm debating if we go out to dinner this evening or not.

I gave WW a swerve tonight, just not feeling it today.  And as I said, I've been busy in the house and didn't want to stop, have a shower and go out.

It's friggin HALLOWEEN.   Like we are NOT friggin Americans.  I totally do not get why this country has to adopt other countries traditions.
Particularly this one.

It does my damn head in.

I've had three groups come to my front door knocking for sweets so far.  EVEN though I have a sign on our gate saying "NO TRICK OR TREATING HERE THANK YOU".

I am not giving any to anyone.
The dogs go ape shit and bark their heads off.

The last group, a large group of about 6 kids, kept on knocking and knocking, knowing they were making the dogs bark.   They though it was funny.
I didn't.

Just as I'd had enough and was getting up to go and tell them to fuck off, they fucked off.
Just as well.
I was ready to rip their shitty little heads off and shove them in their buckets!

Stew just got home.  To a seething wife.  

Placated.  We went to our Indian Restaurant for dinner.  That cheered me up.  Well that, and some Jelly Beans after dinner.
It's not often I have a sweet now, so yeah, YUM.

We are now going to just relax till bedtime.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous6:40 AM

    I need very good in person customer service when it is complicated and I need their expertise. Cars, household service/repairs, shoes, hardware store, gardening center, lumber yard, computers/phones, etc.

    I am very loyal, most local businesses I use, I have been a customer for 35+ years. I do not price shop or hop around, I support my businesses. I like all my records in one place. I like service people who know us.

    99.9% of the time, since early 2020, I use (free) curbside for groceries, Target, Walmart, etc. They do the shopping, checking out, packing and put them in my car. Best customer service ever! Best concept ever! It is such an efficient use of my time. They are very nice. I wish this had been available when I had babies!

    We get 4-5 dinners per week, via mail, Green Chef program which we love. So my grocery volume is low. I submit a grocery order every other week.

    I use drive thru for Walgreens and bank. Again, quick, they are very nice and quick.

    So, I actually have little to no complications/frustrations with support/service/sales.


  2. I think everybody agrees about the self checkouts.

    1. And I REALLY hate the receipt checking at the door! In my opinion it is treating you like a thief without reason.

    2. Penny9:58 AM

      I totally agree. There is a chain here in Australia called ALDI, which has basic groceries and "special buys" every week which can be the most random household items ever. You can easily go in to check the special buys and not buy anything. BUT: they bag check for no reason, everyone. I hate it, it makes me feel like I am being accused. It stops me wanting to go in there. Even if you buy something, you can end up being bag checked. It ruins the experience for me.

    3. I have an ALDI in my town and I have never seen this! That stinks! I love ALDI. And the goofy aisle of random stuff has a nickname "the aisle of shame". It has it's own Facebook group! People post there finds there and sometimes it starts a frenzy (I exaggerate) but people nationwide will go look for said items. Ya, that's how I ended up with the "glitter britches".

  3. Anonymous9:58 AM


  4. Oops, stuffed up that last comment! Ha ha... filled in the form wrong. I was going to say yesterday Chris - mens and womens shoes is totally bogus to me. I have size 46 European shoes, a men's 12 in running shoes, and I can't buy most women's shoes anyway. I had the opposite problem to you a few weeks ago - I couldn't fit the women's shoes and got the somewhat boring but very practical black runners instead. Wear what you want, I say. And boo to shops trying to fit kids into boy/girl boxes as well! It's so unnecessary.

  5. I avoid self checkout too. Always go to a cashier. Never seen anyone checking receipts in my isolated part of Canada.

  6. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I would rather walk out of a store tha use self serve. Many years ago we were travelling and we went to maccas for takeaway. I was asked if I would like to use the self serve menu, I declined but the attendant offered ‘ to show me’. She couldn’t understand that she was still serving me and that I still would never use them.

  7. I don't mind the self service check outs but I simply don't understand why Kmart puts them in the centre of the store? Then what is the point of scanning my docket because it's never checked for what I've actually bought. My biggest pet peeve is McDonalds self service now. I only go when I have the boys but what a bloody job it is to get all the orders! My local Pac n Sav doesn't have self service at all and they have the loveliest staff. I'm sure that will change before too long.

  8. Anonymous8:31 PM

    I really agree with you about self check outs. They are slowly coming in here in supermarkets in Italy, but I refuse to use them for the same reasons as yourself. I love your bags for your runners, truly a very talented lady. Ro (n.w.Italy)

  9. I agree with the self checkouts. I was in Walmart today and the self checkout was closed. Also, went in to The Source, the door was locked, however, there was a sign "please knock for door to be opened". Why? because there are so many unsavory people around these days and there were only two female sales staff. A security measure for products and staff. What is this world coming to.!

  10. Anonymous6:39 PM

    I thoroughly agree with everything you've said Chris. at least Lower Hutt published houses and streets that were happy to have visitors for Halloween.
    But I love your blue blanket by Coco. It would make a gorgeous jacket. Kj


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