Thursday, March 31, 2022


Photos of last night's efforts:

ABOVE: The object of the exercise was to move the carport BACK and to the right.... then take off the front left post, so the driveway can be dug up, then concrete put down.

ABOVE:  Once the carport was in the right position, Steve put the metal support pole up...

ABOVE:  Time to take the left post off!
I was literally shitting myself, imaging the whole thing falling over!

ABOVE: The only thing that fell down was that part attached to the post... right on Griffin's head!

ABOVE:  And there ya go!  Nothing on the driveway getting in the way.
Tomorrow.... the concrete company arrives to start the prep work.

ABOVE:  While the carport was being moved, the little boys had fun prising up the asphalt.  Crazy to think that two little boys could do it !  

I can't wait to see NO DAMN ASPHALT on my property.

First job of the day?  Water the grass seed.
Then... I think Stew and I will be having a quiet day.  Yesterday was crazy tiring.

11.32 am:  And that was scary!  My computer decided to just DIE.

No reason.   Just went black.   Nothing I did worked to bring it back for AGES.

Then suddenly... it started popping up with random screens.... not what I had open at the time it froze either.

Crazy.  That was scary. 

It's a worry when so much is now done via computers, and how much 'stuff' we store on them.

So anyway, it's decided to work again.

Stew is outside mowing the grass verge.  It's the only grass we have right now, so it should take him.... about 5 minutes. lol

I spoke with the concrete company this morning and got answers to all the questions we forgot to ask.

Like what time are they arriving (early tomorrow morning), how long before we can walk on it (36 hours or so), when can we drive on it (7days) and so on.

We have decided to stain it 'full black', which is actually just a dark grey, instead of light grey.

We are going out for a nice lunch somewhere.

Knowing us, it will involve a water view.

We ended up at Lake Karapiro for lunch at the Podium Cafe.

Gorgeous food as always.

Then we did a little drive around the lake...

ABOVE:  We stopped at several lay-bys, boat ramps etc.  The lake was picture perfect today.

Then on our way home we stopped into Cambridge and visited a newish gift shop.

We'd visited it before, and each time it was closed.

Today it was open...

ABOVE:  I found a couple of new little glass bottles.  The one on the right is 'supposed' to be for oil.  Me?  Nah.  It's just gunna be a pretty bottle on the table.  😊

Stew cooked our dinner tonight, pork sausages, mashed spuds and veges, with a really lovely brown onion gravy.  Griffin came over and had dinner with us, after he baked a Feijoa Cake under my supervision. 
Now... we have moved our cars off the driveway in readiness for tomorrow.

Can't wait!!!!

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. You had a good group working there. I can't wait for the new driveway installation:)

  2. Anonymous8:58 AM

    I cannot wait to see it all happening and then finished!! Chris - do you know how long it takes the concrete to setup so you can drive and park on it? Just curious. So exciting!!! KY Girl

  3. Gosh, you have both worked so hard prepping for the new lawn....I hope you see the fruits of your labour coming through soon in the form of some strong green shoots. Hope all goes ok with the concrete laying and you get to enjoy a nice clean and tidy driveway that is well laid - it can only be an improvement on the asphalt fiasco. We have been staying with No 2 daughter to help her with some diy - painted fronts of existing kitchen cupboards/painted all walls & ceilings in kitchen/diner/tiled behind cooker and above worktops/removed partition wall in a bedroom and somehow managed to keep up with the washing and produce dinner every night after constantly cleaning up the dust & debris.....I've never felt so tired in my life ! All in a good cause - the little one is having a baby in Sept so we are looking forward to becoming granny & grandpa for the 1st time and wanted to help her get some of the big decorating jobs out of the way. They farm cows, sheep and pigs so not a lot of time for home improvements. I scored a nearly new double oven and hob on Marketplace (like Trademe) for £65 - bargain of the century to go with the titivated kitchen. No rest for the wicked - we open our airbnb for the season on 6th April, will need a couple of early nights/lie ins when we go home to recover !

  4. Lovely to see your boys helping you and Stew out with this project. I have everything crossed that the concrete goes well.

  5. Leeann1:31 PM

    Is there a way to access the house without walking on the new concrete?

  6. Griffin is becoming such a handsome man and hope is head is okay. Gosh you've got wonderful family support you can rely on 24/7 AWESOME 💙💙

  7. Aw! Put olive oil in the pretty bottle.....
    Can't wait to see the driveway.

  8. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Hope all goes well tomorrow Chris And Stew. Kj

  9. How wonderful to have all those helpers. All the best with the work ahead.


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