Thursday, March 17, 2022


 It's about 18 days since I knew I had Covid.

I probably had it for a couple of days (at least) before I tested Positive.

Yesterday I thought, YES, I'm feeling so much better!

But by the end of the day I was utterly shagged and felt dreadful.

I'd hoped to attend an FBG 20/20 walk tonight, but after yesterday I know I can't do it.

By mid afternoon I'm just done.

I'm also being plagued by cramps in my ARMS and HANDS, and on/off tingling in my legs too.

So damn weird.

I talked to Stew about it last night, and he said I probably should go to the doctors.

You can't get an appointment at our clinic till the end of the month, so I will have to do a walk in.

Which means sitting there for possibly 2-3 hours till I can be seen.  

I suppose that's what I will do ... dammit.

So... I might not be back till much later!

lol...about my speed right now.

I went to the Dr's at 8 am, and amazingly was seen in about 15 minutes! What a relief not having to sit there for hours.

So, the Dr said two things.

1.  Covid can take weeks and weeks to get over, so stop worrying and just accept that I'm not going to be up and functioning normally for longer than I thought.  

2.  I'm obviously dehydrated, so she gave me Electrolytes to take 3-4 times daily.

3. All my other symptoms are down to my diabetes being out of control.  I have to work on that.  *sigh*

4.  I finally had another blood test, to check blood sugars, kidney function etc etc.  It stung like mad.  And the technician didn't believe I only have ONE vein that gives blood, so she tried in two other places just to prove a point.  I won.

BITCH.  I won't  be getting her again.

In all, I was relieved I went, even though I didn't get told anything I didn't already know.  $80 later... yep. 

So now I'm sitting here, sipping electrolyte solution in WATER.  Ikkkk.

Contemplating what to do.  Stew is on a conference call ALL DAY, so he's not even company.

ABOVE: Hot air balloons drifting past at 7.30 this morning.  

ABOVE:  Watching the neighbour's roof get painted.  Nice neutral colour.
Marley is having conniptions, barking and growling her bloody head off.
I'll be relieved once it's finished, then the dogs won't be quite to 'vocal'.

I went outside to try scraping the dead grass off the back lawn.  NOPE.  It's not working with a rake.  Might have to do it by hand.  But not today.

I also contemplated lifting more asphalt, but it's simply too hot out there to do it.

So.  Then I thought I'd sew.  NOPE.  Not doing that either.  It requires concentration, and I ain't got much of that either.

I can't even follow a movie on Netflix right now... I don't know how many I've started watching, and had to stop part way through.

My head just hurts.  Damn it.

Stew and I went to The Base at dinnertime.

We visited the Chemist Warehouse, as Stew needed to pick up his repeats.
While there, we asked the Pharmacist what Magnesium supplement I could take, that wasn't a huge pill to swallow.

That useless git just said "Look in Aisle 3, plenty there".

So we had to spend 15 minutes looking at dozens of bottles of friggin Magnesium supplements, most of which you couldn't see inside to gauge the size of the pill.  Then Stew found the perfect one!

ABOVE:  A powder version!  And I've just had my first dose, and it's very palatable.  Quite sweet.

We had a Burger Fuel burger for dinner... they really are the BEST burgers you can buy.  IMHO.

Now, home and relaxing.  
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous9:49 AM

    You and me no patience. I thought my collarbone be healed by now but could be 12 weeks! Geez . Electrolytes are hood. I've heard of a place where you can get flavored ones. Much nicer. Will text it to you. Hugs to you. Kj

  2. Major Dr shortage here and it usually takes a month to get to see one and they don’t do walk ins. I did hear a receptionist say on the phone that the client could ring every morning to see if there was a cancellation but this wasn’t given to me as an option when I needed more Bp pills. She wouldn’t even asked for a script despite the fact that I had been going to the clinic and on bp pills for 32+ years

  3. Gatorade is an electrolyte and may taste better and be cheaper. I am in Canada but it has the same name in the US. Sports drinks have electrolytes in them. More hugs.

  4. How pretty the balloons look.
    Glad there is nothing major wrong with you!

  5. When I went to do a blood test last time the girl told me to drink more water before I go in so it is easier.

  6. Blue Powerade is the bomb get some of that into ya!! Nice photos 💙💙

  7. Oh damn, sorry to hear Covid is still giving you symptoms. It really is such a pain in the arse. Those balloons are gorgeous, looks like a lovely day over there. I can't wait to see the new driveway. I reckon it will look fantastic and then you can forget about the fiasco from the last mob.

  8. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Oh Chris your really going through it, I had swine flu and it took 12 weeks to feel somewhat normal but there weren’t any vaccination so I imagine recovering from covid maybe shorter. I can’t even comprehend the frustration the asphalt people have caused, so glad it will be over soon. Jo

  9. What is this 7.30 thing you speak of? The balloons look lovely but I would never be up in time to see them. Yes I am a lazy tart (unlike you regardless of what you say!)
    Maybe Covid has hit you harder because of your diabetes. Just a thought.

  10. Don't worry about peeling up the driveway. The new crew will do that! I am sure you will have plenty to do perfecting things after the new driveway is in. In that timeframe - you might feel better also. I can't get into any new shows either. So I keep watching cooking shows. Easy, brainless, cooking competitions. It is so dumb, it is embarrassing to admit!

  11. One of my ex-work colleagues has a company that produce flavoured electrolytes here in Christchurch - they are very yummy! They say they are available 1 April 2022, but on her Instagram account last night she said they are already sending them out - 3 weeks earlier than planned. Those who have tried them all agree that they really do help the energy levels. The hot air balloons are pretty - not something I ever want to do after seeing a hot air balloon fall out of the sky and someone drown at one of our local beaches some years back - they terrify me! I'd rather jump out of a plane.

  12. Its been cold down here today...god i need you here Chris move in a week and havnt even got one room packed, oh and i can hardly walk cause ive pulled a muscle nerve whatever in my back

  13. magnesium is a great supplement... I usually don't bother with supplements, but I think it's hard to get magnesium in a regular diet, and it's helpful for stress and muscle cramps, both of which I have

  14. So glad you went to GP. With your diabetes it’s best to check yourself out. Being dehydrated is a real red flag for a diabetic. I know you don’t drink water and understand that but in all seriousness and for your health especially being a diabetic it is crucial to be hydrated for your kidney health. I’m sure you are very well informed on kidney health and diabetes. Dialysis can be avoided by following strict medical advice 😊. You suffer from headache often and that is also a symptom of dehydration 🤷‍♀️ I really hope you start to get your energy back soon and feel like yourself. Try to listen to your body and nourish it to wellbeing as soon as you can. We only get one body, one chance 💕

  15. Concentrate on relaxing and getting better, everything else can wait. Take care.


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