Wednesday, March 30, 2022


 If having a 'close encounter' with a Praying Mantis is supposed to signal good luck, then we are in for HEAPS!

I can now say I have had SIX Praying Mantis's on or very near me in the past week!

Last night one flew in, right past my face and landed on the wall.

ABOVE:  I put him outside to live another day.

He's a boy, so some girl will end up eating his poor head off!  lol

ABOVE: Dante commandeered the new weed eater box for school projects.  But not before climbing in it, then getting stuck!

I ended up having to pull him out while Bex held onto the box.  Typical boy.

ABOVE:  Today's job.  All of this has to be raked, have the bigger grass roots pulled out, then stomped down and raked again.

Only then can we put some new topsoil on it.

We sure can't wait until this job is done!

And I'm looking forward to watering it every day and watching the grass grow.

I hope all the hard work will be worth it.

11.40 am.... and:

ABOVE:  Topsoil is finally going on!

Stew wheelbarrowed it from the front of the property down to here, and I spread it out and stomped it down.

Till I got to there... then I had to take a break.
Went inside and promptly threw up.
Whoops.  Might have over done it just a bit.

We are probably going to buy a trailer load of 'lawn soil' as well today, to spread on the very top.  It's supposed to be excellent for facilitating a really good lawn.

If this lawn doesn't come out really beautiful, it won't be for want of trying!

But for now... I'm sitting here feeling a bit weird.  Tingly and very headachy. 

ABOVE:  The Landscaping place on Wickham Street.  We got to see the different grass samples before buying ... we chose a universal mix, suitable for our area.  We hope!

ABOVE:  They also sell little rock birds and owls.  I couldn't resist getting one.  That is 'Wickham'.  He will go somewhere down by the new lawn.

Stew and I have spent the past couple of hours laying the seed/fertiliser and lawn mix soil.

It was exhausting, though Stew did the majority of the hard work.

ABOVE:  And NOW my friends, you get to watch grass grow!!!

Dare I say.... AGAIN?  lol

It's now 3.46 pm, and we get to take a break for a couple of hours.
THEN the guys are going to move the carport, in readiness for FRIDAY, when the concrete company arrives to do the prep work for the driveway.

OMG very exciting knowing that by next week that will be done too.

7.49 pm:   Well the carport has been moved successfully.   It wasn't too difficult, with 4 of us doing it.  And Steve's know how and equipment.
I've got a few photos... for tomorrow of course.  😂😅😊

Stew and I are both KNACKERED now, so it's probably going to be a quiet evening, then off to bed early.


  1. Making me want to spray my yard. So funny Dante getting stuck in the box!

  2. I wonder if those praying mantis visits are a relative stopping by to say hello? Maybe your mum?

    1. I don't think Mum would wanna come back as a male praying mantis! The girl eats his head off after mating ya know! lol I think Mum comes to visit me as a beautiful butterfly.

  3. Sooooo, went to the loo before and there on the toilet lid (which was down) sat a praying mantis.. thanks for the visit Chris LOL

  4. You are making a great job of that lawn! It's bloody hard work though and you'll both deserve a break after that.

  5. No pics of laying the grass seed? Did you just throw it or do you use a seed sprinkling gadget? Our lawn could use this treatment. It is full of weeds and yuck.

  6. After reading your blog this morning I found a praying mantis stuck in a spider web so rescued him. We get heaps of them here, they love the warm brick on our house. Palmy Janene

  7. I love your owl. I wonder if they sell online? You are doing a wonderful job with your garden, I wish I had your energy for outdoor work.

  8. Cute owl. Yard work is exhausting, take care.

  9. We had a praying mantis visit us a couple of days ago ... first time I've seen one in years. My husband got some great photos of it on our rachslider.

  10. And in breaking news......

    It’s Wordle chaos! There are 2 different answers to today’s puzzle
    Updated: Mar. 30, 2022

  11. RuthW in MD7:38 AM

    After all that hard work outside, (and then throwing up), you might be low on salt. Eat some salty chips and crackers just in case. I love to read your blog!

  12. I love following your blog but just must say this...I could never ever live with're a very nice person but you change your mind about things every 5 minutes..whew!

    1. Nothing wrong with being unpredictable chick!


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